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Call me Rara Sharing social media tips on TikTok 🏝girl from Rota eating her way through LA I like to #workout for fun! 💌jamaica@rarax3.com

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This last weekend I made a trip out to Paramount, California to support my foodie friends Hugh, Ashley, and Paul at their event. Chicken breast, Mississippi comeback sauce, curtido coleslaw, bread & butter pickles on a brioche bun. Choice of Southern, Mild, Medium, Hot or EN FUEGO Battered waffle fries, topped with a heaping double portion of our signature chuck brisket blend, handcrafted secret sauce, campfire onions and bread & butter pickles. Choice beef brisket cooked low and slow for 12 hours hand carved and finished on the flat top with a three-cheese blend (Oaxacan, American and Jack cheese)

#BulkingBucks Money Savings Challenge

10PM PSTThis contest is valid exclusively for US residents over the age of 18To be eligible, the person/profile must be following @rarax3 and own either a Venmo or Paypal account By participating, the person/profile agrees that in the event of winning the prize, he/she will provide a video testimonial about the challenge/receiving the prize Starting on March 1st, I’ll post weekly challenges on my Instagram @rarax3 storiesEach week, a different challenge will be postedTo get an entry, you must print the challenge and fill it accordingly and post on your stories tagging @rarax3 and adding the hashtag #BulkingBucksEach stories = 1 entry. Each week, a different challenge will be posted * To get an entry, you must print the challenge and fill it accordingly and post on your stories tagging @rarax3 and adding the hashtag #BulkingBucks Each week there’s one prize of a $50 online gift card on Venmo or PaypalThe gift card will be sent to the e-mail disclosed by the winner via Instagram Direct Message

Moving to Downtown Los Angeles in 2021

I loved Santa Monica because it’s near the beach, but the main reason I lived there was for work (I just didn’t want to deal with LA traffic!). I love to travel, I love change, I love FREEDOM. Watch below video where I share some things you need to know before moving to Downtown Los Angeles​ and a tour of my empty 1,000 sq. We wanted to experience a completely different vibe from Santa Monica (city vibes);

Did I Achieve My 2020 Goals?

Lots of people like making new year resolutions, but not many of us are so fond of sticking to them, and even fewer people like to really check-in and hold themselves accountable for what actually happened. But if I want to inspire you to take charge of your life, I have to be completely honest and show it all, right? That’s why I used to write the “lookback” posts, but the reality is that life in quarantine has not been that interesting to feed monthly updates – haha! I also briefly touch on some of my 2021 plans for the new year

Oh hi, it’s just me standing awkwardly in your feed wishing you a great rest of your week. 😘

Ruining my feed aesthetics to let you know I’m back to the early morning 6am grind and it’s a major struggle waking up (even tho I did it for years). Oh and the workouts are tough 😭 #newworkout #newworkouts #earlymornings

Two nights away, camping unplugged, 12-mile hike, and three gorgeous lakes. A beautiful weekend with nature. AND super impressed with @oweetheyorkie. He hiked 90% of the time with his tiny little legs!

To find out more about #Wellvolution, visit their website!⁣  ⁣ I’m two weeks into the @MonjWell program in collaboration with @blueshieldofca’s Wellvolution digital health program. I set out to lose 5-10 pounds in 6 weeks (only a taste test of #MonjWell’s 6-12-month program) and I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough but fun!⁣  ⁣ Since my body was adjusting to the #Reset meal program, I felt tired and had to scale back on my workouts a bit. With the help of my personal health coach, we made some adjustments to the meal plan to accommodate my usual higher activity levels. (Typical MonjWell members have more weight to lose, so they focus on their food life first and ease into workouts later in the program).⁣  ⁣ So far though, I’m really enjoying cooking at home and eating fresh food. I also love how I don’t feel like I’m on a diet since #MonjWell helps make it easy to cook delicious food with their homemade salad dressings and flexibility using meal blueprints (aka. guidelines for servings/cooking).⁣  ⁣ At this point, I’m 4 pounds down, have 4 more weeks to go with the program, and feeling more confident in the kitchen! I go into more details about how I’m doing so far in my stories and share a progress photo. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions about Wellvolution or MonjWell!⁣  ⁣ What's your go-to type of salad dressing? Comment below! See my current favorite salad dressing (bell pepper & fresh herb vinaigrette) in my stories.

Much needed poolside RNR.

For the past two months, @tanderz_ and I have been working on @westcoastwagco as a fun side project to keep our creative juices flowing during quarantine. We were so inspired by the dog community here on IG and wanted to give back somehow so we spent our weekends and late nights creating #WestCoastWagCo. We are still learning a lot about this whole process and are just getting started. We appreciate all the support we’ve received so far and hope you love our signature brand collection Summer Never Ends, which will be available all year around. Thank you; come again 😉

#AD: Been doing fitness challenges to keep active during stay-at-home and wanted to step it up even more, so I’ve signed on with @blueshieldofca and their #Wellvolution digital health program. Through Wellvolution, members have access to over 60 digital health programs and 30,000 brick-and-mortar locations (hello gyms and community centers!) based on their health needs and personal preferences, and at no extra cost!⁣  ⁣ It’s my new personal goal to find ways to cook delicious meals at home AND lose 5-10 pounds in the next 6 weeks (stay at home weight, bye!). After a quick survey on my lifestyle and health goals (seriously, less than 2 mins and only 10 short questions!), Wellvolution paired me with @monjwell to taste test their weight loss program #Reset meal plans, starting now (check out my before stats in my Stories).⁣  ⁣ With the #MonjWell program, I’ll be doing a whole lot of home-cooking based on their food program – the MonjWell app is full of resources and yummy recipes created by chefs - and with the support of my personal health coach. MonjWell encourages you to #trynewthings to find what you really love, because happy equals healthy. I’m ready to learn more tricks in the kitchen so I can continue to eat delicious food and lose weight!⁣ ⁣ Follow my day to day for the next six weeks via stories. Be prepared to drool… just sayin’⁣  ⁣ For more about Wellvolution and MonjWell, check out the link in my bio.⁣ ⁣ Any questions? Let me know in the comments.

challenge accepted 🖤 Thank you to all the womxn who believed in me, lifted me up, and continue to do so. Let’s spread the love. #challengeaccepted #womensupportingwomen Nominated by @gofitjo @munchie.diaries @wanderfaced_ @eatslucywang

Psstt! @alala’s Signature Sample Sale is happening right about now! You don’t want to miss this once-a-year sale featuring styles starting at $10. Go go go, shop this look and more on alalastyle.com. You’re welcome! #alalastyle Outfit gifted by #alala.

Hi. I miss the gym. Been enjoying @onepeloton at home but wish I had dumbbells too. I kinda sorta want to switch up my fitness routine 🤔 What are y’all up to? Thoughts on going back to the gym when it opens back up again again?

Let’s be real ladies. There’s something nice about feeling fresh not just after a workout but even while you’re lounging on your couch binging TV and munching on your favorite snacks. #ad⁣ ⁣ These days, self-care for me can look like a simple refresh throughout the day using @Vagisil_US Odor Block Daily Freshening Wipes so I can feel clean & fresh while being productive. Oh and they’re pH balanced, hypoallergenic, and gynecologist tested to provide safe, long-lasting freshness.⁣ ⁣ How are you practicing self-care at home these days?

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