Bethany Jury

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Sobermom to 4️⃣ & Integrative CoOccurring Therapist & Coach w/oils TheCrucible of brokenness has a funny way of leading to awesome lives 💪🏼

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Are your kids @pjmasks fans? & Is there anything better than cooperative play? #ad The Deluxe HQ @pjmasks by @hasbro allows my boys to collaborate on the same team against Romeo & Night Ninja! ⚡️ The headquarters has individual light up sequences & sounds for Catboy, Gekko, Owlette and Romeo when they stand in the Hero ID stand at the top. It’s really quite cute how into it these guys get! • It’s quickly become an after school favorite! Especially, Bc they don’t see each other all day anymore! • #PJMasks #HasbroPJMasks #PJMasksHEROID

♾ what’s your favorite phase? She’s 8 weeks. Squeezing her tighter this next month as the newborn phase fades. It’s my FAVORITE phase. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad thinking about this. • • #8weeksold #8weekspostpartum #newborngirl

The FIRST thing my kids ask, after any car ride, long or short; “Can we go play in the backyard a little bit?” • We will forever be grateful we went with @foreverlawnnorthernwa . Our play area was full of mud and water- even after a series of dry days. Scout would also start itching a ton from the grass. @foreverlawnnorthernwa is able to make areas of high traffic and poor conditions PLAYABLE! ForeverLawn synthetic turf doesnt harbor insects or contain allergins present in natural grass. It’s soft, is great to play on, and won’t leave grass or mud stains. #momWin • Swipe to see real color of the grass without my filter! • #seattlebackyards #edmonds #milcreek #lakestevens #backyardsofseattle #grassturf #turfgrass #seattleturf #k9grass #playgroundgrass #foreverlawnturf #foreverlawnfriday #foreverlawnnorthernwashington #seattlemoms #seattlemomblogger #letthembekids #backyardproject #backyardsforkids #sahmlife #sahmomlife #wfhmom

#ad Obviously I HAD to jump on this @blippi collab at @walmart when I read about it! The 3 oldest kids have all been obsessed with Blippi & all he has taught them, I’m sure our youngest will be soon enough. This Blippi fire truck from @jazwares is quite the fun addition to our collection & Saylor is so thrilled to have something all to HER, and not have to share with her brothers. • • Keep this in mind for the coming holiday season. There was only one on the shelf when I went! Because… there’s so much to learn about, it’ll make you wanna shout about: BLIPPI! #jazwares #jazwarestoys #socialspotters #blippi #blippitoys #JazwaresPartner

🥃💉🍷🚬🍺 💪🏼 We are just like you, in a lot of ways. We get stressed, triggered, out of sorts, overwhelmed, etc. To raise awareness, Bc it’s Recovery Month, the difference between us and you is- on top of the ways you cope to keep your mental health, and self care in check- we also have to keep our recovery in check. For some that looks like adding a recovery or AA meeting to their day. For others it’s recovery meditations, working steps with a sponsor, or seeing an addiction counselor weekly. If we don’t do this, we can get out of check- and relapse becomes a factor in the game. • • You see, we literally have to put our recovery FIRST. Before our kids. Before our spouse/partner. Before our family & friends. Because without our recovery, we have NONE of that in a healthy, functioning manner. • • How do you put your recovery first? If you’re not in recovery, do you know someone who is and how they do? • • #addictionthroughletterboards #recoverymonth

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