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Educating on safer beauty habits, highlighting natural beauty, and showing creativity through the art of makeup.

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My makeup from yesterday! I did a poll in my stories the other day between a Red or Pink look and pink won! Y'all know I love pink, so it was fun to create this. Featuring makeup by @maskcarabeauty and @pytbeauty 💞

Guide To Black Friday: My Favorite Clean Beauty Brands

Although I don’t have all the insight into the discounts, deals, and bundles offered on Black Friday, I am going to share with you my favorite clean beauty brands you need to look into this Black Friday! I feature these lashes a lot on my social media pages, so go take a look at how it’s done and then check out their awesome sales! The beauty products I use are the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair serum, essentials skincare collection, lotion, face mask, deodorant, toothpaste, and mouthwash. This clean beauty company is highly rated and is often featured in CauseBox’s Market for it’s seasonal and annual subscribers.

I can't get enough of these 2 🥰😍❤️ Mark and I have our birthdays next weekend, so we never really celebrate Valentine's Day. This year it's spent doing fun, special things with our 2 little loves! 💞 How have you spent Valentine's day?

REVIEW – Bare Minerals Bounce and Blur Makeup

This makeup is labeled as quick to apply and clean beauty. n’t think these products should be labeled as safe, clean, or nontoxic because they still contain some pretty harmful ingredients. While I like to see that this company isn’t using as many harmful ingredients like most beauty companies, these products still have some toxic ingredients and I see this as green washing and misleading. I used brushes to apply everything, but its so easy to use that you could use your finger and still have a fabulous look.

My Smiley Little Man 😍❤️ . . Outfit is from @target

How to HAC – Simple Makeup Tutorial

This is going to be a super quick and simple makeup tutorial to get the most out of your foundation look! You will use this to darken the low points on your face and chisel out your natural bone structure. This is going to be along your forehead, the bottom of your cheek bones, the sides of the bridge on your nose, and along the bottom of your chin bone. Apply your Illuminator above your Blush, on the tip of your nose and a little on the bridge of your nose, a small amount on your chin, on the cupids bow of your lips, and right under your eyebrows.

Bows Before Bros ❤️ Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Girl . . Use Discount Code ISABELLA10 with @beauty_and_her_bow for all your bow needs! Soo many options and styles to choose from! Izzy wears the size BIG on a nylon headband. . . Shirt and skirt are from @walmart

How to Style Curly Hair

I spent many years using a flat iron to make my hair straight, take away the frizz, and remove my curls. I have finally learned how to cut down on the pesky frizz and live with my natural curls in tact! Root to Tip Serum, and sea salt spray. n’t forget to leave me your feedback on this post or on my video!

Official review of @covergirl Clean Fresh line sent to me courtesy of @influenster @influenstervoxbox --- I'll always be honest with y'all when I talk about products. Just because I'm sent them doesn't mean I will give them an automatic glowing review. I gave this new makeup a try and I honestly don't like it. The liquid foundation offers decent coverage but feels thick on my face. It also looks powdery in person. I love the color of the cream blush, but it was like rubber! It was soo difficult to get applied blended out. Not a fan. The cooling glow sticks was weird 😂 I kind of liked it but it has a fragrance so at the same time I didn't like it. I was pretty impressed with the ingredients and liked that it was free of a lot of the toxic crap you find in most beauty products. Unfortunately, it just didn't perform well.

Dear High School Me... (Yes, this is one of my senior pictures from HS) . . If I got to tell my young self a few things about makeup it would be this: It's okay that you didn't wear makeup until your senior year. A little mascara and simply filling in your brows can go a long way...and don't overdo it on the eyeliner! 😂 I'm actually not mad with my approach with makeup as I grew up. It has allowed me to really learn that makeup is used to accentuate what you're given, not cover up and create something you're not. I would also tell myself to be disciplined with a skincare routine because that's better than makeup! Oh, and don't take your natural white blonde hair for granted because it'll be gone once you have kids! 😢 . . See more High School Me in my Stories and in my Highlights! I'm sharing some pictures and stories with y'all ☺️