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🇨🇦 Traveling with ✌️littles 👶👶 ⚑ currently based in Colorado 🏔 ✈ Next: Death Valley 🏜 ☛ Lifestyle 📷: @sweetlittlemoment ⇩ TRAVEL BLOG ⇩

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Dancing her way through the world 💃 This was super fun to make. And no, it didn’t *actually* take two years to make, but it is a collection of my now-6-year-old dancing at different locations around the world over the past two years 🤩 This took quite a bit of photoshop engineering since I definitely didn’t plan that far in advance 😄 I guess now we’ll have to keep dancing at every new location we go to… #travelwithkids #kidswhoexplore #runwildmychild #childhoodwonders #childhoodeveryday #childhoodmemory #familytravel #exploretheworldwithme #adventurefam #adventurefamily #travelfamilyphotographer #takethekids #bringthekids #adventurekids

Time is a thief 🥺 With so much uncertainty in the world, make sure you’re spending your time and energy on the things that actually matter to you 🧡 ——— I think many of us have had a lot of wake-up calls in the past few years about reassessing what we spend our time and energy on. Between the pandemic, the war, climate-related disasters and the recent economic downturn, I think it’s put a lot of things into perspective. Nothing lasts forever and nothing in life is guaranteed. Time is a gift, handle with care 🫶 Came across this photo from a couple years ago that I never edited, because it didn’t seem interesting enough. When I looked at it again a few days ago, i wanted to give it a bit of spice ✨ PS - do you recognize this cave in Utah? #jj_its_kids #kidsoutdoors #kanab #utahunique #travelwithkids #kidswhoexplore #tinybigadventure #familytravel #childhoodmagic #childrenwhoadventure #kidswhotravel

It is once again that time of week where I start fantasizing about quitting the day job and traveling to far and distant places 🤪 What’s everyone doing for spring break? Looking for ideas 👀 #familytravel #travelwithkids #takethekids #kidswhoexplore #familytravel #weekendwarriors #adventurefamily #familyoutdoors #outdoorfamily #canonphotographers #shotoncanon5dmarkiv

Not gonna lie, I did not expect to be able to clean up my underwater GoPro shots as much as I did! I mostly use the GoPro for underwater and action videos, but it’s actually quite good with underwater photos as well! 📍 Make sure you’re shooting in RAW on GoPro for max flexibility with editing. 📍when editing in Lightroom, bring down the temperature slider to cool 📍 select the subject and bring its temperature to warm to really make it stand out #goprophoto #phototips #editingtips #editingtutorial #mauihawaii #lightroomediting #lightroomtutorials #underwaterphotos #visithawaii

📍 Road to Hana with kids Husband couldnt take any time off on this trip so i took the girls on the Road to Hana on my own. They asked to see waterfalls and do a jungle hike, and whats a better place than Road to Hana for this request? This was probably our favorite day on the island and all of us wish we had more time! The girls were the ones to push me to do the 4 mile Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku falls and im glad they did 🤩 If you plan to do this road trip, theres a Shaka Guide you can download that tells you all the cool places to stop! Note that one day is absolutely not enough to do everything in that guide, if you also want to dip in waterfalls and go on some of the hikes. 📍 Waiʻānapanapa State Park This is a beautiful state park with a black sand beach, some hiking trails and a cool cave to explore. Make sure you have reservations as you won’t be able to access it without one! 📍 Wailua Falls This waterfall is just off the side of the road and you can walk down to it to take a dip! 📍 Pipiwai Trail This is inside the national park so you’ll need to get a park pass. It was our second time doing this hike (we didn’t get to the end last time). The kids absolutely loved this hike and were the ones to push me to get to the end this time. It was very worth it! Waimoku falls at the end is fantastic! #roadtohana #maui #travelwithkids #kidswhotravel #takethekids #kidswhoexplore #familytravel #adventurekids #adventurefamily #visitmaui #visithawaii #hawaiitrip #hawaiitravel #runwildmychild #canon5dmarkiv #shotoncanon5dmarkiii #canonphotographers

Apologies for the influx of whale content, I’m obsessed 🥹 The only reason I wanted to go to Maui in January was to see all the whales! You can see them breach every few minutes from shore, from pretty much anywhere on the island’s west coast. These beautiful creatures come to Hawaii every December to mate! And they put on quite the show as they jump, splash, and sing all their underwater operas 🎤 Have you ever heard a whale sing? It’s almost as good as the elk bugle 😏 #getyourguide #mauiwhalewatching #mauiwhales #visitmaui #hawaiitrip #hawaiitravel #mauihawaii #travelwithkids #kidswhoexplore #tinybigadventure #adventurefamily #goprohero9 @getyourguide @hawaii_ocean_rafting

