Rachael Burgess

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At Rachael Burgess my goal is to find sparkle in the simple moments. My site is a reflection of my life as a singer, young mom, creator and doctor’s wife.

From the songs I sing, to the products I promote, and the pictures I take, my passion is spreading joy! I aim to share real life moments that highlight often-missed beauty, in everyday life, and inspire my fans to do the same.

Readers who come to my blog trust my opinion on products, because I share relatable and heart-felt experiences to coincide with how the brands I use truly make my life better. I'm a trusted source to many of my readers who have been following me since I started writing over 6 years ago.

My audience is comprised of mostly women, between the ages of 18-34, in the US. My top city demographic is NYC.

If you are interested in working with me, please send an email to hello@rachaelburgess.com! I'm happy to pitch some creative ideas to get the ball rolling.

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Kid Photography Tip #1: Tell them to splash you. It guarantees smiles.

How To Host A Game Day Party

My husband and I love stocking up on body care products at Sam’s Club. So I was really excited to jump On the deal of any two Axe, Degree Men, or Dove Men + Care items, and $5.00 off at Sam’s Club! He also loves the Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar (Extra Fresh scent) from Sam’s Club too. Check out the $5 off deal for when you buy any two Axe, Degree Men, or Dove Men + Care items.

GAH I have like the TENTH cold of this season and this season only barely officially started like a week ago. You can hear it in my voice. I am so congested. Well, if I stopped singing for sickness, I'd stop singing every other week this year. Usually I get sick like once per fall/winter season, so I am not sure what is going on. Apparently 2020 has killed my immune system. Anyone else been sick more than normal this fall??? #rachaelburgessmusic

Visiting Disney World During COVID-19

In the video I show how eerily empty parts of the park were when we were visiting Disney World during COVID-19, and exactly how long wait times were for specific rides. The only ride that wasn’t open while we were visiting Disney World during COVID-19 was the People Mover. So if you’re visiting Disney World during COVID-19, you never have to wait in line for food. But I think it is a great time to visit Disney World, if you don’t have risk factors, and haven’t been sick!

Would YOU pick this up?! Kris, Amber, Zoey and I didn't, Zander and Violet on the other hand were all over the ginormous cricket we found in Celebration FL.⁠ ⁠ I mean, what even IS this thing?! I'm pretty sure in the Bible when they talk about eating locusts this must be what they are referring to. It was HUGE!⁠ ⁠ #rbmtravel

Why Aubergine is the New Orange

This year I jumped on the purple trend at Christmas Tree Shops. These purple pumpkins and all the other purple themed fall decor are definitely a winner this season. You can’t beat the prices at Christmas Tree Shops, especially for such beautiful decor. Christmas Tree Shops decor just makes it easy to make your home look good!

When Violet was littler I used to sing this song to her two or three times a day, it helped her fall asleep for her naps. It is a sad song, but it makes me happy because it reminds me of those tender moments with my tiny baby. #rachaelburgessmusic⁠ ⁠ This song is Don't Hold Me by @deanlewismusic

How to Organize Your Small, Cluttered Room

I think my impulsive need to organize, clean out and thrift and throw away has translated into the opposite for Zoey. Every corner in her room is packed with crafts, toys, books, crafts, crafts, clutter and more crafts. So, while you peruse the pictures of Zoey’s beautiful bedroom redesign, I thought I would share some tips for organizing a cluttered room. This was hard for my little hoarder, but even Zoey was able to choose a few things to thrift in favor of a clean room.

@swimzip comes on every vacation with us. They are perfect for kids because they are so easy to take on and off- and they are so cute! Of course they came with us on our recent trip to Orlando @encoreresort . We can’t wait to come back!

I love depressing songs 🤪 I don't know why. Do you prefer happy songs or sad?

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