Sophia Toomb

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🦋LA 🌐freelance sustainability content creator ♻️sustainable fashion, education, lifestyle, beauty+ 💌

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mi corazón ❤️‍🔥

🐝G I V E A W A Y 🐝 Today marks the first day of Pollinator Week—a week dedicated to the celebration of pollinator health 🐝🦋🐞 Bees help pollinate approximately 75% of the world’s flowering plants, and 35% of the world’s food crops—including fruits and vegetables🍎🥦🌽🥬🍇 In honor of Pollinator Week, I am teaming up with @thesimplegrapewine to host a special “pollinator” giveaway. A portion of profits from Simple Grape Wines are donated to the 𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩, whose mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.   I helped curate some fun “honey-inspired” gifts—so enter to win the following prizes: 🍯 @gisou honey infused hair oil 🍯 @beeswrap pollinator produce pack 🍯 @elisbees taster pack (locally sourced raw honey from the Santa Monica Mountains) 🍯$50 gift card to @wholefoods to try some Simple Grape Wine HOW TO WIN:
🐝 Follow me (@sophiaxverde ) and @thesimplegrapewine 
🐝 Like this photo
🐝 Tag a friend who would enjoy some honey and wine 🍷 (the more tags in separate comments the more entries)

Winner will be announced June 30th. Open to residents (21 +) of the US only. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram or Facebook | AD #simplegrapewine #thesimplegrapewine #thesimplegrape #pollinatorweek #savethebees #pollinatorfriendly #giveaway

my outfit looks like a latte but you add more and more (plant based) milk as you go up ☕️ (also if you ever go to Bardonna in Santa Monica get their CBD latte you won’t be disappointed) 🧚🏼‍♀️SUSTAINABLE OOTD🧚🏼‍♀️ ribbed tank @for___days pants #thrifted sunnies #secondhand @buffaloexchange @converse custom made 🤎 Gucci bag is #secondhand but honestly I’m not convinced it’s real—still cute tho! 👀 #sustainablefashionista #sustainableoutfit #sustainableoutfits #thriftedoutfit #secondhandstyle #californiastyle

SUSTAINABLE TIPS WHEN GOING TO A NATIONAL PARK🏕 Sam and I visited Sequoia National Park last weekend, and it was an amazing (and somewhat sad) experience. So many of the giant sequoia trees had very bad fire damage—with the NPS saying that 85% of all giant sequoia grove acerage across the Sierra Nevada has been burned in wildfires between 2015-2021 🔥 It’s no surprise that climate change (and extreme weather events that have transpired because of it such as wildfires and draught) has put these resilitant trees at risk. Park scientists feat that, without immediate action, more of these trees will die at alarming rates. So, here are some of my favorite tips to reduce impact when travelling to national parks (while still exploring the beauty of nature!) 🍃 🚮LEAVE NO TRACE! Be respectful of the land and wildlife around you. Have trash? Keep it with you until you can dispose of it properly (and pick some up along the way if you see it!) ♻️DON’T FORGET YOUR REUSABLES—I always like to bring 3+ reusable waterbottles with me so I have enough water throughout the day—more hydration, less waste. 🗺CHECK LOCAL GUIDELINES (especially for no burn areas or paths that have been closed for conservation). If camping, do not burn your trash as it can pollute the air. 🐻TREAT WILDLIFE WITH RESPECT: don’t follow or FEED wildlife. ❤️LOVE THE OUTDOORS! Soak up the beauty of our planet, and the natural ecosystems around us. Being outdoors is restorative—so enjoy! My favorite thing to do on a hike is sit down and listen to the complete silence with the occasional sounds of nature. 🌲sustainable ootd🌲 -set from @mate_the_label -hiking boots #secondhand @merrell #sustainabletravel #sustainabletraveltips #nationalparks #sustainabilitytips #sustinabilityblogger #sequoianationalpark #sustainablefashionista

that post shower feeling when you use @theearthlingco new Meadow Blossom scented shampoo + conditoner bars 🌼💐☀️this limited edition scent is full of life—and will make you wish you could just shower outdoors 😉 use code SOPHIA for 15% off ✨ ad #lowwastelifestyle #sustainablebathroom #shampoobar #sustainablelifestyle #zerowasteliving #floralaesthetic #wildflowerseason

finish the sentence: the hills are alive ______ 🌼🌸 hint: 🎵 honestly, I think my happy place is in a meadow in the middle of the Alps 🏔 (please google a photo today to give you instant serotonin) 💛 where is yours? dress if from @for___days (organic poplin maxi dress) 🖤 #gifted #sustainableoutfit #sustainablefashionista #organicfashion #sustainablefashionblogger #sustainableootd

