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I’m Melissa – the owner and blogger behind I’m an overwhelmed mother of three wonderful (when they want to be) kiddos, a loving wife to my darling (when he wants to be) husband, two rambunctious puppy dogs, and three lazy cats. Oh, and you can’t forget the fish – even if most days I do forget to feed them. I work full time in an office setting. In the little free time that I have, I enjoy looking at the world through the lens of my camera. There is such beauty in the smallest details of this world and my desire is to capture them for all to see.

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How To Get The Biggest Savings Out Of Cashback Sites • Skirt Girlie

However, a lot of people ignore cashback sites because they assume that it’s too good to be true and they wonder whether you can really save any money. First off, you need to pick the right cashback site or app because some of them will save you a lot of money but a lot of them are pretty useless. A lot of cashback sites have referral deals which give you added bonuses if you get your friends to use the site as well. It’s best to use cashback sites to specifically search for things that you want or need to buy instead of browsing through lists of deals and buying things on impulse.

Stress-free Ways to Build Your Dream Home • Skirt Girlie

According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average cost of building a 2,776 square foot home is about $ 427,892. To secure this kind of loan, you must provide a detailed construction schedule along with quick estimates of the total costs. Request for progress reports at regular intervals to verify if the description matches what you saw at the construction site. With proper financing and the right contractor, building your dream home can be a fun experience.

How to Get Rid of Mold in Potting Soil • Skirt Girlie

Thankfully, there are various ways for you to take good care of your plants and remove or prevent mold in houseplant soil as discussed below. Using natural sunlight comes highly recommended, considering that ultraviolet rays kill different types of mold and dries out the potting soil to keep the fungus at bay. Drying out the potting soil using ultraviolet ray simply involves moving your plant outside or placing it in a sunny area of your house, and leaving the sun’s rays to work their magic. You may choose to remove mold by hand, expose your potting soil to sunlight, or use an anti-fungal among other restorative measures.

6 Tips To Help You Boost Your Meal Prepping Game • Skirt Girlie

Whether you want to save time in the week, save money by batch cooking, or get an easy life measuring your calories for post-workout gains, it’s a great way to stay organized. From having all the ingredients there when you start to keeping your containers clean and using the best cookware sets, it’s worth putting some planning into making yourself a meal prepping machine. Using versatile ingredients and recipes helps to save money and time when you meal prep, especially if you prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. If you meal-prep and make extra food that is suitable for freezing, try to freeze and label it for future meal prepping sessions.

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