Bethany Jury

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Sobermom to 4️⃣ & Integrative CoOccurring Therapist & Coach w/oils TheCrucible of brokenness has a funny way of leading to awesome lives 💪🏼

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Here’s the tea: TO FEEL THE CHANGE, YOU NEED TO MAKE THE CHANGE 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Hard facts I’ve learned on this side of the fence from a lot of you wanting to try this 🥹🥹🥹 You twiddle your thumbs. You wait for a sale. The sale comes. You doubt it’ll work “for me”. You don’t purchase. Life gets out of control (again) Because what you’re doing currently for your gut is over complicated, or you don’t have time for. You end up buying at full price. I canNOT count on two hands how many times this happens. If I’m speaking from a business stand point- this is better for me. But this is NOT and NEVER WILL BE about me. I want this FOR YOU bc I want you to feel the freedom from brain FOG, anxiety, and sadness I didn’t know was there until it wasn’t… that I do!!! The sale is still happening!! Stats: ⬇️ 60% Decrease in irritability scores ⬇️ 55% Decrease in anxiety scores ⬇️ 50% Decrease in depression scores ⬇️ 49% Reduction in overall distress ⬆️ 70% Increase in “good” bacteria* ⬆️Improves overall mood by increasing ⬆️ positive mood by 211% and ⬇️ decreasing negative mood by 105% 😱

Two months ago, I was frightened we wouldn’t have the holidays with my dad! Super grateful this thanksgiving to have spent the evening with him & the rest of the crew at my mom’s ♥️♥️ Happy thanksgiving, ig fam 💫 ♥️ Grateful for all your love and support over the last year! #igfam #happythanksgiving #soberthanksgiving #soberholidays #sickparent #sober #sobermom #sobermum #momof4kids #soberinfluencer #soberaf #alcoholfree #sobercurious #recoveryworks #seattlemama #seattlemum #seattlemoms #pnwmama

🫶🏼Because our kids deserve memories made on the holidays without having to guess “what mood is mom in now- is she fun mom, or mean mom?” 🫶🏼Because the holidays are dramatic enough WITHOUT alcohol. 🫶🏼Because enjoying wine WITHOUT alcohol is possible, in 2022. 🫶🏼Because the roads need more sober drivers. 🫶🏼Because inner peace, emotional regulation, and fun comes from WITHIN and not from a glass. 🫶🏼Because they’re watching and learning. AND if all that’s not enough, because alcohol is POISON. @drinkjoyus is WOMEN OWNED & Seattle based! #alcoholfreeholidays #alcoholfreewine #alcoholfree #seattlemoms #seattleigers #alcoholfreemovement #sobercurious #soberliving #soberaf #sobermoms #soberparents #sobercuriousmovement #soberdads #sobermum #sobermomtribe #soberisbetter #soberinspiration #soberinfluencer #holisticsobriety #holisticmentalhealth #recoveryworks #9yearssober #mentalwellness #gutbrainaxis #soberthanksgiving #soberlifestyle

Up early this morning making carts! I was not prepared for all the time I would NOT have to be able to do this with the four at home. Not to confused with, “I didn’t have time”. Switching my mindset from that to, “I didn’t make time”, makes making time a whole lot more intentional for me! ♥️ 30% off sale if you haven’t heard!!!! 30% off a happier you!! One of the easiest ways to help you check out is to let me know what you want (or we can discuss it), and I can make you a cart! Don’t know where to get started? Decide your budget? is it finally time that you get to work on YOU? You get one life. This is what I told myself back in June. And MAN IS THE FAMILY REAPING THE REWARDS of me taking care of me! After that you’ll decide what you want to work on first- hormones, weight, anxiety/depression/high stress, digestion, the kids (I recommend this second to you), etc. If you’re going with happy juice I’ll need to know: Watermelon or grape edge (mood/metabolism/ BRAIN FOG/ motivation) Passion fruit or Pomegranate Lime (caffeinated with matcha and sooo good) Send me a message here or text me if we’re that level of friends!!

Dang you guys! Doing Christmas shopping Collabs are hard! You gotta quickly take out, 📸 and then put away before they run upstairs so sorry for the unwrapped content! #zulilyaffiliate Dare I actually say this? Yes- here goes: IM ENJOYING @zulily MORE THAN AMAZON 👀👀👀👀👀 don’t hate me Amazon friends! It does take planning bc shipping isn’t two day- but it allows me to be more intentional and creative about Christmas gifts! Proud to be an affiliate with them this Christmas Season!! That is my link that even gets you an extra 10% off shops this week! Free shipping thro the 5th!! There are some DANG CUTE CLOTHES too. *affiliate means I get a % when you shop thro my link** Happy Thursday!!! #christmasshopping #zulily #momof4kids #seattlemom

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