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Photographer / Geek ✉️ 📷 and opinions are mine Must be 21+ to follow. Enjoy Responsibly.

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Thankful for all of Virginia Distillery’s support over the years. They are launching a Courage and Conviction bottle in Brett’s honor. A donation is being made to our church in his name. Please follow Virginia Distillery for more information on when it is available.

The girls and I have declared today, Daddy Day, to mark the anniversary of his passing. We have embraced celebrating Brett the best way we know how… doing all things Star Wars. For those of you checking in, we are doing well. We miss him daily and talk about him daily, but are assured we will see him again one day. This is the way….

Thank you, @aswdistillery for honoring Brett today. It was good to be with family and see old friends. He would have loved this bottle!

ASW Distillery is releasing Space Hide, a sherry cask in Brett’s honor with the proceeds benefiting his daughters. On behalf of Brett, the family would like to thank @aswdistillery for honoring him and providing for the girls. More information can be found through the link in his bio.

Today would have been Brett’s 43rd birthday. I thought I would share his last scene and a bit of the behind the scenes of his creativity. August 11th marked six months without him here. We miss him terribly, but believe he would be proud of the journey we are walking. I know I see things differently because of him. ~Tiffany #thankful

Thank you for all the love today and honoring of the Scotch_Trooper legacy. And speaking of his stay connected, please follow the @scotchtrooperlegacy account. #scotchtrooper #scotchtrooperlegacy #scotchtrooperlove

Brett’s sister and brother-in-law wrote this song while Brett was walking his cancer journey of the past year. Brett would listen to it on repeat on the most difficult days. It was also sung at Brett’s service, at his request. I’m sharing it here for those who may want to hear. ~Tiffany (Brett’s wife)

We will have a celebration of life service for Brett (Scotch Trooper) tomorrow, February 13th at 11:30am Eastern at Dogwood Church in Tyrone, Georgia. Family will receive friends at 10:30am. As a reminder for those attending in person, masks are required. The service will stream live and can be accessed here: For more information:

“I didn’t lose my battle with cancer. At best it was a tie. I took the Death Star down with me.” Brett Joseph Ferencz August 15, 1978 - February 11, 2021 Funeral arrangements will be posted soon.

EARLY BIRD (PORG) SPECIAL - - - - - I am beyond humbled and thankful for my friends over at @alexandermurrayco who have gifted a barrel of Bruichladdich 27yr for an official Scotch Trooper collaboration with the proceeds going towards my cancer treatment and expenses. And beyond that, the good people at @lovescotchusa are offering their retail services at cost to maximize the proceeds making it to my GoFundMe. We are currently offering this Single Cask Bruichladdich at a special price for the next two weeks. So make sure to pick up a bottle of this Limited Edition Scotch Trooper/Alexander Murray & Co. Collaboration (Link in my bio). I can’t say this enough, the entire Whisk(e)y Community, aka #WhiskyFabric, has blown me away with the endless love and support to me and my family through this journey. We can’t thank you all enough. #MayTheDramBeWithYou . . . . . #scotch #whisky #limitededition #singlecask #collaboration #bruichladdich #islaywhisky #scotchtrooper #earlybirdspecial #instadram #fuckcancer #pancan #fundraiser #gofundme #cancersucks

“This is the way.” - - - - - This Christmas Eve I am beyond thankful for my Star Wars Family. Throughout this battle they have shown their support in so many ways. From @hamillhimself and @johnboyega showing some love on Twitter, to the @official501st and @ga501st sending personalized videos of encouragement since COVID prevented them from coming to visit us at home, and an amazing Cameo from @joonassuotamo. Beyond that, the messages, care packages, and love have not stopped. This battle has been a long one and each day brings new challenges. There are good days, and there are bad days. However the love and support I’ve been receiving have sure been making the hard days easier to get through. I can’t thank you all enough. May the force be with you and Merry Christmas. . . . . #PanCan #FUcancer #StarWars #501stlegion #ga501st #thankful #blessed #merrychristmas #cancersucks

