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Always #reading, usually #bookblogging.

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Today's awesome #bookmail is Caul Baby by @_morganjerkins from @harperbooks Really excited to start this one. (bonus appearance of scented candle made by @tehnewts!) #CaulBaby #MorganJerkins #bookstagram #bookworm #reading #bookish #igreads #booknerd #bibliophile #instabook #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram #bookpost #instabooks #bookblogger #ownvoicesbooks #bookcommunity #bookbloggers #bloggerlife #tbrpile #mytbr #fiction

Debutante / The Last Debutantes

Both stories are about a group of deb friends from Season before WWII broke out, and I loved reading about how the girls in Debutante saw their lives change, and how they coped with change, and how they turned their social accomplishments into war work. Valerie will have to pretend she’s spent the last few years perfecting her French abroad, not living in poverty with her alcoholic father in France, but if she does well in her Season, she’ll make the right friends and the right match. I think what worked for me in Debutante was that I went in expecting pretty girls in pretty dresses, and then the story veers from manners and husband-hunting into war. The description of The Last Debutantes led me to expect a meaningful story about the end of pretty dresses and the beginning of war (especially with the Downing Street setting!), but it never really delivered, mostly showing more men in uniform at the deb balls.

Drinking and chatting with friends looks different these days. Still so happy to see your faces!

Five Best Campus Crime Novels

So, just like I did reading China Rich Girlfriend, when Corinne recommends the top manners novels to Kitty Pong, and I immediately requested all the ones I hadn’t read, I had to read these other top campus crime stories. Gaudy Night, by Dorothy Sayers, originally published in 1935, has Harriet Vane solving a mystery poison pen notes and cruel pranks while sorting out a personal problem, set a fictional all-women’s college at Cambridge. Yseut Haskell in The Case Of The Gilded Fly just can’t stop seducing men and then using them for her own ends, and while I did like the unlikable-victim mystery, many of the other characters seemed to assume that a women who has sex would come to a bad end sooner or later. Most of Gaudy Night is about mean notes left around the college for certain people to find, and without revealing too much, the plots of Nicholas Quinn and The Gilded Fly both rely on written notes.

I usually don’t like getting individual issues, I’d rather wait for the complete story in the trade, but I’m enjoying the new Jody Houser Doctor Who story. #doctorwho #thirteen #13thdoctor #drwho #jodyhouser #13andthefam #amreading

“The Wedding Night” is Not a Thriller

The Wedding Night, by Harriet Walker, was not at all what I was expecting, but held some lovely scenes about evolving friendships in different stages of life. Lizzie has abruptly called off her destination wedding, but the friends decide that they’ve already taken time off work, arranged a babysitter, paid for flights and so forth, and they’ll head to the would-be wedding destination anyway. This was described as a suspense novel, so I was expecting something like Lucy Foley’s The Hunting Party or maybe Ruth Ware’s One I’m a huge fan of locked-door mysteries, preferably set in a gorgeous and remote locale, with a storm or a power failure or the only bridge going out instead of a literal locked door.

#thesuicidehouse #charliedonlea #darkacademia #bookblogger #bloggerlife #mysteryfiction #suspensefiction #thrillerfiction #popsugarreadingchallenge #darkacademiaprompt #bookish #bookaddict #lovereading #lovebooks #bookstagram #bookcommunity #suspensebooks #thrillerbooks #mysterybooks #westmontprepatoryhigh #westmontprep #truecrimepodcasts #kensingtonbooks #bookswag #books #instabook #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram

The Family Upstairs

Not just a regular house, but the massive Chelsea mansion that belonged to her birth parents, and where her parents were found dead in an apparent cult suicide. Although her parents and an unknown third person were underfed and wearing handmade clothes when they died, baby Libby was found healthy and safe in her crib upstairs. Naturally, she starts to investigate her birth family, and also naturally, she uncovers so many twisted family secrets. There’s a real question of complicity throughout this story, as we see characters pushed to take more and more disturbing actions, often because there aren’t any good choices or because everything is already so far off the rails that these disturbing choices kind of make sense.

Windowsill garden upgrade, so my little plant babies can grow big and prickly. #Succulents #plantsofinstagram #plantsmakepeoplehappy #gardenlove #plantsagram #indoorgarden #plantlove

Happy latke night!

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