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Post a lot of CoD Clips and on Twitch https://t.co/kDr7XmOsKn

Location Somerset, KY
Country United States of America
Member Since DECEMBER 01, 2020
Social Audience 2K
swagossaurus_rex 551 Last Month Last 3 Months
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Just going for a drive apparently. Not a teammate lol

Rebirth Island with just myself and Tunefulmitch. Part 2

Rebirth Island with just myself and Tunefulmitch. Part 1

Team wiping with Semtex

Well, due to the bet, this is how my stream will look today. Tune in at least and let me know how I look https://www.twitch.tv/swagossaurus_rex

Come hang out for a bit! #smallstreamer #twitchstreamer

I wanna thank everyone who helped me with my bet! Thanks Brian Ramsey. Ok that’s all. I issued you back the $1 you sent me. Anyone interested I’ll be going live this weekend and making a complete ass out of myself since I lost the bet. Much love everyone.

A friend made me a bet I couldn’t raise $100 by having all my followers send me just $1 each. Help me prove him wrong. https://www.paypal.me/swagossaurusrex

@whitetshirtjesus #twitchstreamer hit us up if you wanna be a part of our community!

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