Bethany Jury

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Sobermom to 4️⃣ & Integrative CoOccurring Therapist & Coach w/oils TheCrucible of brokenness has a funny way of leading to awesome lives 💪🏼

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Sending baby stuff off to my nephew. It’s a really interesting feeling to mourn that there will be no more newborns, as I can barely keep my crap together with the four I have 😂🤣 Mourning doesn’t mean that I want or need another. It’s just been a part of my identity the last six years—- always another newborn. It leaves me grateful for my fertility and so much more I take for granted. Shipping it to my nephew makes it that much Easier to do tho. I’m so grateful I’ll get to see him in certain outfits and playing with certain things. • • • #momof4kids #seattlemoms #sobermoms #onlylittleonce #motherhoodismyidentity #mothersofinstagram #newborndays #sobermum #sobermama #seattlekids #seattleigers #seattlite #mourningmotherhood #momswithlittles

Today, I will be okay with it taking all day to get the one task of cleaning the floors done. Today, I will be okay with needing to stop mid-vacuum to break up arguing. Today, I will be okay with needing to not have the dishwasher fully loaded before needing to rock my baby for nap. Today, I will take time to play even tho the To-Do list isn’t going anywhere. I will do all this, today. And if things don’t get done, I will be OKAY. ✌️

Help! (and pardon the mess but this is real life here) I have the opportunity to tackle a home project with @thehavenly and I don’t know what I want to do! Our heart has been on the couch bc it’s black and just DOES NOT go. That’s spendier tho. Also, a light at the entryway, OR Tackling our bedroom! Jon likes rustic. I like boho. Is this even possible?! All tips are great- 👍 thank you. #HavenlyTeam #redecorate #decorate #IDontKnowWhatIAmDoing #marthastewartmyass #ordoesshejustbake #seattlemom #sobermom #seattlemomblogger #momof4kids #seattlelifestyle #soberslifestyle #bohorustichome #bohovibes🌻 #bedroomdecorideas

Something old, something new ✨ There are FIVE @decocrated pieces in this corner 🌱 #decocratedPartner I’m telling you guys, each seasonal box just flows into the next. You can keep the pieces out or rotate seasonally!! Give the box a shot! Tell me you regret it afterwards 😜 (you won’t). Use discount code: RUGRATS15 (link in bio). • • #summerdecor #summerdecorating #decosummer2022 #decocrated #decocratedsummerbox #sobermom #seattlemomblogger #pnwmama #seattleigers #seattlemama #seattleinfluencer #soberseattle #momof4kids

Working out at home isn’t my thing anymore BECAUSE with four, I never get a whole workout in. #ad EXCEPT @wearestrongnation has 7 new, 20 minute workout videos that allow me enough time to get one in, while the kids are occupied. I want to encourage to you to check out their YouTube channel! And give it a shot for yourself. Getting a work out in is so liberating to my mental health! #wearestrongnation #workoutfromhome #workoutformyself #seratonin #seattlemomblogger #pnwmama #sobermom #soberlifestyle #sober #momof4kids

I had to jump at the opportunity to collab with @leapfrogofficial ‘s 100 Words Book. #ad Masks have really played a role in the pronunciation of speech for my two middle my kids. Sounds like “ffff” and “ssss” “ttt” are sounds that kids learn to watch from peoples mouths around them- and they hadn’t been getting that from school since the pandemic (still aren’t). I thought these books, would allow me to practice with Saylor. She feels frustrated when it’s me trying to help her all the time, so I thought adding in a prop could be helpful & so far so good! I’ll keep you guys all posted! have any of your kids’ speech been affected by the pandemic? #LeapFrog #3yearsold #momof4kids #speechtherapy #speechdelay #seattlemomblogger #seattlemom #pnwmama #sobermom #sobermama

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