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Healthy treat baker 🍩 Nutrition enthusiast 🥗 Fitness addict 🏋🏽‍♀️ Qualified PT 💪🏼 Remedial teacher 👩‍🏫 ED recovery 💕 More on my website ⬇️

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BUCKET LIST GOAL: TO PARTICIPATE IN AN IRON MAN 🏃🏻‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️ 🚴 • The 2023 IRONMAN African Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 Nelson Mandela Bay is going to be held on Sunday, the 5th of March. • With that at the forefront of my mind, I’ve decided to try my best to focus on my running, my cycling and my swimming… • Truthfully, I’m not the greatest cyclist or swimmer BUT I know that with consistent effort and the right attitude, anything is possible… • In saying that, I’ve realized that looking after my body is SO important! • The way I see it…You wouldn’t expect your car to be able to drive without fuel or without its regular service, would you? 🚗 • Sufficient hydration, proper nutrition, adequate sleep/rest AND treating any aches, pains or strains as soon as I start to feel them (and before they get worse) is what has been helping me to push through every session. I believe this could be the key to success when you are wanting to push your body to its limits💪🏼 • Along with my gym towel, water bottle and a snack, I now keep a tube of @norflexgel in my gym bag and honestly, what a game changer it’s been! After every run, I rub some on my shins and I also (almost immediately) apply some gel after I’ve done a weight training session to help with recovery ❤️‍🩹 • While I may not be participating in the IRONMAN event this year, I feel as though I have learnt some vital training tricks and tips and am SO eager to give this my all so that next year I’ll be ready to tick this goal off my bucket list 😁 • Who of you are participating in the IRONMAN 2023 or who has participated before? • Have you got any secrets you have learnt and could share with all of us? 😉 • #VictoryDance #BeatThePain #NorflexGel #Ad

WHAT I WORE THIS WEEK AS A TEACHER 😁 • I’m FAR from being a fashion guru…I wear what is comfortable and affordable 😉 • At the moment, I’m LOVING colours, shoulder pads and bows 🎀 • I alternate between sandals and sneakers because I do A LOT of walking… • Where do the other teachers shop? 😉 • If you would like deets on anything, let me know and I’ll be happy to share them ❤️ • In 2023, we don’t gatekeep 🥳 #pullupsandpeanutbutter #teachersoftiktok #teacheroutfits #teacheroutfitcheck #outfitideas #outfitsoftheweek #durban #durbantiktok #durbantiktokers #proudlysouthafrican #budgetshopping #supportlocal #umhlanga #durban #fitfoodie #remedialteacher #happysaturday

WANT TO KNOW THE SECRET TO A GREAT WEEKEND… • Start it with a healthy dose of endorphins with us at @fitnesscartel_za 💪🏼 • On Saturdays, @sheldonhill_fitnesscartel and I take the class which is my BEST 😁 • Come join us tomorrow, at 7:30, and try it out for yourself… • The first class is on us too 🥳 • Spaces are limited but if you click the link in my bio, I’ll be sure to sort out the rest 😋 • Let’s get after it, Durbs 😜 • If you have any questions…Pop them below and I will answer them asap ❤️

🙊🙊🙊 • I honestly wouldn’t even know how to check what my ringtone is 😂 • Does anyone else have a phone that’s permanently on silent? 📞 • Who else remembers buying ringtones? 😜

FITNESS CARTEL 💪🏼 • Thank you @sportrx_sa for this post 😁 It made my day and definitely needed a repost 🔁 Check it out ❤️ ・・・ Want to follow in the footsteps of this fit AF couple? 💪 You’re in luck. 👏 @sheldonhill_fitnesscartel and @pullupsandpeanutbutter have just launched their very own brand new private training facility… 👉️ Introducing @fitnesscartel_za 👈️ Together, they’ll be bringing you one-on-one personal training sessions or group HIIT classes so you can get whipped into your strongest self. 🏋🏽🏃🏽‍♀️ We are so glad to help keep these guys (and maybe you too 😉) fuelled up and fit 🙌 #fitnesscartel #sportrx #sportsupplement #fitAF

CHEESECAKE FOR BREAKFAST? 😜 • That’s what I have prepped for breakfast this week 🥳 • Who is keen to join me? • You’ll need a handful of simple ingredients and I’ll need about 10 minutes of your time to prep these 😉 • Do we have a deal?

