Stephanie Stabulis

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Stephanie Stabulis is a former VP-level executive strategist who has designed award-winning creative influencer marketing campaign and programs for start-ups through Fortune 500 companies. As the legacy she is working on leaving through her career, Stephanie's mission is to shape the next generation of digital advertising and marketing in a way that merges new technologies with human creativity, emotion, impact and purpose.

Social Creates Impact ( offers training, education and innovation to influencers, brands, platforms and agencies. It's premise is built on better transparency and mutual education of both parties that helps bridge understanding gaps, strengthen relationships between influencers and brands and foster more win-win collaborations to acheive greater online impact.

Professionally, Stephanie excels in designing strategic solutions, teaching, mentoring, writing and content creation. She is the host of The Era of Creation Podcast.

Personally, Stephanie loves reading, art, cooking, photography, all things health & wellness (she has lost over 100lbs!) and the ocean. She is a transplant from New Jersey currently living life on the West Coast in sunny California.

Location Irvine, CA
Country United States of America
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💡Do you show a REAL human process in your stories & content? Do you mirror your audience and act like a consumer? Or do you try to simply mirror an ad? ⁣ People don’t just pop up and know everything about everything, we learn as we go. The act of discovery is a process we all go through, from finding, to trying, to opinionating to sharing. If you are struggling to make authentic connection - consider that sometimes not showing a natural, real process is likely working against you. ⁣ It’s where a lot of brands and influencers fail to be convincing with their messaging - because copy and story moves straight to sharing, we don’t see the process that makes the opinion seem real-er. It doesn’t feel natural, so it doesn’t resonate. Influencers often make the mistake of not mirroring their audience and the consumer’s process, the real HUMAN process that sets influencer marketing apart - instead they mirror an ad channel. You’ll lose all of the value of HUMAN-based marketing that way. #discoverunder1k #discoverunder5k #influencer #influencertips #influencerhacks #socialmediahacks #influence #influencermarketing #contentcreators #contentcreation #contentcreationtips #contentcreator #marketingstrategy #personalbranding #personalbrand #influencerbranding #influentialwomen #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #socialmediamanager #bloggersofinstagram #bloggerstyle #influencerstyle #behindthescenes #enteprenuer #marketingagency #marketingresources

“If you think influencers are suppose to ‘look’ a certain way, you bought into a stereotype.” But we do it. We base what we do entirely on the the “look” of the content shared and not on the psychology of it. which may make you a content creator, but it doesn’t necessarily make you influential or help you to understand the power of influencers to brand marketing. - reposted with permission from @msyoungprofessional

Do you have skin in the game? I always find this is the best way to light a 🔥 under my ass and push my potential. ⁣ Happy Friday friends. Please enjoy this generic but useful tip while my brain is too tired to function because I tried to watch the Nightstalker documentary on Netflix and could not sleep. I found my limit with true crime. ⁣ #motivation #investment #accountability #coaching #findyourpotential #inspiration #quoteoftheday #motivationmonday #education #influencermarketing #influencertips #influencerstyle #entreprenuer #contentcreatortips #contentcreator #businesscoach #influencercoach #influencers #businesstips #bossbabe #entreprenuer #ipreview

🛑 I know you’ve seen this stat before, but I would bet 💰 you kept scrolling without thinking about what this means for you. ❌ you should be actively going through who follows you and deleting an suspicious looking accounts. We use software that picks up bots in your followers. ❌ brands go to deeper lengths to find “real” influencers and content creators with a proven track record. Experience on your feed is really important. Please stop deleting your sponsored posts. ❌ brands aren’t always stingy - like you, they may have also been screwed over. Be flexible. Ask questions. Don’t be mad if you are asked to prove your worth a little more - and make sure you are collecting as much data and metrics to keep building a “resume”. The best way to predict results is patterns in past results. And the more $$ we offer; the bigger the project, the more work we put into fully predicting outcomes of specific talent.

ZOOM CHAT PREVIEW :: Brands are evolving in 2021, because of what had gained monumental power or spotlight in 2020. These are the issues plaguing our industry and these are some of the challenges that brands and influencers alike need to evolve to as we move forward. Are you joining in? It’s a huge challenge, but a challenge we are going to start chopping away at, piece by piece, as we start pushing for the change we want to see in influencer marketing. It starts with going back and talking first about 👉🏽 influence vs content creation 👉🏽 what is an influencers value to a brand? 👉🏽 what is fair pay? We’re going to chat these topics and have a Q&A session on our free Zoom chat - are you signed up yet?! Link to RSVP is in my bio!

