Sonja Joubert

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I'm a stay-at-home mom of two navigating motherhood and military spouse life. I create content mostly geared towards moms with young children, but also for milspouses as I give tips and tricks on surviving military life. I throw in some military spouse humor too, since we all need some laughs! I also share about my mental health journey with postpartum depression/anxiety and body positivity.

Location Heber City, Utah United States
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Happy New Year from the Jouberts ✨ Looking forward to being all together again in a few months (we’re almost halfway!) Wishing you and yours a year full of happiness and abundance 🤍🤍🤍 #militaryfamily #militarywife #deploymentsucks #deploymentstrong #deploymentlife #airforcewife #airforcespouse #militaryspouse #milso #milspouse #milspouseblogger #milspo

We seem to be catching something every couple of weeks since daddy deployed and it is wearing all of us (but especially this mama) out! Thankfully we have @MommysBliss Organic Immunity Gummies made with Organic Black Elderberry, Zinc and Vitamin C, and Kids Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies to help support immunity and digestion with the probiotic LactoSpore.*  Our arsenal wouldn’t be complete without these two delicious tasting immune system supporters! Use the code HOLIDAY25 at checkout today! #BlissThisMess #MommysBlissPartner #momlife #momlifebelike #coldandfluseason #organicproducts #organicliving #motherhoodjourney #motherhoodmoments #toddlermoms cold and flu remedies, natural cold and flu medicine, organic medicine, organic elderberry, organic probiotics, stay at home mom routine

Lately, I’ve been discovering just exactly how important routines are for the kiddos. Especially our morning one! We’ve been loving saying some morning affirmations while taking their @MommysBliss vitamins. Here’s what we say if you want to try with your kids: “I am happy! I am strong! I am confident! I am calm.” The Mommy’s Bliss Organic Immunity Gummies and Kids Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies help these affirmations become reality. The immunity gummies are full of organic black elderberry, zinc and vitamin C to help support their immune system. And the Probiotic + Prebiotic is also great for their immunity but also their digestion with the probiotic LactoSpore. Plus they taste great (trust me, I take a few myself here and there hehe), which is always important with littles! #MommysBlissPartner #BlissThisMess #MommysBlissHoliday #coldandfluseason #elderberry #elderberrygummies #elderberrybenefits #momhack #affirmationsforkids #letthembelittle cold and flu remedies, cold and flu cures, mom tips, kid safe medicine, affirmations for kids ideas

First time doing a longer form vlog! Crazy to say that 3 minutes is considered longer form now when I used to watch 20-30 min vlogs on YouTube all the time. But here’s an example of what our mornings have been like while we’ve been visiting Utah. Super thankful to have a gym I can go to! Also not pictured: when Jett locked himself in my parents room and I couldn’t get him out for like 20 mins 😅 Greens are from @cleansimpleeats (SONJA saves you $), hair products from @daehair (I will literally never use anything else). #solomom #soloparenting #militarywife #militarywife #dayinthelife #ditl #momvlog #momvlogger #stayathomemomlife day in the life vlog, day in the life of a mom, stay at home mom vlog, stay at home moms, weight loss motivation, weight loss quotes, weight loss tips for women, weight loss tips for moms, weight loss hacks, calorie deficit tips

Buying new clothes when you’re on a weight loss journey is so hard! For many different reasons — sometimes you tell yourself “why buy new clothes when I’m just not going to fit into them in a few months?” Or you’re excited about your changing body but not quite where you want to be yet so shopping is still intimidating (and for me that is SO HARD because I used to looooove shopping, putting outfits together, and dressing up and then I had babies and my body changed so drastically). But I’m a firm believer that every body deserves to have clothes they feel comfortable and confident in. These @cozyearth pajamas do just that for me, even though I underestimated my size! So comfy and perfect for this time of year. Use my code SONJAJOUBERT40 for 40% off 😘 #cozyearth #weightlossjourney #weightlosscommunity #weightlossdiaries #weightlossforwomen #weightlosstipsforwomen #weightlossmotivations #nonscalevictory #nonscalevictories #loungeset #bamboopajamas non scale victory, weight loss advice, weight loss health journey, weight loss ideas, calorie deficit tips, weight loss motivation, weight loss progress

This is a reminder it’s your last chance to enter the Scan&Go Sweepstakes at @samsclub running now through December 7! I’ve been shopping Sam’s Club for some of my calorie deficit staples to have on hand while on a weight loss journey, and every time I use Scan & Go I’ve been entered into the Sweepstakes! #SamsPartner One winner at each Sam’s Club each week will be selected and you have a chance to win what you spend, up to $500. There will also be three huge prizes of $10000, $25000, and $50000 along with a 45-year Plus membership. #samsclub #ScanAndGoSweeps Here are some of my must-haves while shopping at Sam’s Club: • Fresh fruits and veg like spinach and bananas for green smoothies, raspberries (great for putting on top of oatmeal or pancakes/waffles) and microwavable broccoli, Brussel sprouts, or green beans • Sources of protein like all natural ground beef (grass fed is best!), or these boneless chicken bites that you can put in a wrap or stir fry, and pasture raised eggs • Good-for-you carbs like these whole grain and flax tortilla wraps, microwavable rice, or baby potatoes (great roasted in the oven — super good for your immune system!) • Quick protein like my favorite refrigerated protein bars, Turkey sticks, and Premier Protein shakes The Scan&Go feature on the Sam’s Club app makes my life 10x easier because I can grab all of these items AND skip the checkout line. #weightlossjourney #weightlosshelp #weightlosscommunity #weightlossfood #caloriedeficitmeals #caloriedeficitdiet #samsclubfinds #samsclubdeals #weightlossmealplan weight loss tips, weight loss transformation, weight loss motivation, weight loss advice, weight loss routines, how to lose weight women, calorie deficit, calorie deficit diet, calorie deficit for women, weight loss tricks for moms, how to lose weight postpartum, mom weight loss tips, weight loss before and after, non scale victory, weight loss meal planning, weight loss meal prep

