Sinéad de Vries

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TV Host & Digital Personality

Member Since MARCH 21, 2019
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Say hello to the Next Generation Ford Ranger 🔥 Check out the world premiere, hosted by me! I had so much fun filming with two incredible crews a few weeks ago & I’m so excited for everybody to check out the new Ranger 🥰 #NextGenRanger #FordRanger #ford @ford @fordsouthafrica @fordaustralia

Yeah, no, this weather couldn’t slow me down cuz I’m already on the go with @tridentgum pocket packs 🙋🏽‍♀️ And let’s be real, sometimes I take my whole life with me in the car (if you know me, you know 😂) but these super durable & portable packs keep at least one thing in my life exactly where it needs to be. Grab your TRIDENT pocket packs at @7-Eleven & score 200 points with your 7R rewards app until 01/04/2022. Happy chewing & seriously, let’s all hope for some good weather, yeah? #ChewTRIDENTPocketPacks #ad

To my sweet grandmother, my Mama 🖤 nothing I say could ever adequately encompass the incredibly strong, beautiful, hilarious, and vibrant woman you were, nor could it ever fully express the extraordinary impact you’ve had on my life. You were the center of our family & truly everything I want to be- a fiercely strong, independent woman who put family first. No questions asked. & I’ll carry your legacy with me for the rest of my life. The pain is excruciating & the grief is immense, but I promise to try to find peace in knowing you’re with God now. To our angel, our Susie, our Mama.. I love you so much. Rest In Peace.

#ad I’ll just be here, getting some sun, with my bev of choice this season, @karbachbrewing Ranch Water Hard Seltzer. I obviously love anything plants so I mayyy have been a little bias when I saw that Ranch Water is made with 100% Blue Agave & Natural Lime Juice AND it’s gluten-free which is good for me cuz I’ve been denying my gluten allergy for about 5 years now 🙃 & it did not disappoint. It’s so good you guys so grab a case cuz you’ve earned it. TRUST. #RanchVibes #KarbachRanchWater #RanchWater

I find your lack of faith disturbing

“Go ahead, make my millennium.” Yeah I was gonna wear a green wig but teal is cuter so @keldotco #costumeforacause

Listen, we only talk about the important stuff on The Positivity Report ok? @joshmacuga

We got married!!! Well, okay, I was her bridesmaid… BUT STILL. Sydni, you are the most beautiful bride & I love you so so much. You too, @dlstock19 🖤 You guys are the best & even better together & we really can’t wait to see you both again. Hope you guys make tons of babies real soon. Like… TONS.

Casual Friday @nilsdavey

I knew starting school would put my son at risk of contracting covid but I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so soon 😔 I told Nils last night that sure, it’s not our fault. Harrison’s classmate got sick & kids are gross & touch each other a lot lol but we had really worked sooo hard to protect him for so long & now I feel like I failed. But I guess that feeling just makes me normal. The health department said he’s good to re-enter society next week 😭🙌🏽 & so far, this vaccination is doing it’s job for us. (GET VACCINATED YALL) Harrison had symptoms last week that were just so sad but he’s been doing great since Saturday, as you can see, lol. Back to giving me fashion advice 😂 ahhh guys, here’s to life. The good, the bad, the scary, & all the times it just hits you right in the ass.

Comfy, but make it fashion 🖤 @nilsdavey

Even though he’s way taller than half my own height already & growing everyday, as long as my kid asks to be held, I will hold him & squeeze him and kiss his whole face. I know one day he’ll stop asking (which is just so rude tbh) so these are the moments I love the most 😭🖤

Wild. #ivypark by @nilsdavey @weareivypark @adidasoriginals @adidaswomen @drmartensofficial #ivyparkrodeo #desert #adidas

I’m a farmer @nilsdavey

Come on, we ALL shop for eggs like this

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