Melanie Nielson

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I am passionate about finding simple easy ways to save money, spend smartly and budget consistently. I share all about personal finance motivation, frugal living tips, recipes, parenting, budgeting helps and more.

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I know as a parent we want to give our kids the world. We want them to enjoy every ounce of joy, happiness and excitement available. We worry if we are doing enough for them, giving them enough, making life special enough. I promise that YOU are enough. Sure, your house might not have as many Christmas decorations as the Smiths down the street has. And the amount of presents you can afford this year is much smaller than your coworker Jill’s kids will get. But that’s OK! Your kids need YOU, they need your LOVE, and your TIME. Nothing else matters. Quit stressing about not having enough for your kids, and use that energy building memories. Because those are the moments your kids will cherish forever. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #sweetfrugallife #frugalchristmas #frugalliving #frugallivingtips #moneysavingmom #momhacks #momlifebestlife #christmasonabudget #budgetlife #dfc #debtfreejourney #debtfreedom #savingpennies #frugalfamily

The truth is….nobody is perfect. I have my moments of negativity when it comes to talking about budgeting and saving money. But, I have learned through experience that when I focus on the positive outcomes of my money goals, rather than focus on the small inconveniences they bring, then my finances benefit! Funny how that works out, huh?!? - - - - - - - - - - - - - #sweetfrugallife #momonabudget #budgetinglife #frugallife #moneysavingmom #moneysavingtips #frugal #frugalliving #savingmoney #onabudget #dfc #getoutofdebt #debtfreedom #debtfreecommunity #debtisdumb #cashisking #budgetingtips

As of today I have earned $723 in free Amazon gift cards in 2022. All by doing the simple tasks listed above. I then use these Amazon gift cards to help purchase Christmas presents. Each of these tasks are quick, simple and anyone can do them! Do you know of any other Amazon gift card hacks? I’d love to add it to my list. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #sweetfrugallife #momonabudget #budgetingmom #frugalmom #frugallivingtips #frugallivingmom #cashbackapp #savingmoney #sidehustles #sahmjobs

Nothing wrong with me! I just like to save every penny I can! What weird things do YOU do to save money???? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #sweetfrugallife #momonabudget #budgetingmom #frugalmom #frugallivingtips #frugalliving #savingmoney #moneysavingmom #moneysavingtips #cashisking #debtisdumb #momhacks #dfc #debtfreecommunity

I know it’s scary to see your hard earned money disappear in the stock market. But remind yourself that it is a LONG term game. It will recover over time and your investments will recover. Now is a great time to invest because the price is much cheaper than when the stock market is high. Don’t lose hope of the long term plan! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #sweetfrugallife #momonabudget #budgetingmom #frugalmom #frugallivingtips #frugaltips #budgetlife #momonabudget #savingmoney #moneysavingmom #moneytips #moneyadvice

Give me a thumbs up if you agree! 👍🏻 This week in my stories I’ve been talking about parenting/money tips with teens in the house. A lot of the responses I have been receiving are about how hard it is to deny your kids things that their friends have. I get it! I do! I feel this way all the time! But! As a parent I keep reminding myself that it’s OK to tell my kids “No”. It’s OK to disappoint them sometimes. It’s OK to tell them “it’s not in the budget” and it’s OK to not always be their favorite person. This doesn’t mean that telling them “no” makes you feel good or is fun. It downright stinks to have to be the bad guy when it comes to the kids. If you are loving your kids constantly, caring for them, giving them your time, saying “yes” sometimes, and being the best parent you can be.....then they will be OK not having all of the fancy things their friends have. They will grow up and understand how money works and respect you as a parent. I promise! Do what is best for you, your budget, and your family. But don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with saying, “no.” - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #sweetfrugallife #onabudget #momhacks #momlife #parenting #parenthacks #teachkids #teachkidsmoney #teachkidsaboutmoney #frugalmom #momswithteens #frugal #frugalkids #frugalfamily #moneysavingmom #savingmoney #raisinggoodhumans

I’ll add mine in the comments! - - - - - - - - - - - #sweetfrugallife #momonabudget #frugalmom #thanksgiving2022 #thanksgivingfood #thanksgiving2023

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