Sonja Delicana

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I'm a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer based in Orange County. I'm an upcoming Registered Nurse with a passion for all things aesthetic and creative.

Location Orange County
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 31, 2019
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That annual feed selfie that no one asked for 🙇🏻‍♀️ ft. my fave tat by @damienart 🥀

“I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.” . . I’ve written quite a few papers on Vincent van Gogh in my art history days. His journey always intrigued me — from selling a single painting in his lifetime and being plagued with mental illness throughout his career, to posthumously becoming one of the most brilliant artists in history. What impresses me the most is the way he viewed life despite constantly hitting rock bottom. From the window of his asylum, he still saw beauty in a plain blue sky and depicted it as a celestial, surreal constellation in the masterpiece that we all know as The Starry Night. While his love for art wasn’t enough to save his life, it lives on to save others. Seeing his pieces come to life was truly an immersive experience. Thank you @vangoghla for this masterpiece of a space 🌌 #vangoghexperience

Brought to you by @7leavescafe and @cremacafe — @artisan7leaves! A new brunch cafe concept with everything you love from 7leaves and Crema Bakery plus more 🤩 Grand opening is this Friday 7/24 10 am at Fountain Valley, CA 🥳 I enjoyed every single item we ordered from the brunch menu and the drinks are so refreshing! 🍹 @sliquemedia #sliquemedia . . 🍳 Parisian Benedict - mini croissant, bacon crumbles, poached eggs, spicy hollandaise, petite salad . . 🍄 Truffle Mushroom Omelette - free-range farm fresh egg, sauteed mushrooms, shallots, garlic, herbs, cheese blend, petite salad . . 🥑 Avocado Toast - avocado, radish, arugula, cherry tomato, lemon pesto, feta cheese, country bread . . 🍰 NY Cheesecake . . 🍹 Sunset Passion ❗️EXCLUSIVE RAFFLE❗️ Be one of the first in line on 7/24 for your chance to win any of the following prizes - we’re choosing 10 winners! 🥤 Exclusive Tumbler (5 winners) 📺 Smart TV (3 winners) 🏨 $300 Gift Card (1 winner) 🍃 Free 7 Leaves for 1 Year (1 winner) *Ticket hand out will start at 8AM - prizes will be drawn at 9AM | 1 Ticket Per Person 💥Join us on Saturday, July 24, and enjoy... 👉 First 200 Guests receive Exclusive Artisan X 7 Leaves Goodies

A garden fairy moment 🧚‍♀️✨

First tattoo dedicated to self-love and growth 🌱 Clearly, plant therapy has been one of my favorite self-care activities this past year 😌 And what better way to symbolize growth than plants? 🪴 Thank you @baronart_amber for bringing this idea to life! #finelinetattoo @baronarttattoo

Happy spring! 🌻 I usually go lighter in the springtime but I wanted to maintain these rich brunette tones using @overtonecolor’s Coloring Conditioner in Espresso Brown. Using the #OvertoneColorQuiz, I was able to find the perfect dark brown shade to tone my previously green-tinted hair at home! 🤎 #sponsored

Happy Womxn’s History Month! 💃🏻 Let’s continue to elevate and empower the amazing women in our lives 🥰 📷: @pinkieeepromises #womensupportingwomen #womenshistorymonth

26th birthday well-spent at this cute lil cottage in SD! 🎉🌊 Loved the @bohogreenhaus vibes, interior decorated by @boho_onabudget! Swipe for my bf’s photobomb 😒 #ootd

I bought my first houseplant back in September and I haven’t stopped buying more ever since 🥴 Becoming a plant parent has been a refreshing escape from everything that happened in 2020. It was definitely challenging to experience my first year as an RN in the midst of a pandemic. I remember buying a Pothos N’joy from @thegreenplaceoc after a rough shift at work and I just kept buying more after a streak of bad days. I probably had at least 10 plants at that point in just a short month or two. While plant parenthood for me started as a coping mechanism, it’s now become a fulfilling hobby that makes me appreciate the beauty of nature even more. It’s also a nice break to take care of something else other than patients. Follow my new account @bohogreenhaus to keep up with my plant + home decor journey! 🌱🧡 ✨ Tagged are some of my favorite, go-to small businesses to buy plants from! ✨ @thegreenplaceoc @mezcalanursery @saritas_plantas/@the_foliage_room

Upcycled: DIY Cane TV Console

I actually kept it like this for a whole year at my previous apartment, but once I moved into my new place and decided to revamp my style, I wanted to take it up a notch by completely transforming the cabinets. I took note of the height, width, and depth of the cabinets and searched for unfinished wood slabs of the same depth. Since I've never worked with wood and didn't have the right tools to properly cut them, I opted for some flimsy plywood from Home Depot. I'd like to note that the craftsmanship of this piece is a little rough because I've never worked with any type of wood, but once I learn more and have the right tools, I'll definitely redo this.

Merry Christmas! 🎄 Some winter neutrals ft. @shopsweetmayhem 🤎 📸: @pinkieeepromises #ootd

The Feng Cha x Doe Lashes event is on 11/6-11/8! Don’t miss out on this pop-up cause there’s plenty of chances for free goodies! Thank you @fengchaoc, @doe.bby, & @sliquemedia for the super yummy complementary drinks and cute falsies! #fengchaoc 🧋

Scandinavian Boho Apartment Tour (2020)

As you walk into the apartment, you're greeted by this wooden sign and these stunning creeping fig ficus plants on hanging shelves. My eyes instantly gravitated towards this dainty light wood end-table with cane webbing from HomeGoods. I'll most likely switch it out to a real plant eventually although it looks quite realistic and is the perfect size for a corner area. For the large space approaching the hallway, I was contemplating getting a wooden armchair, but I opted for a more affordable alternative and got this two-toned pouf/ottoman.

Shop small and sustainable 🌱 This top is from @shopwomn’s Series I capsule collection, a series that’s meant to promote slow-fashion to minimize waste in the industry. I’m gradually learning to shop more sustainably and find brands that create environmentally conscious clothing, so if anyone has any more suggestions, comment below or drop them in the DMs ♻️ #ootd 📸: @pinkieeepromises

Take me back to this aesthetically pleasing desert home, clear nights skies, and precious time away from work 🥺 #joshuatree #ootd

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