new wardrobe staple: a white button down 🤍 I’m starting to focus on building my *sustainable* capsule wardrobe—and it feels so good to have such solid basics in rotation (especially with summer around the corner 🌞) 🤍🤎sustainable ootd 🤎🤍 ~organic poplin button down @for___days (wearing a size large for an oversized fit) ~jeans #thrifteddenim ~sunnies @buffaloexchange ~@converse (custom made!) #sustainablestyle #sustainablewardrobe #capsulewardrobe #minimalstyledaily #sustainablefashionblogger

happy friday from your local beach bum 😉 @you.swim new cheeky style is the swimsuit of the summer—you heard it here first 🖤 *wearing Poise in black #gifted my favorite thing about @you.swim swimsuits is that they adapt to your body, and will last you forever (no matter what season of life your body is in) ✨ #sustainableswimwear #sustainableswim #sustainableswimsuit #youswim #discovercalifornia #consciousfashion

this is your reminder to wear your SPF 💜 @cocokind just released their new silk SPF—a hydrating hybrid sunscreen (chemical x mineral SPF) made with banana blossom 🍌 how is it different? this hybrid sunscreen has a lighter feel than mineral SPFs, has a major reduction of white cast, and is less likely to cause skin sensitivity (the best of both worlds) 🌎 use code SOPHIA for 10% off! #cocokindambassador 🌞 #cleanbeauty #wearyourspf #sustainableskincare #sunscreenalways #sustainablebeauty #sustainablebeautyproducts

happy monday from me and my beach hair 🤍🌞 wearing my favorite necklace that I haven’t taken off in the last 2 years from @frankandgeorgia ☀️ it was Sam’s very first Christmas gift to me 🥹 #sustainablefashionista #sustainablefashionblogger #sustainabilityblogger #simplejewelry #sustainablejewelry #minimalstyle

hi everyone! there are some new faces around here (so happy you’re here!!!) —and it’s been about a year since I’ve re-introduced myself—so here we go💗 my name is sophia, and I’m a GEEK about sustainable fashion, beauty, lifestyle, & overall education. I believe that “education” is the first step in one’s sustainability journey—which is why I love to create educational content that helps us learn and grow together! some fun facts about me: 🌞I’m a born and rasied AZ girl, but currently living in LA with my husband, Sam🤍 🌱I am *almost* a FT freelance sustainability content creator—& I am so thankful for each and every one of you that has helped me get here and has supported me! 🦋I have a degree in Supply Chain Management, a minor in Spanish, and a professional certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy. How do I define sustainability? “The intersection of environmental, social, and economic responsibility.” You can’t have one without the other. ♻️ While I absolutely LOVE showing my fav secondhand & sustainable fits, remember that the most sustainable thing in your closet is what you already own. ✨I believe in PROGRESS > PERFECTION, because 100% true sustainability does not exist. I am not a perfect environmentalist (and never will be) but I love sharing some of my favorite swaps that have helped me reduce my overall impact. 💥The #1 way we can stand up to fight climate change? HOLD CORPORATIONS and GOVERNMENTS accountable. Our individual actions MATTER, but we need action at a larger scale to help drive change. SO excited that you’re here—can’t wait to continue learning and growing together! Remember: sustainability is not a trend, it’s the future of how we must live in order to sustain this planet and all the people who live on it 🌎 Have any questions for me? Ask below 👋 Sustainable OOTD @for___days Ribbed Set sunnies #secondhand #sustainablestyle #sustainableootd #losangelesblogger #sustainableoutfit #secondhandfashion #sustainablebrand #sustainablefashionblogger #sustainableootdinspo

We are living in the plastic age 🥤It’s all around us. When you walk into a store, almost everything you see has plastic packaging 😵‍💫 While being 100% “plastic-free” is nearly impossible for a single individual/consumer, there are many steps we can take towards reducing plastic in our daily routines—from our bathrooms to our kitchens (where we probably have most of our plastic!) Here are some of my favorite swaps, and why: 1. @theearthlingco shampoo + conditioner bars— why does shampoo and conditioner even need to be in plastic packaging? These natural bars have been my absolute favorite plastic-free swap. Both Sam and I use them on the daily, they smell amazing, lather so well, and are perfect for traveling! No need to buy mini travel size plastic bottled shampoo anymore.🧼 2. All natural dry shampoo! I can’t believe this product exists. No more aerosol cans, and it works 10x better than any other dry shampoo I’ve used in the past! I apply it directly on my roots and see an immediate difference. They have different formulas for light + dark hair 💁🏽‍♀️ 3. Plastic-free dish soap + bamboo brush— another product that doesn’t need any plastic containers! This dish soap bar is the perfect size for my sink, lathers just like any other dish soap, and is super compact. No more trying to squeeze out the last bubbles of your dish soap that goes everywhere (and then goes to waste when you accidentally use too much) 🫧 4. Mesh produce bags! While many stores have switched to “compostable” bags—you still need to make sure that they are labeled as HOME COMPOSTABLE. Instead of being unsure if these single use bags will end up in the landfill or not, I love a reusable produce bag that not only holds all your produce, but looks cute as well 🍎 Of course, at the end of the day, the #1 way we can reduce our daily plastic waste (and consumption) is to hold brands accountable for using plastic in the first place! If you are ready to make an easy plastic-free switch, you can use code SOPHIA for 15% all @theearthlingco products 🤎 AD #lowwasteliving #plasticfree #plasticfreeswaps #ecofriendlyalternatives #plasticfreeliving #sustainableswaps #earthmonth