A WEEK OF MY OUTFITS AS A TEACHER 👩‍🏫 • For anyone new here…No, I don’t live in gym kit 😂 • I am, in fact, a teacher and whenever I share a story or ramble in ‘normal’ clothes, I always get questions asking where I got this or that from 😋 • So, in my effort to take myself out of my comfort zone and spice up the content that I share, I thought I would start by sharing a few OOTD’s from this last week 😁 • If you would like me to share the specifics on any of my outfits, let me know and I’ll share all the deets in the comments 😘 • And if you would like me to share a few more of these types of reels or share a few more of my shopping hauls like I used to do in my stories, let me know 😉 • I hope you have all had an amazing Monday and start to the week 🥰 • I’ve got some exciting content to share this week so keeps those eyes peeled 😉 • PS: I shared this on my Tik Tok last week so, if you haven’t, please give that one a follow…I am trying to share different content on all platforms 😘

MAY 2023 BE THE YEAR WE STOP LETTING FOOD GO TO WASTE! • This is something I’m super guilty of 😔 • Especially when it comes to fruit and veg 🍉🥕 • So, I plan on changing that and sharing some things that I’m doing… • Grating and freezing your baby marrow/zucchini is awesome because you can add the frozen marrows to soups, mince (extra veggies without anyone realizing it), or to add some volume to some brownies, loaves or my favourite…Zoats (The recipe is on my website…It’s an awesome volume hack) 💪🏼 • Steaming and puréing pumpkin is a MUST! You can either add this purée to an ice cube tray and use in smoothies or to make a low carb ‘nice cream’ OR you can use the purée as a pasta sauce, a soup (add some fat free cottage cheese, sweetener and chilli flakes for a high protein soup/sauce) OR to replace the oil in some of your favourite baked treats. I’ve got TONS of pumpkin based recipes on my IG and on my website…It has such a subtle taste that even the fussiest eaters won’t notice! Pumpkin 🎃 • Banana…The riper the banana, the sweeter it is…So when you see your bananas starting to turn, bake with them. Bananas can also act as a great substitute for oil in recipes. You can also chop them up and freeze them to be used in smoothies or to make a slightly higher carb (in comparison to pumpkin) ‘nice cream’. If you add some protein powder, you will have an awesome pre or post workout treat! 🍌 • Was this at all helpful and who’s ready to join me in saying no to food wastage this year? ❤️

TRUTH 🐱 🐶 • Where are my animal lovers at? 😉 • If you have pets, what are they? • As most of you know, I’ve just got Brooks who is my furbaby and quite honestly, the queen of the house 👑 • If I could though, I would have a zoo at home… • I still think that would make for a fun living situation… @sheldonhill_fitnesscartel what do you say?

CHOOSEDAY… • Since it’s Tuesday, what are you going to CHOOSE today that will make you happy? ❤️ • For me, if I get to move my body and get some endorphins flowing paired with eating some delicious food, I’m happy as Larry 😍 • It’s the simple things in life for me 🙈 • So, let’s hear yours? • Shopping? Spending time with your family? Seeing or chatting to a friend? Cooking? Baking? Eating? Practising some self care? • Whatever it is…I hope that today has been a goodie and if it hasn’t, don’t forget…This too shall pass 🫶🏻

FITNESS = THERAPY 💪🏼 • Everyone finds their own coping mechanisms… • It can range from training, running, eating, shopping to other addictions such as turning to alcohol or drugs… • The next time you are feeling overwhelmed or start to find that you are feeling anxious…I can’t recommend an endorphin fix enough… • You don’t need to hit the gym for a killer session… • You don’t need to hit the pavement and get a solid run in… • BUT… • You can step outside…into nature…and take a quick walk…Nothing too hectic… • The change of scenery will do you good AND the added steps will leave you feeling better than you did before ❤️ • What are some of the things that you do when you are feeling stressed? • Share them below ⬇️ • You will never know who you will inspire ❤️

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