Marissa Pedersen

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Adventure travel writer and photographer from Seattle with a focus on weekend getaways, outdoor activities, and family travel.

Location Seattle, WA
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 12, 2019
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Anyone else ready for snow? ❄️ I’m loving the fall weather lately and hearing we’re getting snow in the mountains already. This is the perfect time of year to get away in a cozy cabin in the mountains, which is why I created a post of the best cabins to rent in Washington! Check out the link in my bio and let me know which one you’d want to visit. #cabininthewoods

How to Plan the Perfect Whidbey Island Day Trip

Read on to find out tips for planning your day trip to Whidbey, where you should stop, and a sample itinerary you can follow for one day on Whidbey Island. It’s a waterfront town full of small shops and restaurants, and you can easily take a half day trip to Whidbey Island just to visit this area. You’ll want to come here if you’re on a Whidbey day trip with kids, as they’ll love playing outside while you sip wine. Whether you do a half day trip to Whidbey Island or spend a full one day on Whidbey Island, you’ll love how easy this trip is from Seattle.

How Instagrammable is the outside of this coffee shop? ☕️🍁 While I love discovering adorable places like this, the reality is small businesses are struggling as we face round two of new closures in Washington State. I’ve seen several of my favorite places be forced to permanently close this year and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Here are a few tips to try to support local businesses near you: +Buy your latte at the small cafe down the road, not Starbucks +Consider gift cards to local restaurants for holiday presents +Tip generously when you order from the service industry Do you have a small business that’s been affected? Tag yourself in the comments! #smallbusiness

What It's Like to Rent a Hot Tub Boat in Seattle

What to Know About Seattle Hot Tub Boats Hot Tub Boat is a company that has multiple hot tub boat rentals in Seattle available. However, I think going on a hot tub boat on Lake Union during winter in Seattle is also an amazing time. When it’s the day of your reservation for your Seattle hot tub boat, you’ll head down to Lake Union and park either on the street or in the parking lot. You can see a variety of sights while on your hot tub boat in Seattle, including downtown Seattle, Gasworks Park, and houseboats.

Happy birthday to my little adventurer! 🎂🥳 🎉 While I knew I always wanted kids, I knew nothing about them and felt unprepared even up until the moment I was going into labor. This little guy has made parenting much easier than I ever expected it to be and brought a type of joy to my life I didn’t know I was missing. I love that he now enjoys traveling, hiking, being in the snow, and basically anything outside like his mama, and can’t wait to watch him develop more and more of his own bubbly personality. #toddlerbirthday

The Complete List of Winter Hiking Clothes and Gear

You can go out in the summer for a hike with minimal gear for the most part, but having the right gear for winter hiking and proper winter hiking clothes are key this time of year. n’t want skintight pants if you’re layering clothes for winter hiking. You’ll want to sit down during your hike and the last thing you need is your winter hiking clothes getting soaked. Now that you have a full list of winter hiking clothes and cold weather hiking gear, you should feel much more prepared.

New blog post ✨ Essential Winter Hiking Clothes You Need This Season ✨ My winter hikes in Washington blog post has gained a lot of traction lately, as people are desperate to do something besides sit indoors during this time. However, I’ve gotten tons of DMs asking the same question - what do I wear hiking in the winter? I put together a comprehensive list of what clothes are best when hiking in colder temperatures as well as what winter gear you should bring. Head to my bio to check it out and let me know if you have any questions! Do you plan on hiking this winter? #winterhikes

How to Plan an Amazing Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

You’ll find helpful tips for planning your trip there, knowing what to do on Bainbridge Island, and see sample itineraries for a Bainbridge day trip with and without a car. Don’t feel like going on your own Bainbridge day trip or looking for things to do on Bainbridge Island without a car? I’ve listed two suggested itineraries for you to follow – one for taking a Bainbridge Island day trip on foot and the other involving a car for your Bainbridge Island day trip. Now that you’ve read this guide to planning a day trip to Bainbridge Island, it’s time to go on your own trip!

Need an idea for something to do outside? Check out WildLanterns at Woodland Park Zoo! I love visiting @woodlandparkzoo during the holidays and seeing all the amazing animal creations they have on display. From an African safari to Pacific Northwest animals, they covered it all! They even have fire pits and warm beverages available to warm you up if you get cold. Comment below with which exhibit you think is the most stunning. #woodlandparkzoo

Happy National Take a Hike Day! 🥾 Hiking has been my saving grace this year with everything going on, and for the first time I’m actually looking forward to continuing to get out in the rain and snow this winter. It’s pretty hard to come back in a bad mood after spending the day surrounded by nature and being disconnected from the world. If you’re curious about what hikes you can do in this weather, here are some I recommend that are suitable for most skill levels: 🌲Barclay Lake - 4.4 miles RT, 500’ elevation gain 🌲Wallace Falls - 5.6 miles RT, 1300’ elevation gain 🌲Twin Falls - 2.6 miles RT, 500’ elevation gain Comment below and let me know if you’re getting out today for a hike or what the last hike you did was! #nationaltakeahikeday

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