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☀️trying my best at sustainability + low impact living ⭐️ unable to commit to an insta color scheme 💛 shoe + food lover 💌

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Let’s talk about renting your clothes. Renting clothes allows you to share a closet with so many more people, which means adding more life to the clothes and allows you to rent from more sustainable brands that may be more expensive. 14 million tons of clothing end up in landfills every year. While renting still isn’t 100% guilt free, it’s a whole lot better than buying new!!

peep my Birkenstock tan line

just got some summer film developed #35mm

when Trump says “I don’t think science knows” about climate 🤦🏼‍♀️

"We're in the beginning of this process of really extreme loss...coastal cities, the loss of life expectancy, lives of children to climate, drought, food shortages. Some of the loss has already been determined, butthe great majority of it hasn't. And it will be determined by what we do." Jonathan Safran Foer One immediate place to start is your diet. According to University of Oxford research, eating a plant-based diet is the "single best way to reduce your impact on earth" as it addresses greenhouse gases AND global acidification, eutrophication (toxic runoff), land use and water use. Making any changes to your eating habits to make it more plant-based is progress. I am not fully plant based, but I am constantly trying to lessen my non plant based consumption 😎 (Caption credit: @wearetheweather )

Homemade scrunchie out of upcycled fabric scraps from an old shirt ☺️ft. amazing earrings made by the fabulous @___alison_

Just a reminder that we don’t need a few people being 100% zero waste or perfectly eco-friendly. We need everyone individually doing what they can and taking small steps everyday to be more eco-friendly. That’s when big change happens! Please comment and share one small step you’re taking to be more eco friendly, hopefully the comments will be inspiration for others ☺️

ok but how is it September?


went for a quick dip 😉

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