Shayla Crawford

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A 20 something single mom looking to find herself through fashion, travel, and the occasional happy hour.

Location Edmond, OK
Country United States of America
Member Since FEBRUARY 29, 2020
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Saturday afternoon I was helping Papa doing dirt-work and getting the roads prepared for gravel. I had a scary experience where I lost control of the packer and was thrown off. I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt because I believed I was this badass female who could handle heavy machinery. Of course I am a badass female who can handle heavy machinery, but I can do that with a seatbelt on. I was going straight down a long road so I had my speed turned up too high. I was headed north because I thought papa was done for the day. When I saw him get back in the road grater I decided to turn my machine around to head back to the southwest corner of the property where I was working on. At the elevated speed I began to turn over a large mound of dirt. At that point I lost control of the machine and couldn’t hold on. As I began to fall out within a split second I lunged away from the machinery and landed on my head and my shoulder. It knocked the breath out of me and I couldn’t stop shaking for hours. It could have been a lot worse. I walked away with only minor cuts and bruised. I had angels watching over me because there are so many other ways this could have played out. Yesterday, I got back on it and finished my work. I can’t do much with my left arm and my body is in constant pain, but I persisted. I wanted that damn gratification of working on that piece of property and knowing my hands built it from the ground up. If you swipe through you’ll see the scrapes and bruises and a look at the piece of machinery I was on. @redbudridgehomes - you better be worth it.

Me wondering what’s in the water for these 23 year old boys to be looking so fine 👀🥲 #datingchronicles

UGH, as if. Is my baby going into 3rd or her freshman year? I can’t tell. 🥲

*books my next trip back* #sxm

Dinner tonight in @shoptallulahlou

Never coming home 🏄🏼‍♀️

Maho Beach & Mullet Bay. ✈️

Do not disturb ☀️#onlyonsxm

Port of Call Philipsburg 🌴

Reposting after I realized the filters I had on these pictures really sucked. Presets may look cool but they can take away from the beauty of where you are (if not done correctly) I tried so hard to ‘match my feed’ so with a few touch ups to the picture quality, here we are again 😝

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you. ☀️ #goldenhourlight #nofilterchallenge

Last night, my best girlfriend was upset because she was afraid my boyfriend would come between me and her. She said she wanted it to be just us two. This is the hard part of being a single mom. I cried and cried as I explained to her that no one would ever come between us. She is my best friend, forever and always. I’m so glad that I am teaching her how important communication is so now I can be more mindful of her feelings and snuggling close to her.

Seeing everyone’s unpopular opinions is seriously the most fun I have had. 😂 I LOVED talking to everyone who was replying back. Some of the comments were so funny. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out my stories because there is still some up there. Things are about to get SPOOKY because my next question box is CONSPIRACY THEORIES 👽👽👽 Check out my stories & let’s talk about creepy things.

Tonight’s @crownroomokc chair night was *literally* the most fun I have ever had with a group of people! Chef’s concept of curating the perfect meal mixed with wonderful smells and the best playlist was out of this world. I’m probably gonna book my birthday dinner here because I’m so ready to go back! Please note there was 4 courses but I forgot to take a picture of the first course because I immediately dug into it so you can see someone else’s pics for that. #freebritney

@sassyqueenboutique for this Friday morning 😏 skirt is @amazonfashion 😎 Who has any big plans this weekend? I think I’m still tired from LAST WEEKEND. I have a nail appt tomorrow and then I’m hoping to see my new love interest (yes you read that right) on Sunday! 🥰

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