Safaa Khan

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👩🏻‍💻Digital Marketer 👩‍💼CEO @madmediapakistan , @utopiaretreats ,@madtalentpk ⤵️Click highlights to know me ❤️I love ☕️ , ✈️ and conversations!

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I love you bhenaaaa but obviously I’m the life of the party 🥳 Finally got to do a “who’s more” challenge with my sister! Bhena and I are literally the same as you can see in this video 💚 #DilKiBaat #7upKeSaath @7uppakistan

Life is full of odds but some odds are really not odd! Just as rightly mentioned under the #SochKaFLObadlo campaign by @BisconniCakes! I can clearly relate to the story as a similar incident happened with me too. Bisconni is promoting a very positive message with #SochKaFLObadlo and trying to shed light on the issues that we never tend to speak about, it’s time that we start changing our perspective to how we see things and stop judging so quickly. Check out my story for #SochKaFLObadlo and adopt the positivity. #Bisconni #BisconniCakes #SochKaFLObadlo

It’s going to be okay. Keep saying that.

30 din tak salary ka wait? Not anymore! @abhikaroofficial brings the facility of Earned Wage Access, through which you can access your earned salary at any time, and any day of the month with just one tap through the ABHI App, WhatsApp, or SMS 😎 Ask your company’s CEO or HR to get ABHI onboard today! Visit the website to register your company👉🏻 #Abhi #AbhiKaro #SalaryOnDemand #EarnedWageAccess #FinancialWellness

Wanted to celebrate a tiny milestone with you all - I drove without google maps for the first time yesterday and I’m so proud of myself. 🥹 It might seem small to some but hey I live for me. This is a sign that I am getting familiar with the place, it’s a sign I’m getting used to the town, it’s a sign that with enough time passing you will navigate it all (even life) without help. Here’s to celebrating more milestones and telling you all about it 🥰

Some morning chores with some morning thoughts 💭

POV: you finally stop feeling sad and find ways to uplift yourself and look forward to a new future I’m so grateful for the love you all have shown me. I teared up reading the messages because I couldn’t believe how much faith you all have in me. Thank you for giving me that boost to get up and get going. I love you all ❤️ Got all home things from @amazon link is in my bio

Two peas in a pod Bhena and I are 10 years apart but she and I have a relationship like no other. She was 10 when I was born and she picked up on a lot of mother duties for me because Ami was busy working after Papa passed away. She signed my homework copies, went for parent teacher meetings, made sure I ate and also took me around to all her friends’ hangouts. I was young when she got married but I remember crying every night for a month before her wedding because I didn’t know what I would do without her. She is also my best friend, I share everything with her. She listens to me like she is the same age as me, but also gives advice as the older sister. Im beyond blessed. Everyone in my family tells me I’m like her. Habits wise, cooking wise, looks wise and everything else too. To me that is a very big compliment because she is one of the most amazing women I have in my life. This is also an appreciation post for her and her husband who have taken such good care of me and my move here wouldn’t have been possible without their help and knowledge. Please remember her and her family in your prayers ❤️ 🏷️ We both are wearing @wearmanto

I’m setting up a new home 🏠 Saw this place online months ago and fell in love and Allah has been very kind for me to actually get the place I wanted. The setting up phase has begun! Of course the first thing I bought was a @nespresso machine - hoping to take you along this new journey ❤️ duaon mein yaad rakhein

It’s my best friend’s birthday! 🥳❤️🤩🥰😘😍 To my darling Naihoo, never knew you were the friend I NEEDED in my life. You’re one of my true partners in everything. Be it work, trips, life, planning, pretty much everything. It sucks that we are miles away but I’m so so proud of the woman you have become. In these last 3 years I have seen you evolve from a little girl with dreams to a woman with plans and actions that can achieve them. I love you beyond words. And you know that (my constant reminders will never stop) I pray you get everything in life you work hard for, I pray you find peace in your heart and mind everyday, I pray you have a future blessed with health, wealth and love ❤️ meri choti behen hamesha khush raho 🥹 I have a lot of pictures of us, each with a fond memory. I hope to create many more with you. Happy birthday Naihooooo ♥️ #RebelliousBrownie ‘s day!

1st November 2017 I registered my first ever company, @madmediapakistan. It’s been half a decade and what a beautiful one too. I have been blessed with the best and I don’t say this lightly. An amazing team, great opportunities, so many learnings, accelerating growth. It wasn’t easy, not for one day. Constant doubt from people because I was too young, my team was too young, we didn’t have a crazy big portfolio to begin with, we were small in number (we still are) but I bet my a** we are one of the best out there. No matter how small it may seem, the bigness is only known to us and I am PROUD of it to say the least. It came with a lot of blood, sweat and oh so many tears. But only Allah has been my true partner. Who helped me fight when things were rocky, Who helped me appreciate when things were good, Who gave me the strength to do this continuously every single day without backing down for 5 years. Here’s to 50 more. ❤️ #MadMediaTurns5 #DigitalAgency #PakistaniAgency

Fall vibes 🍁 📷 @maham.___

Experience fall in Chicago ✔️ @maham.___ shot these beautiful pictures on our walk in the park. The weather was surely pleasant and I did contemplate that maybe just maybe I could live there, but the next day it started freezing again so I was like nope. Which picture is your favourite? Tell me in the comments

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