Pure Greens

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Pure Greens AZ is a container farm business.

We sell delicious freshly harvested produce tolocal restaurants and also sell turnkey container farm systems.

Location Tempe, Arizona United States
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 23, 2020
Social Audience 13K
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Check out these 3 awesome recipes using #microgreens to try with our latest blog! Link in bio #healthyrecipes #foodisfuel #plantbased #eatfresh #eatyourgreens

Container Spotlight: London’s Container City

Ten years later, in 2015, Clipper House became the fourth addition to Trinity Buoy Warf, created from the 2012 Olympic Broadcasting Studios. The studios had previous been the tallest shipping container building in the world, standing at nine-stories high. Other container projects on the docklands also include Studio EC, the smallest office space on the wharf and Music Boxes, 6 sound recording studios. Shipping containers, also known as conex boxes, are low-cost when compared to traditional construction building costs, often by around 30%.

Incredibly interesting #infographic on the impact of regulations on #shipping, #freight, and more in 2020! Check it out using the link in our profile #container #ship

The Renter’s Guide to 24’ Shipping Containers

24’ shipping containers are a bit bigger than the standard 20’ shipping container and are measured as 24’ x 8’ x 8.6’. We’ve talked about using 24’ shipping containers for mobile offices and medical labs or exam rooms. Now that we’ve looked at some examples for using 24’ shipping containers, let’s look at some considerations when choosing this size. 24’ shipping containers give you a bit more space than the standard 20’ container, which can be good if you need the extra space.

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4 Container Pop Up Shops

look at how pop up shops are helping the retail industry with these 4 container pop up shops. Before we look at 4 popular shipping container pop up shops, let’s look at what a pop up shop is. They also use container pop up shops to promote their new shoe designs, like Adidas Originals in 2013 and their Adidas Factory 55 in 2018. As noted with Re:START, shipping containers have been used for shopping malls and entertainment areas, including: As the world reestablishes itself after the global pandemic, shipping containers can help to reduce business closures.

Interesting look at the future of #sustainable #construction from a Danish taphouse. Link in profile.

Product Spotlight: 20’ Storage Containers

One of the standard sizes of shipping storage containers, 20’ containers are perfect pieces for businesses or homeowners. 20’ storage containers are the popular choice when choosing ISO steel Conex boxes because of the ample amount of space. Probably the one thing that people think of when considering shipping container building design are container homes. Using storage containers for building materials is called shipping container architecture or cargotecture.

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“The supreme quality of leadership is integrity.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower #motivate #inspirationalquote #successful

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