🤟🏽🤟🏽 RSVP link is in my bio! Doing a little spinoff of my partnership with Cliquish at your request. We’re SURFACE LEVEL covering: 🧠 2020 & what’s been brewing thats crying to us for change 🧠 Separation of influencer vs. creator 🧠 charting influencers value on the “marketing funnel” and how brands are creating deeper value through their programs 🧠 new types of content approaches so that you can create this value for brands with your content 🧠 fair but effective pricing 🧠 Q&A

💭 is being an influencer or content creator sustainable? Short term, yes. Long term, no. And this chart is why.... Time is a finite resource, and our consumption habits can only scale to the amount of time we have available for it. Consumption can trend up, but not past a certain point before it maintains. Creation, on the other hand, is less limitless and grows exponentially quicker than consumption. At the point where the amount of content created outgrows our capacity to consume it, is where we see the demand for content start to decrease. Influencer marketing may be a billion dollar industry, but its not limitless. It’s built on the back of attention and time, two volatile, unpredictable things that can change demand and value quickly and suddenly. So, friends, lemme ask you..... what’s your longterm play? What roots do you have planted outside of social media content creation? What are building that is more sustainable than content?

‼️‼️ do you actually know WHAT influencer marketing means and WHY brands have SO FREAKING MANY different expectations for you across the board? Influencer marketing is rooted in a bunch of different marketing techniques that PRE-DATED influencers existing (I could even argue that without these, social media “influencers” wouldn’t exist.) It’s one part public relations: the act of mailing and gifting to “editors” hoping for niche magazine or media coverage, without expecting it. Or paying to guarantee it. It’s one part word of mouth, with the twist that saying something online travels 1047393x quicker than in person. It’s a scaled down version of celebrity endorsements. Something once technically unaffordable to a lot of brands. It’s niche, targeted “advertising” - the act of showing audiences content with your brand to create awareness. It’s also other things. But for simplicity let’s stick with these 4. Can you see how each would have totally different expectations from you? 👉🏽👉🏽 brands who expect coverage from mailing you something, don’t understand the mechanisms of PR. Likely because they learned “influencer marketing” by watching other brands do it, and not understanding the inner workings of WHY. 👉🏽👉🏽 celebrity endorsements work because they are celebrities and while this can apply to influencer celebrities, it doesn’t work the same when it’s scaled down too small. “Influencer Marketing” is a catch all word that needs to be broken down into its own micro segments to clarify expectations about HOW talent can partner with brands better to create more desired outcomes. We also need to acknowledge that the act of using influencers in some ways is actually, over time, becoming less effective, so that we can create partnerships that actually use influencers in ways that they can thrive.

Do you know, beyond your beautiful content, what value you add to a brand’s marketing? 🧐🧐 If we want to have a conversation about 💵 , if we want to talk about what our branded content should look like, if we want to talk about how influencers can go a step beyond and be truly EFFECTIVE (in that I-want-to-work-with-you-again way).... the convo starts HERE. These 9 values make influencers stand apart from other marketing methods - this is your GOLD 💛💛 (And this is missing RETENTION & loyalty value — IG won’t let me upload 11 slides!) Get obsessed with them. Improve on delivering on them, and increase your worth & value. For products/brands - the more you use talent in different capacities to hit on these values, the better ROI they provide to your organization. Absorb this fam! Because we are going to build on it. 💯💯💯

In the past few months, I’ve gotten to know you guys better 💯 but more importantly I have more clarity on why my role is so important. ⁣ there are SO many successful influencers teaching what they did to succeed (and they are AMAZINg!), but so few really know the bridge + connect over to the WHY. Few have the experience of actually being on the brand marketing side. It’s an experience that is mine to own and keep. ⁣ What’s the marketing piece of influencer “marketing”? ⁣ Why do influencers REALLY have value to brands? What’s beyond the obvious (that brands want your content)? ⁣ What is the brands perspective? Why does it seem like there is so much polarity between brands and influencers? ⁣ Furthermore, how can brands be better by knowing the perspective of the talent? How can talent be better through the perspective of the brand? ⁣ This is my 2021 vision. To answer these questions, to bring in new perspective. I had visions of SCI being bigger me, but baby steps Stephanie. This brand is for the long haul. 😝

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