me in the sun = instant serotonin 🔆 (which is how I feel wearing @mate_the_label new set in SOLAR 🌞) isn’t it funny that we rely on a burning star to give this entire planet life? well, fun fact about me: I LIVE for sunshine. growing up in Arizona, I’ve always been surrounded by the sun and warmth. the sun is one of my biggest mood boosters (and it provides vitamin D which supports your immune system!) just don’t forget SPF 💦 this color is part of @mate_the_label new carbon negative collection—which means for every purchase in one of their new colors, MATE offsets an additional 5kg if CO2 and invests in renewable hydro + solar electricity projects (☀️💦) we love clean energy! earth month may be coming to a close, but remember that we live on this planet everyday—and we owe everything to Mama Earth! ☀️🌎 use code 15SOPHIAT for 15% off 💛 *wearing Organic MOVE biker shorts + sports bra #sustainableootd #sustainablefashionista #sustainableoutfit #sustainablefashionblogger #dressclean #dresscleanadvocate

I care about the earth, because I want my kids to see the earth the way I see it—with all its natural beauty 🌎 let me interupt your “Earth Day” feed today with some BEAUTIFUL photos of Earth, as well as some important reminders about what this day really means. 🌎THE MEANING OF EARTH DAY. Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson to force “environmental issues” on the national agenda. 20 MIL Americans demonstrated in different U.S. cities—& in Dec 1970, Congress authorized the creation of a new federal agency (@epagov ) to tackle these environmental issues (such as clean air and water acts) 🗯Nelson said the following quote: “The ultimate test of [humanity’s] conscience may be [their] willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” 🗣SPEAK UP. LIFT UP. We want everyone talking about climate change! It’s a real issue that is affecting real people, right now. That means lifting up & amplifying voices of communities + individuals who have been working tirelessly to provide solutions. 🛍 OVERCONSUMPTION. We live in an age where we are constanly being sold too. That’s why my goal (as well as many other sustainability creators) is not to ever promote overconsumption, but provide sustainable alternatives for you. So, when and if you are ready to make a switch to a more environmentally friendly product—there are options to help reduce your impact—woohoo🥳 ♻️THE MOST SUTAINABLE THING IS WHAT YOU ALREADY OWN. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Use everythign to its fullest. That means use up your plastic-filled cleaners + cleansers and wear the heck out of that fast fashion piece sitting in your closet. When finished (and ready for something new)—think: can I buy this secondhand (clothing, furniture, kitchen appliances, decor), or am I ready to buy a new piece that I know will last me a long time? 🤍PROGRESS > PERFECTION. We all have an impact. But none of us are (or will ever be) perfect. So do your best, and remember to hold corporations accountable. Thanks for following along & allowing me to have a slice of space on the internet. Love you all. Happy Earth Day 🌎 xoxo 📷photos by me

SUSTAINABLE FASHION REMINDERS 💜🗯 (SAVE this post for later) 1) the most sustainable item in your closet is what you already own, love, and take care of🪡 2) Creating trends is just a silly way for fast fashion brands to make more money by telling you what you “should be wearing” every month 💵 3) Shopping secondhand is a great way to save money, extend a garment’s lifecycle, and find unique pieces (plus you can always find things that fit your style) ♻️ 4) You can still consume “unsustainable fashion brands” responsibly—whether you’re buying new or secondhand (If you have the mindset that you’ll wear it for a long time, and it’s a piece that fits your style) 💜 ✨outfit details ✨ skirt is @gucci #secondhand sweater @buffaloexchange sunnies + purse #thriftedfashion shoes @nisoloshoes . . . #sustainableootd #consciousconsumerism #sustainablefashiontips #sustainablestyle #losangelesblogger #sustainableoutfit #secondhandfashion #sustainablebrand #thriftedoutfit #discovercalifornia #sustainableootdinspo #losangelesfashion

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