“Never tell me the odds.” - - - - - Greetings all. I hope you are enjoying my Lex Luthor (Professor X or Uncle Fester) impression. Previously I mentioned that we were heading to @mayoclinic in Minnesota for a series of tests and procedures. I had a CT Scan and PET/MR done, as well as a lot of bloodwork and a Laparoscopy (where they insert a camera into my abdomen and have a look around). My platelets were pretty low heading into the procedure, so I’m still hurting/healing but nothing I can’t handle (my stomach looks like the Eye of Sauron). All of these tests were to see how the cancer has progressed in 5 months with chemo, and to see if I am still a candidate for the Whipple Procedure to remove the cancer. Unfortunately they found spots on my liver which came back as cancerous. This means a few things. First, this now means we are dealing with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. That was a huge punch in the gut. Just typing it out seems so surreal. And more importantly, this means I am no longer a candidate for the Whipple Procedure. We have since changed our focus from preparing for surgery, to getting on the list for clinical trials and heading back for a new regime of chemo and other medications. Obviously, this wasn’t the news we were hoping for, but I’m counting it as a blessing that we have more of an understanding of what we are dealing with, and we are able to loosen up the lockdown/quarantine a bit and enjoy the girls by taking trips and road trips to enjoy the time we have left together. The odds are definitely not in my favor, but just like Han Solo said to C3P0, Never tell me the odds! In other news. My good buddy Jas at @tonightspoison has put together an amazing Zoom call this evening for a fundraiser to help fund my treatment. The #whiskyfabric never ceases to amaze me. There will be amazing bottles and other gifts available for auction. So if you are free tonight from 8-10pm EST, send Jas a DM to join us. #TLDR: As always, I can’t thank you all enough for the ongoing prayers, thoughts, and well wishes. I can’t possibly respond to all the DMs, but I see them all and they mean the world to me. . #FUcancer #PanCan #pancreaticcancer #cancersucks

“When we return we’re coming in hot.” - - - - - There’s so much to talk about. I’ll try to be quick. The key word there being “try”. First off, what started off as a call to get a second opinion has turned into so much more. We were pretty impressed with everything they had to say, so this weekend we are flying to @mayoclinic in Minnesota for a series of tests, scans, and procedures. I’m still going through chemo (one week on, one week off) as much as my body can handle. But my liver, platelets, and white blood cell count have been making that super interesting. That said, we are really excited to see what Mayo can do to move us into a better game plan. We will arrive home just in time to celebrate Halloween and to start watching the new season of @themandalorian. I can’t tell you how pumped I am. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for anything Star Wars since The Force Awakens. @jonfavreau (and crew) is doing such an amazing job. All that said, I hope you all have a Happy Halloween, however that looks for you this year. We are dressing up and spending the day watching movies and having candy scavenger hunts while continuing our strict quarantine. Some more surprises are coming that day (watch my stories), but will have to wait till then. Happy Mandoween! And #MayTheDramBeWithYou . . . . . #StarWars #TheMandalorian #Halloween #flying #toyphotography #toyphotographer #toyartistry #toyart #hasbrotoypic #hasbropulse #cancersucks #fuckcancer #pancan #thechild #babyyoda #scotchtrooper

“Happy Birthday Princess, we sure do miss you.” . . . . . . #starwars #carriefisher #HappyBirthday #princessleia #toyphotography #toyartistry #toyart #hasbropulse #hasbrotoypic #toyphotographer #r2d2 #instadroid @hamillhimself #scotchtrooper

“These are the boots we were looking for. If only I could learn to tie a knot.“ - - - - - - Anyone who has been following me long enough knows my love for the maturation process as well as the craftsmanship that comes from up-cycling those barrels once they have done their job housing the worlds best whiskies. These boots are just that, a celebration of American Craftsmanship from Wolverine utilizing wood from an Old Rip Van Winkle Barrel in the multilayered heel. Unfortunately, these boots sold out within hours of it’s official launch. However, @wolverine is giving enthusiasts one more chance to get their hands (or feet) on this collaboration by putting a handful of boots up for auction with proceeds going to support American Trade Workers through @mikeroweworks Foundation Work Ethic Scholarship Program. To check out the auction for the 1000 Mile Old Rip Van Winkle boot, visit the link in my bio (Ends tomorrow October 9th). - - - - - #sponsored #wolverineboots #wolverine1000mile #starwars #stormtrooper #scotchtrooper #bourbon #whiskey #pappyvanwinkle #toyphotography #toyartistry #toyphotographer #boots #whisky #hasbrotoypic #hasbropulse #whiskeybarrel

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