Rae Allen

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LA⚡️ Wardrobe/Product Stylist Street style, workout inspo + empowerment 💋 IRONMAN Triathlete turned newbie bikini competitor

Location Los Angeles , California Los Angeles
Member Since JULY 09, 2018
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Some women fear the fire Some women simply become it • Friday mood 🔥 #raerunlove #fridayvibes #friday #mystyle #mood #empoweringwomen #positivevibes #energyiseverything

FEAR /// it’s a choice... Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise ✖️✖️ Fear doesn’t exist anywhere, except in the mind. And if you don’t release those fears... they become your limits Rise up. Be courageous. Conquer your demons. Wear your wings. • • We are all dealing with our own sense of fear during this time. You owe it to yourself to find the courage to push through, even when it hurts. Find your purpose. And keep willing to work for it. Become fearless 🖤 // #raerunlove #riseup #fearless #athlete

EDIT: understanding the message behind the black + white photos and the women in Turkey, I immediately wanted to take this photo down. Instead, I’m using my platform to speak up for all women... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOUR ARE POWERFUL YOU HAVE VALUE YOU ARE WORTHY 🖤🖤🖤🖤 I will forever stand up and support all women. And help raise awareness to those that need the spotlight right now. • Focused on empowerment, change and unity. Here’s to women empowering women. It’s not about a challenge, it’s about change 🙏🏼 Thank you @haydennoel @the.madd.scientist @she_naenae116 @kristenrosenyc • • #change #empower #strongwomen #standup

Mentally here 🖤 • Take me back to this magical place! @omnimontelucia ☀️ With everything going on in the world, it’s such a great time for perspective. A time to look inward and really fall in love with taking care of the mind body + soul. • I am personally going through growth + healing and taking a step away from social media and the amount of time I spend on it. Taking this time to realign my vision, invest in myself and really focus on self-care. • Right now I’m reminded with this... “You are the most valuable investment you will ever make” ✨✨✨✨ I’ll still be posting a bit to my stories and if you need me, I’ll be checking my DMs! Stay in the light ☀️ #omnihotels #omnipartner #selfcare #investinyourself #selflove #positivevibes

2020 ///// focused on strengthening my mind, body + spirit • • Just because gyms have closed, doesn’t mean your goals are canceled. Finding the joy in challenging myself with at home workouts and still focused on building the best mind and body for MYSELF 💪🏼 • Have fallen in love with taking care of myself. Finding balance. Being present. And continually living a healthy lifestyle, even during a pandemic. If you’re still unsure of where to start to tackle your mind, just repeat these words... ⚡️I am powerful ⚡️I am radiant ⚡️I believe in myself and my abilities ⚡️I release negative self-talk ⚡️I love the person I’m becoming ⚡️I am enough ••••••••••••• #raerunlove #friday #athlete #selfcare #internationalselfcareday #affirmations #positivevibes

NEVER SKIP LEG DAY ✌🏼 Legs are my favorite workout day! I aim to train glutes 3x a week! Today I felt like trash, but found my inner savage! I knew movement is what my mind + body needed🖤 Here’s a lil peep into my training using kettlebells, bands and Bodyweight for majority of my workouts 💪🏼 • • WORKOUT Hip Extension 5x12 Lying leg raise 5x20 Bulgarian Splits 4x12 each leg Goblet Squat 4x15 Weighted Crunch 4x30 Reverse Hypertension 3x25 Sumos 3x20 Single Leg Hip Ext 3x25 each leg Banded Lat Walk 3x30sec Pointed Leg RDL 3x15 each leg Banded Clamshells 3x20 each Vups 3x30 Ab-bikes 3x30 Reverse Crunch 3x30 • • You’ll never regret a workout. Stay consistent. Be patient. Do what you can! Be a SAVAGE.. even in quarantine 🖤💪🏼 // #raerunlove #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #workhard #quarantineworkout

Last night I got to sit courtside, virtually, at the Lakers game! Getting the inside scoop and access into the NBA bubble thanks to @michelobultra @nba 🏀🍺 • These are wild times, and we’ve all been through so much. Happy to see a new way to enjoy watching sports and cheering on your favorite teams! Not to mention, how much it means to the players to have actual fans cheering them on. Much love @kingjames 👑 •• Stay tuned with @michelobultra for your chance to win *courtside* seats! #ultracourtside #teamultra #nba #microsoftteams #espn #losangeleslakers #wholenewgame

No turning back babe, you’re on a journey of transformation 🧨 Keep moving forward beautiful... let go of who you were and be courageous with who you are becoming It’s time to be selfish To starve your distractions and feed your focus Commit to bettering yourself mentally + physically Protect your energy ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Change, growth + transformation can be a beautiful scary process. Become the energy you want to attract 🖤 • • • #raerunlove #focused #strongwomen #discipline #selfdiscipline #lifejourney #growth #empoweringwomen #positivevibes

to my ladies... this is your reminder to take a moment for yourself today 💫 ••• To all the women out there hustlin, starting their own businesses in quarantine, pushing their bodies in new ways, working from home, caring for their families, crying on the couch... I see you. I am you. The world has shifted. Which means our mindset has shifted and the way we view and approach. This time is allowing YOU to rediscover yourself ⚡️To recognize that goddess within, accept yourself for all the beauty that YOU are, and to have faith in yourself Whatever you are doing to deal with these wild times, is enough. You are enough. You are perfect just the way you are ❤️ Take time to invest in yourself. To radiate beauty + light. Manifest great things in your life. Embrace your beautiful soul. To breathe. And know... all the strength you need right now comes from within. Find the light within yourself ⚡️💫 #raerunlove #positivevibes #strongwomen #divinefeminine #empoweringwomen #selfcare #investinyourself #sundayvibes

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