Stephanie Stabulis

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Stephanie Stabulis is a former VP-level executive strategist who has designed award-winning creative influencer marketing campaign and programs for start-ups through Fortune 500 companies. As the legacy she is working on leaving through her career, Stephanie's mission is to shape the next generation of digital advertising and marketing in a way that merges new technologies with human creativity, emotion, impact and purpose.

Social Creates Impact ( offers training, education and innovation to influencers, brands, platforms and agencies. It's premise is built on better transparency and mutual education of both parties that helps bridge understanding gaps, strengthen relationships between influencers and brands and foster more win-win collaborations to acheive greater online impact.

Professionally, Stephanie excels in designing strategic solutions, teaching, mentoring, writing and content creation. She is the host of The Era of Creation Podcast.

Personally, Stephanie loves reading, art, cooking, photography, all things health & wellness (she has lost over 100lbs!) and the ocean. She is a transplant from New Jersey currently living life on the West Coast in sunny California.

Location Irvine, CA
Country United States of America
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I get the question a lot about Reels: should I do them? Truth: Reels are being favored right now and pushed. Look at your explore page; these spaces once reserved for stories are now reserved for reels instead and with low adaption, there is not high competition for these spaces. Truth: Familiarity with what people already like is attractive. But it doesn’t mean you need to do something just because it gives you visibility and it’s popular. Instagram resembles high school, in that way. People obsess with being well liked and being popular, where as soon as you step into “adulthood” you realize that it’s not about either of those things, as much as it is about tiny, buildable accomplishments and impact that grows your popularity over time. Do you have your handle on your other channels? What do you do well and where do you make more impact in what matters most to you? My primary goal right now is not to grow my audiences to prove to myself that I’m an expert, it’s to build up really useful content for people that they can use to make a difference in what they do, and THEN scale that. So if the extra benefit of reels is related specifically to growth and familiarity and those are not my goals? I’m best using that time and effort someplace else and putting boundaries in place until something changes where I can’t ignore using reels to hit my goals. What are your top preferred platforms and why? There’s no wrong answer. . . . #discoverunder5k #discoverunder1k #explorepage #socialmediahacks #socialmediatips #marketingtips #algorithm #contentcreator #contenttips #blogger #bloggerlifestyle #influencertips #influence #socialmediapros #marketingexpert #branding #vlogger #ambassador #partner #marketingtips #influencermarketinghub #influencerlife #influential #fitfam #fitnessinfluencers #makeupinfluencer #travelblogger

This election has been about human rights since the moment those rights were not protected by our governments. I’m making it abundantly clear where I stand, learning what i must learn, focusing on anything with my control I can create change for, starting with my vote. #bidenharris2020

forget what the algorithm is saying about these things and start listening to what your audience is saying. 🔥🔥🔥 Let’s go round 2 digging into what these metrics mean and why they are valuable (or not valuable) based on the behaviors and thought process behind taking each of these actions. (In graphic, bubbles are thoughts of audience, checklist is what it is or isn’t saying about YOU.) Saves 👉🏽 quite literally audiences are saving this for later. It has value and there is consideration for acting on what you are sharing (whether to purchase, create, experience, etc.) it’s the most valuable to brands who are looking to really drive deep brand engagement or conversion because it indicates you have power to sell an idea. Shares 👉🏽 this shows you that you have growth. Your content is valuable outside of just the audience you reach. Shares is relevancy and sometimes self expression. Most IG posts will barely extend reach after 24 hours - shares posts can continue gaining traction for days and weeks after your post. Comments 👉🏽 Take more effort than a tap, so this is showing effort on the part of your audience for you. It indicates good engagement and connection - and gives brands an opp to see that connection behind the photo. Likes 👉🏽 I’m not a fan. Because they can’t really tell you more than “I like this” and at the end of the day, it’s surface level social interaction. But it does validate you and your photo and it will usually gain more reach than a typical post.

