Marissa Pedersen

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Adventure travel writer and photographer from Seattle with a focus on weekend getaways, outdoor activities, and family travel.

Location Seattle, WA
Country United States of America
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I’ve been spending time lately going through all the national parks I’ve visited in the past and updating my guides to them so they’re more helpful when we’re able to get out and explore again. One of my favorite parks from a few years ago is Joshua Tree in California, where you’ll find these alien-like trees and a unique landscape due to the Mojave and Colorado deserts converging. For more info on the park, check out my newly updated guide on my blog! . What national park is next on your list?

How to Plan the Perfect Day Trip to Mount Rainier

A day trip to Mt. Rainier can be a long day depending on where you’re coming from, so you do have a few options of where to stay in the park if you want to extend your trip to Mount Rainier in one day. It’s an exquisitely beautiful hike that leads you through grassy, snow-covered, dirt trails, and my favorite way to spend a day trip to Mt. Rainier. Today, it’s designated as a national historic district, where you’ll also find the National Park Inn and Longmire Wilderness Information Center during your Mt. Rainier day trip. Many choose to do a day tour from Seattle to visit Narada, Christine Falls, and Mt. Rainier during their Mount Rainier one day trip.

Every time I drive by Diablo Lake, I can’t believe the colors are real. Located in the North Cascades, this is the most stunning lake in the Pacific Northwest in my opinion! While there’s a viewpoint to pull over to get this view, you can also go hiking around the lake and rent a canoe to go out on it. . . . #northcascadesnationalpark #northcascades #northcascadeshighway #diablolake #pnwonderland #pnwlife #pnwadventures #pnwphotographer #hikingadventures #alpinebabes #freshairandfreedom

The Best Things to Do in Astoria for a Weekend

You’ll want to visit Fort Stevens State Park when looking for fun things to do near Astoria, as this is a place you could spend the whole day. Once you get settled at your hotel or Airbnb, take time to enjoy the slow pace of the town and walk along the river. When you’re ready to go back into town, stop by Rogue Pier 39 Public House. There are plenty of things to do in Astoria, Oregon on the weekend, so take your time and enjoy this charming town!

Have you ever driven an electric car before? Last weekend I had the chance to head out to Ocean Shores for a short vacation and partnered with @chevrolet to test out the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV. #ad . This trip was my first time driving an electric car, and I thought it was easy to operate and an eco-friendly way to take a vacation. Here are the features I loved most: + You can use an app to find all the different charging stations around you, and there were a lot more than I thought + You can also plan your route for longer trips so you’ll be able to stop for lunch somewhere that lets you charge the car at the same time + This car, in particular, has a 259-mile range on it, which means I made it from Seattle to Ocean Shores with plenty left to explore the area before needing to charge it + To fully charge it, you can pull up to a charging station at a hotel like I did or leave it in plugged in overnight when you’re at home so you’re ready to go in the morning . National Drive Electric Week is from September 26-October 4 this year, so now is a great time to consider switching to an electric car! . . . #boltev #driveelectric #electriccar #oceanshores #oceanshoreswa #roadtrip #seattleblogger #pnwadventures #pnwlife #pnwliving #washingtoncoast

The 12 Best Things to Do in Badlands National Park

Where to Stay in Badlands National Park Looking for somewhere to stay after your Badlands National Park day trip? One of the best things to do in Badlands National Park is to stop by the visitor’s center first thing. Badlands isn’t half as crowded as Yellowstone National Park gets, but I still recommend coming to the visitor’s center early before late risers get there. The Ultimate One Day Itinerary for Badlands National Park Only have one day in Badlands National Park?

After seeing plenty of gorgeous pictures at Mount Rainier, I decided to get out yesterday and go hiking there. This is a beautiful time of year to go with vibrant colors everywhere you look (you can also use #nofilter and actually mean it)! There are a variety of hikes to explore from easy to tough, but make sure you bring enough water and sunscreen because there’s not much shade. . A few tips for visiting a national park right now: -Go on a weekday to avoid crowds -Start as early as possible -Stay on the trail and bring your mask . #mtrainier #mtrainiernationalpark #nationalparkgeek #skylinetrail #wildflowers #wahikes #pnwonderland #pnwlife #getoutstayout #hikingadventures #hikingwomen #mountrainier #mountrainiernationalpark

How to Spend One Day in Grand Teton National Park

This park is just south of Yellowstone and more beautiful, in my opinion, so it’s worth it to spend at least one day in Grand Teton National Park. If you’re going on a Yellowstone road trip, you can drive here and enter the park through three different entrances during your 1 day in Grand Teton. 10 Unmissable Stops for One Day in Grand Teton While there are many places to stop during your 1 day in Grand Teton, here are some of the best places to stop. It is an iconic image associated with Grand Teton National Park and one that you’ll want to see in Grand Teton in 1 day.

With being stuck indoors for several weeks now due to the smoke, I definitely took hiking for granted. This month has been tough as we’ve been forced to become even more isolated in the Pacific Northwest, but I am thankful we’re not near any fires. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by these fires and have lost their homes. One thing we can do right now is help those out who have been less fortunate by donating to the following organizations: @directrelief @americanredcross @cafirefound @latinocommfdn @oregonfoodbank

I’ve been pretty quiet on Instagram as I adjust to the new normal, but this has also given me time to reflect on the amazing trips I’ve been on in the past. When you travel often, it’s easy to get caught up in where your next trip is and forget about the previous places you’ve been lucky enough to visit. I recently wrote about my experience climbing to the top of Mount St. Helens last summer, and it made me grateful to have such an amazing experience. . What experience was your favorite last year, whether it was abroad or close to home?

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