Cassandra Arico

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I’m a travel blogger and solo mom to 5 wanderlust children. We love exploring and sharing the world and amazing brands with our followers.

Location Pennsylvania USA
Member Since JANUARY 30, 2019
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Finding Fun During Quarantine

My children and I decided to explore different parks and trails in our state, including some treasure hunts! Our next trip with our first treasure hunt from Uncharted Lancaster, a website started by a local man who pretended to be an explorer off on great adventures. My middle son and I decided to try out the Tunnels of Enola Adventure, a 4 mile round trip hike through tunnels, along railroad tracks, up and down hill in search of clues that you need to unlock the location of the treasure! We have lots more treasure hikes with Uncharted Lancaster to do and an whole app of trails to explore.

Visiting the American Helicopter Museum

They have been improving the public’s experience thanks to the contributions and donations, and as you can see, they make a huge effort to make it interesting and fun, not just for the kids but also for everyone young and old. At the museum entrance, there’s a great exhibition showing the AHMEC history, how they got to settle in Pennsylvania,  where and how are they taking place with research and developments, and lots of more interesting facts. Apart from the amazing experience that brings the fun for kids to climb in the cockpits and try the controls, they also have lots of educational activities, workshops and also school groups of all ages. If you’d like to go check out their website ( for more information or to book a visit in case you’re planning on going on big groups.

Camelback Resort Snow Tubing

If you live in Pennsylvania, your winter thoughts include sledding, ice skating, hockey, skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing just to name a few! Even though we haven’t had much of a winter down where we live, my sister and brother-in-law bought my children and myself snow tubing tickets for Christmas and this month we headed up to Camelback Mountain Resort in the Pocono Mountains to have some fun. If you need a break from the tubes, they do have a small lounge area with bathrooms, a small shop and a small café that sells hot drinks and some food. We finished out our fun day with lunch, thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for the treat, and were ready to head home.

CRPS Awareness Day

November 4th is CRPS Awareness and Wear Orange Day to bring awareness to this little known condition. It is also known as the suicide condition as there is no known cure for it and many treatments to help the pain and other symptoms don’t help for long. CRPS is also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RDS), Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy (RND) and Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome (AMPS). Some of the symptoms for CRPS are burning or throbbing pain in the affected area, sensitivity to touch or temperature, swelling, changes in skin color and texture, joint stiffness, muscle spasms and weakness, decreased ability to move or use the affected area, muscle atrophy, nail and hair changes including loss of, and changing in how you process the temperature for instance

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