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🇨🇦 Traveling with ✌️littles 👶👶 ⚑ currently based in Colorado 🏔 ✈ Next: Death Valley 🏜 ☛ Lifestyle 📷: @sweetlittlemoment ⇩ TRAVEL BLOG ⇩

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Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe thanksgiving! . Okay so I may have severely underestimated how much motivation I had to create photo tip reels 😬 and also completely not prepared for our 2yo to suddenly drop her last nap (which was my only moment of sanity during the day) even though our 4yo still very much naps. . How does one get through the day without naps? I don’t have enough toddler-level entertainment in me for a full 16 hour day, everyday 🤪

5 Awesome things to do near Green Mountain Falls

Green Mountain Falls is an adorable little town in the mountains west of Colorado Springs that’s perfect for a short weekend getaway to nature. Summer offers lots of hiking in and around the town, Fall offers beautiful Aspen foliage, Winter turns this town into a cozy winter wonderland and spring brings some of Colorado’s most beautiful wildflowers! The other perk is that there are lots of attractions within a very short drive away from Green Mountain Falls such as Cave of the Winds, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and more. Cave of the Winds is just a 15 minutes drive from Green Mountain Falls and has two parts to it; an outdoor adventure park and the caves you can explore!

Winter is here in full force ❄️ 🥶 . Have you been to the Ice Castles before? We’re super excited about them opening up again this winter 🙌There are only 4 locations this year and one of them happens to be in Dillon, CO. It’s become a winter tradition to visit them every year since we moved here 🎊🤩 . Use our handle 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐣𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐲 when getting your Ice Castle tickets! Save this post so you don’t forget :) . Ice Castles locations for 20/21 season ❄️ New Hampshire ❄️ Wisconsin ❄️ Colorado ❄️ Utah

5 Tips For Making Camping with Toddlers FUN!

some of the additional items you’ll need to pack when going camping with toddlers, aside from the usual camping packing list: Sleeping bag for kids. If you’re not co-sleeping and regulating your child’s body heat with your own, you’ll want to make sure they We used to bring this with us on every trip (not just camping) so that our 1 year old doesn’t see us when we’re in the same room since that would completely distract her from going to bed. It’s often a lot less crowded, campsites are a lot more spread out, and you’re usually completely on your own in nature.

Happy 4th birthday baby 😘🥰 . I can’t believe this little newborn is already 4 😭😭😱 where did the time go?! . This fierce, strong willed, funny, caring little lady has grown into such a sweet big sister and I couldn’t be happier to watch her grow. . She can recite books front to back after only reading them once, she understands Russian and speaks some too, she helps with chores (sometimes) and best of all she’s always making sure her little sister is ok 🥰 . Love you to the moon and back babe 🥳

Jeep Camping with Kids 101

They had everything we could’ve possibly needed for the camping trip; other than bedding, each vehicle they rent out is equipped with a full kitchen (propane grill, cutlery, cookware, electric fridge), camping chairs, camping table and either a rooftop tent or trailer. You’ll still need your sleeping bag if you’re doing Jeep camping, since the top popup tent is still just that – a tent. It’s higher off the ground and has one hardshell side, so you’ll be slightly warmer than sleeping on the ground, but you’ll still need a warm sleeping bag if you’re going up into the mountains. Sleeping in the tent can get cold since it’s not very well insulated, but with a proper sleeping bag you could extend your camping season into late fall or even winter.

If you can guess which is Dalya and which is Danny, we’ll share our favorite photo of yours to our stories 🙌🥳 . Person A: Studied computer science in Canada, was a hip hop instructor, created two coding apps for kids used by millions in schools, loves surfing, climbing and snowboarding, can’t sing 😜 . Person B: Studied computer science in Canada and 3D animation in Australia, worked at two FAANG companies, loves drawing, singing and playing every instrument, can’t dance 😜 . Let us know in the comments 👇 . . (Photo taken last year)

Hiking the Stunning Herman Gulch Trail

Herman Gulch Trail is one of the best hikes for viewing wildflowers near Denver during peak season. Herman Gulch Trailhead starts at 10,332′ elevation which already makes it harder to breathe if you’re coming from Denver or anywhere in the front range. If you’re hiking this in July, this is where you’re likely to start seeing wildflowers of all colors and if you’re lucky Camping is not permitted within 100 feet of any water source, so make sure to stay within the correct distance away from the stream that hugs the trail in some sections, as well as the lake at the end.

Who’s excited for holiday lights and festivities?? . Check stories for a fun surprise 🤗 . We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite things to do during Christmas time in Colorado (link in bio) and this is one of our favorite things we did last year! The list has some special codes you can use when you get 🎫 🙌 . Christmas In Color is a drive-through light display with four locations around the US, complete with synchronized music to flashing holiday lights. It’s perfect for this year since it’s probably the most socially-distanced activity you could do over the holidays!

Embracing the snow ❄️ . or something 🤷‍♀️ . . . . After spending 15 years in Canada with 17373747373’ of snow every winter, I wanted to move somewhere warmer. So here we are, in Colorado 🤪🥶 logic 👌

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