Discover Molokini tour with @sailtrilogy had it all 😍 The sail tour is 5 hours and takes you to two snorkel sites including Molokini crater and Turtle Town. After the snorkeling is done, the boat turns into a sailing restaurant and open bar 💃 We saw a seal, lots of fish, beautiful coral, turtles, and many many whales! Have you visited Maui before? @sailtrilogy @mauivisit #mauihawaii #maui #visitmaui #hawaiitravel #hawaiitrip #familytravel #familytravelblog #bringthekids #kidswhoexplore #kidswhotravel #adventurefamily #familyadventure #nakedhawaii #hawaiiunchained

Checked out an Enchanted Forest 🧚‍♀️ 💫 #hawaiitravel #hawaiitrip #nakedhawaii #maui #mauihawaii #visithawaii #visitmaui #travelwithkids #kidswhotravel #kidswhoexplore #bringthekids #outdoorfamily #familytravel

Daddy daughter surf sesh’s 🏄‍♀️ I’m truly impressed by some of the kids surfing here 🤯 it’s clear they grew up with it and are so comfortable in the water. We saw many pairs of specifically dads and their daughters, some daughters as young as 4 years old catching waves together 🥺 #hawaiitrip #hawaiitravel #visithawaii #kidswhoexplore #adventurefamily #1000hoursoutside #outdoorfamily #takethekids #bringthekids #familytravel #kauaiadventures #kauaihawaii #kidswhotravel

Kauai is seriously one of the prettiest places on earth Apologies in advance for the soon to be overused audio. A few things to note - this is for ages 7+ so the kids and danny had to sit this one out! - this is a doors off tour! You only bring what you need and attach it to yourself with a strap. In my case that meant I had to attach all 76 of my cameras to my hands somehow - the best seat in the house is on the right of the pilot. Seats are assigned by weight. I didn’t luck out with this one - the tour is only one hour and flies around the whole island! - the only way to access NaPali Coast is by boat (🤮), by helicopter, or by a super sketchy hike that I would not attempt with small kids #kauai #kauaitravel #hawaiitravel #visitkauai #visithawaii #familytravel #insta360 #hawaiihelicopter #adventuretravel #insta360onex2 #hawaiiunchained #hawaiilove #hawaiitrip #hawaiivacation #hawaiiadventures

Our first few days in Kauai so far did not disappoint 😍 We had the pleasure of staying at @sheratonkauaicoconutbeach over the weekend and explore some of the island @sheratonkauaicoconutbeach is on the East end of the island and is therefore very central for accessing pretty much all the areas of Kauai. From here you can - go surfing in Poipu - explore NaPali coast by boat - hike Waimea Canyon - watch the sunset at Hanalei Bay - and of course swim in the beaches at Kapa’a We also got to experience our very first Luau and have some of the yummiest açai bowls and poke bowls 😋 Thanks for having us @sheratonkauaicoconutbeach ☺️ can’t wait to be back! #sheratonkauaicoconutbeach #kauaihawaii #kauailife #visithawaii #visitkauai #hawaiitravel #hawaiitrip #familytravel #takethekids #bringthekids #kidswhoexplore #kidstravel

I swear these kids were fish in a previous life 🐠 🐟 Someone just discovered how to hold their breath underwater 🫢 #hawaiilife #travelhawaii #hawaiitravel #kauaihawaii #explorewithkids #kidswhoexplore #familytravel #adventurefamily #gooutsideandplay #optoutside

5 Awesome things to do near Green Mountain Falls

Green Mountain Falls is an adorable little town in the mountains west of Colorado Springs that’s perfect for a short weekend getaway to nature. Summer offers lots of hiking in and around the town, Fall offers beautiful Aspen foliage, Winter turns this town into a cozy winter wonderland and spring brings some of Colorado’s most beautiful wildflowers! The other perk is that there are lots of attractions within a very short drive away from Green Mountain Falls such as Cave of the Winds, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and more. Cave of the Winds is just a 15 minutes drive from Green Mountain Falls and has two parts to it; an outdoor adventure park and the caves you can explore!

Tips for Camping with Toddlers

A proper fitting sleeping bag is incredibly important to ensure kids are warm, and there are actually not that many kid sized sleeping bags out there. Whether you co-sleep at home or have the kids next to you in a crib, or in a different room – camping will be different and a little (or A LOT) uncomfortable. If you use a pack-n-play, and your child usually sleeps in a separate room, you could try using a crib cover. Dispersed campsites are free designated camping areas usually in National Forests that do not have amenities and are a little harder to get to.

Jeep Camping with Kids 101

They had everything we could’ve possibly needed for the camping trip; other than bedding, each vehicle they rent out is equipped with a full kitchen (propane grill, cutlery, cookware, electric fridge), camping chairs, camping table and either a rooftop tent or trailer. Here are some of the common items we think you should bring: Just like on a regular camping trip, you won’t have the luxury of kitchen appliances 🙂 A propane grill will allow you to cook meals on the go, especially during widespread fire bans when you’re not allowed to start fires. You’ll still need your sleeping bag if you’re doing Jeep camping, since the top popup tent is still just that – a tent. Sleeping in the tent can get cold since it’s not very well insulated, but with a proper sleeping bag you could extend your camping season into late fall or even winter.

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