They say a new influencer is born literally every 10minutes across the globe. 🌎 It’s such a cool process. Said account wakes up one day and starts saying, “I have 1k followers, I think I’m going to exist to collab with brands today!” And because we have a multiverse of different influencer types - an influencer is born. And then you have others like my good friend who has his writing shared, hit 10k followers (his writing is really good). and refused to like... monetize his shit for 5 years. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ANYWAY, content overload exists and only stands to become more of a problem as time goes on. Not only are you battling others - but you are battling mounting research and news urging people to manage their addiction to their phones and cut the time they have to scroll. In a consumer survey (Meaningful Brands, 2017) the Havas group uncovered the top things “brands” (or influencers, cuz y’all are also brands) to make consumers care about their content. 👆🏽 . . . #discoverunder5k #discoverunder1k #explorepage #socialmediahacks #socialmediatips #marketingtips #algorithm #contentcreator #contenttips #blogger #bloggerlifestyle #influencertips #influence #socialmediapros #marketingexpert #branding #vlogger #ambassador #partner #marketingtips #influencermarketinghub #influencerlife #influential #fitfam #fitnessinfluencers #makeupinfluencer #travelblogger #ipreview

Never forget that the way you show up online has IMPACT - positive & negative. I’m passionate about feeding more of the part of social media that creates positive impact, because I have felt both the life changing positive & negative impacts in my own life. I know with my ability to understand human interaction and social behavior, I have the potential to help educate, re-educate and spread more of what makes social media, influence and community so special. 👉🏽 from 2013-2017 I lost over 100+ lbs, battled disordered eating, and came into fully body acceptance & love, which I think without social media wouldn’t have been possible. Community is huge in making life altering changes, and in discovering new ideas and knowledge. THIS is what we are doing when we are interacting socially online: community, sharing, learning, discovering, inspiring, connecting and making things that may feel impossible on our own, possible. 👉🏽 social media has also completely disconnected me from presence. It has driven the places I go, why I go there, what I do, what I think I value, inability to think for myself, and an out of balance need for validation. It’s sometimes drawing bolder lines of privilege, has made us think that to be happy, we have to be doing so much more than what we are doing or buying certain products or brands to it. And I’m not about going there 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ The key 🔑 is CHANNEL. Take a stand and be more of what you want to see, teach more of what you want to see, bring mindfulness to unintended consequences. You are here for you, but given this is “social” media, you are here for others by nature too! . . . #discoverunder5k #discoverunder1k #explorepage #socialmediahacks #socialmediatips #marketingtips #algorithm #contentcreator #contenttips #blogger #bloggerlifestyle #influencertips #influence #socialmediapros #marketingexpert #branding #vlogger #ambassador #partner #marketingtips #influencermarketinghub #influencerlife #influential #fitfam #fitnessinfluencers #makeupinfluencer #travelblogger

Happy Friday Friends 💕💕💕 if you are new around here, here’s a quick recap on me: I am a former big brand (and some small!) agency exec (strategist / influencer program designer!) and one of my goals is to help bring better transparency to #creators and #influencers over specifically, what makes really successful brand partnerships (or really successful influencers in general! I’ve seen and analyzed THOUSANDS). Influence is the power to move people toward an idea. And it goes without saying that some of us have it (or more of it) and some of us don’t (or less of it). Anyone with a large account can “advertise” a brand - but only those with higher levels of influence can actually IMPACT a brand, and the amount in which you can create IMPACT is directly tied to the opportunity you have to monetize your online presence. TRUST is one of the key factors in gaining influence. There needs to be a level of trust built between you and your audience for them to be comfortable considering your ideas, recommendations and advice. So how do you build it? Peep 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 Do you need help with any of this? What do you do well? What do you struggle with? Leave some feedback for me - I’ll always help & use your feedback to craft more helpful content!

