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Hi, I'm Amanda! I'm a classically trained chef with 15 years of experience in the food industry. These days I spend my time cooking my family's favorite foods and sharing them with my readers. I love to create tasty, seasonal homemade recipes that have been created to feed families. Whether you are looking for a quick weeknight meal, a Sunday family dinner, or an effortless holiday celebration, our recipes are designed to inspire and help you create.

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Creamy goat cheese and sundried pasta 🍝⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ This recipe takes just 20 minutes and only 4 ingredients for a quick and easy weeknight meal!⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #weeknightdinner #vegetarianrecipe #pastarecipe #feedfeed #huffposttaste #thekitchn #goodeats #foodstagram #nomnoms

Overnight cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing 😍⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ Prep these hot little numbers tonight for the most epic Easter brunch tomorrow 😉⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #easterbrunch #cinnamonroll #sweetbreakfast #thebakefeed #sweetmagazine #bakeandshare #foodlove #chefmode #foodphotography

NEW! Roasted grapes and olives 🍇⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ The best appetizer for a charcuterie board, cheese tray or weekend snacking!⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #roastedgrapes #easyappetizers #snackideas #buzzfeedfood #rscookingschool #thecookfeed #foodblogger #eats #damnthatsdelish

Cheesy au gratin potatoes 🥔🧀⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ This classic dish needs to be on your Easter dinner table this weekend 🐰⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #augratin #potatoesarelife #easterdinner #todayfood #beautifulcuisines #foodblogfeed #foodcoma #hungry #cameraeatsfirst⁠⁠

NEW! Jumbo shrimp and scallop scampi 🍤⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ This delicious, yet effortless dish takes just 20 minutes to put together and is a must make for a busy weeknight.⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #scampi #pastarecipe #easydinner #droolclub #f52grams #bhgfood #goodeats #foodstagram #nomnoms

Jumbo Shrimp and Scallop Scampi Recipe

Roast fresh jumbo shrimp and scallops and toss them with delicate angel hair pasta with a garlicky lemon butter sauce for an effortless dinner! - I love angel hair pasta for this recipe because it's light and pairs with the seafood well. When the water boils, lower the heat to medium high and add the salt and angel hair pasta. Gluten free - Use gluten free pasta instead of the regular pasta (cooking times may vary)

Roasted chicken broccoli alfredo 🥦⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ This easy weeknight dinner is creamy, cheesy and the perfect comfort food!⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #chickenalfredo #weeknightdinner #comfortfoods #gloobyfood #food365 #nytimesfood #truecooks #foodforfoodies #eatwithyoureyes

Roasted Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo Recipe

Cook your favorite pasta with fresh broccoli florets and toss them with rotisserie chicken, alfredo sauce, and lots of cheese! If you want to use frozen broccoli florets you can, however I would cook the pasta for 10-12 minutes, adding the broccoli just for 30 seconds to a minute to defrost it. Alfredo - I like making my homemade alfredo sauce for this recipe. Stovetop - Instead of baking this in the oven, return the pasta and broccoli back to the pot and add in chicken, alfredo and cheese.

Boston cream pie from scratch 🥣⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ This delicious dessert is light, fluffy, and covered in chocolate, what more could you want? Perfect for a weekend baking project, Easter dinner, or just because 🤗⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #bostoncreampie #bakingfromscratch #easterbaking #thebakefeed #sweetmagazine #bakeandshare #goodeats #foodstagram #nomnoms

Baked asparagus with lemon 🍋⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ This easy side dish is made with just 5 ingredients 🖐🏻 and in just 20 minutes ⏲️⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #bakedasparagus #easyrecipesathome #glutenfreerecipe #todayfood #beautifulcuisines #foodblogfeed #eatrealfood #foodforthought #happytummy

Baked Asparagus with Lemon Recipe

* Lemon - you will use a whole lemon for this recipe, but just the zest and the juice. The best way to firm it up is to trim off the bottom inch of the stalks and place them in a couple of inches of water. Grill - This asparagus can be cooked on the grill or a grill pan on medium heat until the asparagus is tender and lightly browned from the grill. Pan sear - Cook these asparagus in a pan on the stovetop over medium heat until lightly browned and tender.

Monday's deserve breakfast for dinner 🍞⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #breakfastfordinner #frenchtoastrecipe #mondaybluesnomore #buzzfeedfood #rscookingschool #thecookfeed #foodlove #chefmode #foodphotography

NEW! Raspberry Cannoli Cupcakes 🧁⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ These light, fluffy homemade cupcakes are filled with raspberry preserves and topped with a homemade cannoli cream frosting ⭐⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #cupcakesfordays #cannolicupcake #bakingfun #thebakefeed #sweetmagazine #bakeandshare #goodeats #foodstagram #nomnoms⁠⁠

Raspberry Cannoli Cupcakes Recipe

These homemade cupcakes are light and fluffy, filled with raspberry preserves, and topped with homemade cannoli frosting. These cannoli cupcakes from scratch are filled with raspberry preserves and make a fun weekend baking treat. * Cannoli Frosting - Cannoli cream is mixed with powdered sugar to make this frosting that is adapted from Snappy Gourmet's Cannoli Frosting. * Cannoli frosting can be made ahead of time and stored up to 2 days in the airtight container in the refrigerator.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 🍀⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ Let's celebrate with a pan of these fudgy whiskey brownies, k?⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ .⁠⁠ #chocolatebrownie #whiskeylover #bakingfromscratch #foodfluffer #tastespotting #kitchenbowl #foodlove #chefmode #foodphotography

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