Lynne Dieterle

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Hi 👋 there I’m Lynne •WIFE•MOM•PA-C 💕Everyday fashion&beauty with a healthy dose of humor💕 📧 👊🏻#detroitproud 👊🏻

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If you’ve been following my stories lately you know this book Raising Our Hands has made a huge impact on me. Yes this is a fashion/beauty account but I will always share what’s on my heart...or in this case my adirondack chair 🤣 If you are like me perhaps tip toeing to the frontlines of the conversation about white privilege and where we go from here this newly released book is a must read. It’s a square one. It’s the “base coat”. It’s the look you square in the eyes “you can do this” that you might need to take your first steps knowing perfection is not what’s being demanded of you. Jenna Arnold @itsjenna spent years devoted to listening circles including women from all races, religions and economic classes. This book will teach you what you probably missed in public school history class (*not because you were sleeping through class 😴 but because the content wasn’t presented). It will help you see your peripheral biases. It will explain why you are needed on these frontlines. It will give you a blueprint for tough conversations going forward. This might be a whisper but I’d like to call you in to join the conversation with this, my first book club. More book club details are in my story highlights and you can find a link to purchase the book in my bio. #raisingourhands #knowbetterdobetter

Cosmakery First Impressions

For today’s post I’m spilling the tea on my first impressions of a “new to me” cosmetics brand called Cosmakery. I generally like to try a red shade when I review a new brand of lipstick So I opted for a coral shade called Sorbet, a cool toned nude called Locket , and a deeper berry color called Mrs. True to their description Pure brillance, how many times have I hastily tried to cap my lipstick only to do a half assed job and later find the cap missing in my purse or worse yet the inside of my bag ruined?

Yesterday we celebrated our 16th anniversary by eating fudge, skipping rocks in Lake Huron and dodging the many piles of horse 💩 on the streets of Mackinac Island 🤣 And today we celebrate our oldest turning 12. In the midst of a pandemic (masks in tow!) there is no one else I’d rather weather life’s storms with than this guy ❤️ My outfit is linked in the Shop My IG tab or by following me on the free app

Spring Sephora Sale Top Ten

I have my eye on some skincare, I’ve heard good things about the INKEY list and will probably be trying some of their products for the first time. and I also noticed they come in a trial 5 pack size which I think would be great to test out before ordering a larger quantity. If you have oily skin I think you will find this suits your skin better than the It Cosmetics. the cult favorite, I noticed it comes in a mini set with a lip liner which I think would be a great purchase for trying it out.

Forget the fabric...this is my preference for a face mask! I love a charcoal mask for overall brightening and minimizing pores. Tonight I chose the @ileraapothecary Clarifying Face Mask. This mask comes to you as a powder that you mix with water to create the perfect consistency. I like to follow up with ILERA’s Balancing Rose Toner and Revitalizing Night oil for my own little luxurious home spa night. Swipe to see the after pic! Use code Poutnpowder15IG for 15% off your order with @ileraapothecary #charcoalmask #facemask #ileraapothecary #detroitbeauty

Made ya blush!

Throughout history, women at times were seen as more promiscuous for wearing makeup and at times laws prevented women from wearing it. It’s popular for manufacturers to combine different shades into one product that when blended produce a multitonal look. If you are looking for a good starting point, I’d recommend the Flower Blush Bomb drops I’m wearing below (shown in shade Melon). It looks almost Barbie pink in the pan but transforms on the skin to a light pink flush reminiscent of a garden fairy.

Pick ur own...strawberries, not wedgies 🤣 Welcome summer, please don’t be in a hurry to leave us! #puremichigan #happysummer #sweetsummertime

Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin

When eaten regularly foods high in vitamin C will keep your skin glowing and help to keep a more even tone. Good sources of vitamin C include the obvious citrus fruits but also green leafy vegetables, avocados, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, canteloupe, and brussel sprouts. Omega fatty acids are molecules that make up the building blocks of your skin’s surface layer and are a good source of vitamin E. Good sources of omega fatty acids are fatty fish like salmon, walnuts and flax seed.

Do you wear less makeup in the summer? I know I do and that means I’m even more committed to a good skincare routine in the warmer months. I was recently gifted this Firm and Replenish serum from @eighteenb and it is the perfect serum to add in after using a vitamin C or retinol. It is formulated with silk protein that gives your skin a boost of hydrating peptides and gives your the perfect canvas for those tinted moisturizer days! @apexdropofficial #eighteenb #bsilkambassador #skinbarrier #skintech

Staying in shape during quarantine has been a challenge for sure. It doesn’t look like the gyms here will be opening soon and I’m so thankful I have this home spin bike. I use it with the @onepeloton app and while my data won’t sync, it’s still a great workout that I really look forward to. I’ve also started using the @myfitnesspal app to track my macros. I linked my bike, my workout look and my favorite pre workout and BCAAs on the Shop My Instagram tab in my bio. What’s your favorite home workout?

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