Pop open your IG (after you read this caption of course) and search for #ad or #sponsored and look through the copy. What do you see as a consumer? How long does it take you to tune out? This little quote made influencers and brands heads nod in agreement at last week's @nationalinfluencerday i3Con - your post should not sound like an infomercial. After a while the posts EVEN start to look formulaic - like someone is out there saying "here's the formula. Write about 2-3 sentences about yourself and then include the brand talking points." While that certainly makes it a bit "personal"- if it still sounds like an "advertisement" you'd hear someone speak on TV or in a magazine, it's coming across to consumers as an ad and will only be minimally effective. It may be what the brand asked for or wanted, it may be what you feel like they are asking you to do, but there is more NEGATIVE coming out of this practice - it contributes to tune out (verfied, there has been a 3 year decline in branded post engagement), it doesn't engage audiences with the brand and it can undermine your trust and credibility. Captions should be truthful. Don't be afraid to be more transparent. Think of the way you would speak to a friend about something you love. Would you say to a friend, "my skin has been so dry lately, that is why the new @olay formula is just what I need! Packed with key nurtients..."" ha, no. You'd tell a friend, I tried this new olay product because my skin is generally really dry in winter and this has hydralounic acid, which my skin usually loves in other products. I also love the smell and texture." PERSONALIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE. If a brand is cramming too many talking points in, don't be afraid to push back on the basis of inauthenticity (revisit the Real Estate post for more info on this too!) Your audience knows via disclosure needs that you have been paid to talk about something, so don't be afraid to be truthful about yout relationship with the brand. Phrases like, "@olay approached me about this campaign and I've loved XYZ other products from them so I was excited to be a part of this!" is more personal and creates trust and transparency.

🔥🔥🔥 new episode with @kbrandsltd . It’s a long one, but we go into why it’s so relevant to think of yourself as a personal brand if you are a creator or influencer and some quick ways to get you started. Listen links are in the bio! I’ll be slowly coming off my hiatus with some new guests and potential solo episodes. If there is anything you would like me to dive into, or a guest you feel I would connect great with, share them below! #discoverunder5k #discoverunder1k #explorepage #socialmediahacks #socialmediatips #marketingtips #algorithm #contentcreator #contenttips #blogger #bloggerlifestyle #influencertips #influence #socialmediapros #marketingexpert #branding #vlogger #ambassador #partner #marketingtips #influencermarketinghub #influencerlife #influential #fitfam #fitnessinfluencers #makeupinfluencer #travelblogger

Honestly still trying to keep up with yesterday’s post and thanking everyone who is is sharing it and building from it. So while I play catch up, here’s a throwback from the time I got to hang out on set with @sadbobbie . This is what I show people when I get asked if I got to meet any cool influencers doing the work I do 👆🏽

Let me set some facts straight - if you've seen this floating around and you take this verbatim, you are missing a TON of valuable context. Let me break it down this way.... 👉🏽 DMs are actually the number one ranked factor for who's content you see. As a consumer, you see more content of the stories you react to and the people you DM the most. This wasn't even LISTED on this rank, but it's so key to give people opportunities to respond to your stories content to increase the % of your audience that you engage with. 👉🏽 The algorithm is machine learning and its personalized. This has been said over and over and over again. Your machine learns your habits and everyone's algorithm is based on their own habits. So if a user does not usually bookmark content or react to stories, but LIKES photos, the machine is using LIKES to determine what the individual wants served. It makes the LIKE for that user on your photos can be more valuable than a bookmark. 👉🏽 When it comes to REACH & ACCOUNT GROWTH, bookmarks only increase the reach of your content marginally, but not in comparison to what shares do. 20 bookmarks may move your content from an average reach of 100 to 200. But 20 shares to 100 people a piece increases your reach from 100 to 2000. Which brings me to my next point..... 👉🏽 This conversation means nothing without talking about social media goals. YOU CANNOT RANK THESE WITHOUT SPEAKING ABOUT A GOAL! Do you want to increase engagement and understand the value and influence of your content? That's bookmarks. Comments are functional because they show authentic interaction, which affects the psychology of consumers (and brands) and can affect your influence. Likes, though I still think the least important, will give you a guage specifically on the photos liked, since likes often cannot distinguish between who is a passive "liker of a photo" and who is engaged with you as a person. Every single one of those goals is important when growing your "influence", in NO RANK AND ORDER. STOP TELLING AUDIENCES WHAT DO YOU WITH YOUR CONTENT - and start using these tools as indicators on how you are progressing toward your goals. /end rant.

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