Stacey Mayer

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Contemporary NFT artist, painting and sculpting since I was a child. Thank you to Desert Heritage Magazine for your article shared in March of 2020. Thank you to Equestrian Country Magazine, Australia, for their article featuring my artwork. Volunteer art teacher in Darrington, WA for several years.

I enjoy working in the flourishing international crypto community. The NFT community creates opportunities for talented artists from all over the world.

Location Bryan, Texas Central
Country United States of America
Member Since FEBRUARY 12, 2019
Social Audience 25K Last Month
  • Moz DA 13
  • Moz DA 8

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  • Family and Relationships
  • Pop Culture
  • Large Animals
  • Travel
  • Traveling
- Artist Stacey Mayer

She developed her way of drawing from reading books and drawing the animals at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo. As a young mother, she would create images on newsprint paper of fantastic birds, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, and wild mustangs all running and prancing together to delight her four girls. Her work also includes numerous wild birds, North American animals, native fish species, and even prehistoric animals of every type, while her horses remain her trademark. As her drawings turn into new coloring book pages on AWhiteHorse.comâ„¢ they may also find their way into original hand-made mosaics, sculptures, and digital paintings she turns into prints, apparel, and household gift items.

- Race Horse for Julie June

Miss Julie June also writes wonderful essays about the personalities and horses in the American Thoroughbred scene. We feel everyone's hopes and dreams fly down the track as she describes their world, bringing us into each moment. "Thoroughbred racing horse inspired by my friend Julie June, who witnesses and reports on the most exciting Thoroughbred horse races in America. Thoroughbreds are the most elite equine athlete in the world and favorite artist's subject for generations."

- Our Children Came Home Today

The crowd swayed with the fight to the left, then right, as other adults moved forward to break up the fight. As I looked for a path out, I saw a sea of frightened faces, eyes wide open, clutching their children on one side, some family members holding balloons or flowers on the other. Benjamin's teacher saw us, grabbed my hand, and waved to the children while calling, "follow me to the classroom! As their teacher received an all-clear through her walkie-talkie, we began to gather up backpacks and get ready to go home.

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