Andrea Smythia

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Saving Joyfully is a blog designed to help you save more money and live a more joyful life on a budget. This site features a range of topics including traveling on a budget, strategies for debt elimination, lists of freebies as well as articles from featured writers on similar topics. Creator Andrea Joy draws from her own experiences to inspire others and help them avoid costly financial mistakes.

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When you understand that your self-worth is not determined by your net-worth, then you’ll have financial freedom. It is in discovering how to control your finances and not the other way around that you begin to change the bigger picture. As you recognize the control your money has over you, you will begin to better understand that financial freedom requires us to gain control over our money. If you never gain control of your finances and make the hard decisions now your financial choices will control your future.

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improve your financial future your choices matter

It is the magic that happens when you begin to realize these costly mistakes that will help you to begin to make the right changes to your budget. You can then begin to cut expenses but also begin to find additional money to allocate somewhere else within your budget. Here is a money-saving challenge that I created to help you start saving money with small weekly increments. Or you choose a different financial future with many new challenges and choices that will result in a brighter financial outlook.

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Chasing joy and self-worth in material things

According to Webster’s dictionary, the term self-worth means “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.” As a Christian, I believe that we all should find our self-worth in who we are in Christ. Remember that above all self-worth has nothing to do with your success financially or in your career. : Let’s look at the reality of self-worth Self-worth is being confident in your own abilities.

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It was then that I began my journey to debt freedom as I finally understood the place in life where I did not want to remain. Recovering from these few years of bad financial choices has not been easy. There were many years of hard times and financial strain that I had to work to to get me to where I am today. Seeking to learn new ways to save money and stretch my current budget Changing your financial mindset is difficult but necessary to really begin to see a change.

I love this quote #stopcomparing #stopcomparingyourself #joy #savingjoyfully

What steps are you actively taking now to improve your financial life? Are you actively looking for areas to cut back spending? Or stashing away even just a little extra every week to build up savings? Let me encourage you that every small step can get you closer than you ever thought possible. The act of continually making those choices big and small is something that can make a huge difference in your financial future. #savingmoney #savingmoneytips #money #moneymoves #moneygoals2020 #savingjoyfully

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