Sharla Mandere

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Empowering busy overwhelmed people to live their happiest & best life through easy self care hacks, healthy choices & fitness without sacrificing time or fun, so they can truly rock the world!

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We can do this friends. I will day again fitness is a metaphor for life. This is something I say in my live classes all the time. Sometimes we just gotta dig deep. Mind over matter. Heart over Mind. Eyes on the prize everyone. We’re in this together keep going. Lean in to your heart. It will never lead you astray. I go way into detail about this in my upcoming Book I’m hoping to launch very very vey soon! (More info soon on that) Where are you leaning in to your heart today?

Creating an unforgettable Charlotte wedding reception cocktail hour for your guests

A  wedding reception cocktail hour is a special time for guests to relax with drinks and hors d’oeuvres while the wedding party snaps pictures and prepares for the reception. Ideally, your Charlotte wedding venue will provide both inside and outside wedding receptions options, this can add a welcome dimension to your event. Whether it’s a local Charlotte craft beer, or a signature cocktail, remember, cocktail hour is short, so the bar won’t be able to serve 150 guests all at once. Sometimes the cocktail hour can turn into a balancing act for guests — holding a plate full of food in one hand and a beverage in the other hand can make it difficult to eat or drink – or give a much-needed hug to a family member or a handshake to a new family member.

You guys. I put on makeup today. Just because. It felt really good. P.S. I think I forgot how to apply mascara because I messed it up really bad 💁🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Things to look for in a wedding venue

The getting ready space:   If you plan to have your hair and makeup done at your wedding venue, a great getting ready space with a bridal suite can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to photos. Great area for wedding photos: Weather permitting, it’s wonderful to be able to get some photos outdoors, especially when the sun is setting. It’s important to talk with the venue coordinator about the number of people that might attend your wedding and the size of the dance floor. It’s difficult to get good photos when everyone is packed into a small space, so if you know you have a dancing crowd, leave some extra room!

Gray and rainy day but working from one of my favorite spots ❤️ with some tea and candles to make it extra comfy 💖

Creative Ways to Announce your Engagement

Be Inspired by some of our favorite ways to announce your engagement on Instagram below– but don’t forget to call your parents before posting! Its person your going to spend the rest of your life with, so make sure to include them in your picture that you tell the world with. Regardless of what picture you post, or how you announce to the world your exciting news, just remember to revel in this moment. You won’t get to experience this moment twice, and you’ll want to remember it forever with your future spouse!

Zoe got out today. I went to the store and the girls were playing outside with Sean. She opened the screen and got out. I came home to two scared and hysterical girls. We went outside and shook some treats and she came home. 💖 I’ve had inside/outside cats my whole life. All of my cats had been a stray at one point. But Miss Zoe was adopted from a shelter, kept as an indoor only cat at all 3 homes she was at before us. And we have coyotes where we live. Plus we trimmed her claws the other day. I’m not sure she is street smart enough to survive outside, plus she needs booster shots and we can’t get a vet appt for a month, so we are trying our best to keep her inside but she is sneaky! 🤣 . . In this we learned - 1) She has officially adopted us and knows this is home. ❤️ 2) Stress Management for kids is in order. 3) Time for a lock on the screen. 4) We are all truly in love. 💖 5) As crazy as this quarantine is making us, I imagine that’s what being kept indoors as a cat must feel like. But it’s for her health and safety, as this quarantine is for everyone’s health and safety. . . Stay safe and healthy everyone 💖

Home Management!

From birthday parties to weddings … Make your dreams come true! BTL Travel special event management specialist coordinate all of your needs from venues, florists, cake designers, accommodations, & transportation for your special event wherever you choose to celebrate. We specialize in event planning and have the expertise, experience, and training to make your special event enjoyable from start to finish.

When zoom virtual background goes rogue and you kids “floats” over your town 😂😂 Stay-Puff -Marshmallow-Kid Kidzilla Queen Kong She who shall not be named What other fun names can you come up with?

Until the masks we ordered come in we made do with paper towels and hair ties! #momcantsew #diytotherescue