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Helpful Tips

Why A Sub 2.30 Marathon Training Plan is Not Enough

How To Train To Run A Sub 4 Hour Marathon

How Long Does It Take To Train for A Sub 3 Hour Marathon

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Half Marathon under 2 Hours Tips and Strategies

A sub 2 hour half marathon requires you to be able to sustain 9:09 per mile or 5:41 per kilometer. Again, you want sub 2 hour half marathon pace to feel easier and more manageable to maintain. Once you are able to run a half marathon under 2 hours the next step is the sub 4 hour marathon. You should alternate a faster paced long run one weekend followed by a jog, long run the following weekend.

3HR Marathon Pace Tips to Run 2:59:59

It doesn't matter you were on sub 3 hour marathon pace for 20 miles of the race. Yes, it may take you longer to achieve the sub 3 hour barrier if your lacking in talent. Also, get accustomed to training well under 6 minute mile pace and sub 5 minute per kilometer pace. If you have already achieve this time then the next step is to focus on breaking the 3 hour marathon barrier.

Run Swag for Beginner to Elite Runners

So, the new RunDreamAchieve running swag shop is now open and available on the site. Of course, you can still look good wearing RDA running swag even during virtual running events. Do you have a race design you'd like to be offered on the rundreamachieve running swag shop? Visit the new rundreamachieve running swag product line shop today.

Sub 3HR Marathon: Tips to Dominate your Next Marathon

The course covers all angles of what it takes to run a sub 3 hour marathon. In addition, it concludes with the exact sub three hour marathon program I would follow if I were aiming at a sub 3 marathon time. I do a deep dive of sub 3hr marathon training in the sub 3 hour marathon pro course. Running a marathon under 3 hours will mean you need to get comfortable running at closer to 5 minute to 5 minute and 30 second mile pace in training.

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