Just shocked. So thankful to have this non scale way of measuring my progress. It is helping me love my body during this journey, and I’m actually having fun. I’m feeling more in control of my body than I ever have. Excited for the future and the possibilities (getting to enjoy shopping and dressing up again/putting outfits together!) but also appreciating my body for the way it is and what it’s accomplished so far — not just recently but my whole life, and especially the last few years growing and nourishing my babes. Also actually thankful for hubby’s deployment (as much as I HAAATE it lol) for giving me the fire to do this. 🧡 #weightlossjourney #weightlosscommunity #weightlossgoal #weightlossprogress #weightlossmission #militarywife #militaryspouse #momswholift #caloriedeficitdiet #weightlosssuccess #nonscalevictories weight loss tips, weight loss transformation, weight loss motivation, weight loss advice, weight loss routines, how to lose weight women, calorie deficit, calorie deficit diet, calorie deficit for women, weight loss tricks for moms, how to lose weight postpartum, mom weight loss tips, weight loss before and after, non scale victory

And I’d do it again 😉 Wall color is “Wilderness” by @valsparpaint, bed is from @article! #basehousing#militaryhousing #renterfriendly #renterfriendlymakeover #midcenturymodernhome #militarywife #militaryspouse #boardandbatten #militarywife #militaryspouse #milspouse base housing decor, renter friendly makeover, renter friendly accent wall, renter friendly board and batten, board and batten, board and batten how to, green accent wall, master bedroom transformation, master bedroom ideas, master bedroom inspo, master bedroom inspiration, primary bedroom makeover, green bedroom, primary bedroom ideas, primary bedroom decor, military housing decor, diy board and batten

GIVEAWAY CLOSED 🤍🤍🤍 Win the perfect @battateducation surprise bundle of toys for your kiddos. Rules: like this photo, follow me (@sonyjoubert) and @battateducation, and tag a friend! Each additional tag is an extra entry. Giveaway runs until Monday, November 28th at 5 pm Mountain standard time. A winner will be selected and notified with a DM from this account ONLY by 12 pm MST November 29th. Good luck!! #battat #battattoys #montessoritoys #montessoriactivity #montessorimom

I know I’ve received a huge influx in followers because of my weight loss journey posts but! Been meaning to share our base housing living room for forever now! Home decor is a passion and little hobby for me. I’m still such a novice, but get such a rush while planning and putting together a room. What do you think?! I’m a firm believer that you need to love where you live — even if that means putting a little time and money into it. #militaryhousing #basehousing #housetransformation #livingroomset #livingroomdecor #livingroomideas #livingroominspiration #livingroomdesign #livingroomgoals #livingroomstyle #livingroomstyling #ashleyfurniture brown leather couches, brown leather couch set, Ashley furniture, living room set up ideas, living room decor, living room design, renter friendly ideas, before and after

Tips For Having Better Scripture Study As A Mom

I realized that having a Book of Mormon journal would streamline my study process — since I can read and take notes in one book. Here’s some more tips to have better scripture study f0r moms who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Find a time of day that works and stick to it Developing a routine when it comes to scripture study will help you develop the habit and you’ll end up feeling weird the days you aren’t able to read. Once your schedule is selected and you’ve set the reminder (if you wish, you don’t have to set a reminder), your study plan will show up in the “Study Plans” section. More reasons why I love the Line Upon Line Book of Mormon journal

7 Birth Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

This birth Instagram account @birthwithoutfear does exactly what it’s Unfortunately, many of the photos and videos on this birth Instagram account (and a lot on all of the others mentioned) are censored and you need to click on the photo and then “see photo” in order to view it because some users have reported it as “offensive or disturbing. Being a home birth mama myself, I LOVE how this account celebrates home birth and shows that it’s not scary to have a baby at home. This birth Instagram account, @SACREDBIRTHDOULA, helps bring that to light, how we can change it, and how ALL births are beautiful, no matter the color.

Nursery Corner DIY For Baby Girl

You don’t need a crib (a bassinet will do for the first little while), but since we had one, we built our baby girl’s nursery corner around her crib. Besides a place for your baby to sleep, you need: We got this cute rose gold utility cart from Michaels for pretty much everything: breastfeeding/formula supplies, wipes, medicine, hair bows, etc. And although three drawers isn’t much, we keep just the clothes that we use most often and make sure to go through it often for clothes that don’t fit anymore. )- To tie it all together, we got a matching crib sheet and diaper changing pad cover from Target, and the “Itty bitty and pretty” sign is from Hobby Lobby.

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