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Hi everyone! I've recently started my journey full time freelancing and building a brand for myself. I currently work as a Virtual Assistant independently contracted through Time Etc where I provide blog writing, social media management, and research services to name a few. My favorite type of work is where I get to be creative and write! I've written for companies such as SaaStr and worked with employees at Vogue through my Virtual Assistant career. I simultaneously Freelance on Fiverr and Upwork (mostly writing gigs) and hope to pursue this full time. The best way to describe myself, if a freelance fanatic college student… hence my personal brand name, Freelance Fanatic! Through mainly TikTok, Instagram, and Interest (for now) I provide helpful tips/tricks for mainly college students/young entrepreneurs wanting to get started freelancing!

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Yes I have another post from our maternity session...I can’t help it... I’m so in love with how they turned out!!!😍 Today I’m feeling hopeful & so excited for what the future holds. I have so many different plans in the works looking back on what I’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time, it blows my mind. Life truly is a mind game & your mindset is the key 💪🏻 The second you stop worrying about everyone else and focus on you and your grind, the second things start to soar to heights you never knew existed. So if you’re thinking about doing something, or on the fence about something, this is your sign. Do it🤍

The results from my new IG story game... “Baby Predictions” are in!👣🍼 Here’s what the majority think about baby Everleigh: -She’ll have blue eyes (like her mama👀) -She’ll come right on time (around June 17th) -She will look more like me! -Her hair will be straight/wavy & dark -Weight will be between 6.1 and 7.5Ibs -She won’t be quite as short as me but definitely not as tall as Ethan This was so fun & I can’t wait to see what she’ll actually be like! I might do a few more of these and one final one right before she’s here... anyone who correctly guesses all of them wins a prize🥳

We’re 27 weeks as of yesterday and officially in the third trimester🥺❤️ Just 13 weeks until we get to meet you...I had my glucose test yesterday and it honestly was not AS bad as I thought but still would not recommend I give it a -3/10🤣 maybe if they had the lemon lime flavor I’d like it a bit better since I’m not a huge fan of artificially flavored stuff (i.e, grape, orange, fruit punch) but all they had was orange or fruit punch! Now we wait for the results🤞🏻🤞🏻 We’ve also officially hit that super fun part where doctors appointments are every two weeks... it’s gonna be a longggg trimester but 5000% worth it

Words can’t explain how happy I am to have you by my side & my twinny mini close to my heart❤️ (with her foot in my ribs half the time) About 2 years ago, my Eco/Gov teacher asked us to write a letter to ourselves that would be sent out to us 5 years from that date. I genuinely cannot remember what I wrote to myself in that letter... but it’s funny and very clear to me that I could not have possibly predicted any of what has happened in the last 24 months alone. If you had told me we’d be in a global pandemic, discover murder hornets, have a reality show about tiger zoos be the hottest topic, and have to wear masks everywhere we went, I’d probably look at you like you had two heads. If you told me I’d meet the other half of my heart, and be expecting our first little girl I’d probably laugh in your face. The truth is, none of us could ever possibly predict the future. Life throws curveballs, surprises, and gives you the things you had no idea you needed just when you need them the most. So don’t get too stressed out on the details of life and your big master plan... you’ll get there, just in a much different way than you could ever dream ☁️❤️

Entering the world in about T-13 weeks.... Everleigh Sky Burgos🤍☁️🦋 We were debating on waiting until she was here to announce her name... but I am just too excited & too in love with it to keep the name secret anymore😆 Bonus points to whoever can guess where the middle name Sky comes from 😜

How cute are these @twistshakebaby products?😍 I’m so obsessed with the color & easy to use design of them! Highly considering buying one of everything they carry in this color🤣 Luckily, they’re having a HUGE site-wide sale right now! Using my code lysshaley55 you can receive 55% OFF your entire purchase! They have so many new cute things daily💖 #twistshake #twistshakepartner #twistshakebaby

We had the best time today taking these photos (many more to come)! We followed up the shoot with some yummy lunch @nycafeconleche and a little shopping trip to Marshalls before heading home... I am SO excited there’s finally some nice weather and hope it sticks around🥰 Did I mention we finally decided on a name for baby girl?!🤭👀

💫GIVEAWAY💫 I’ve been searching for what I wanted to hang in this space as it remains the last untouched portion of my room...I was so happy when I came across @mapyourmoon & was able to create such a sentimental piece for my space. This moon phase poster shows the moon in the night sky at the exact location, time, and date of the first night Ethan and I met🌚 I’m so excited to announce I’ve partnered up with Map Your Moon to gift one of my followers your very own Custom poster! All you have to do is: •Head on over to @mapyourmoon & give them a follow! •Like & save this post •Leave a comment mentioning if you’re a day person🌞or night person🌚 •Bonus: tag a friend below to let them in on this awesome giveaway! That’s it🥰 Map Your Moon will choose a winner at random (but you have to be following to win!)

Just me & my girl having a much needed spa night 🧖‍♀️💅🏻 Face mask: Bliss Mighty Marshmallow whipped mask I love how light & airy this mask is & it isn’t as drying as other face masks if you accidentally leave it on too long! Win win😎

One whole trip around the sun with you & a surplus of amazing memories☀️❤️ (If you’re not into sappy you might wanna skip the next part bc my pregnancy hormones are no joke) We definitely struggled whether we should celebrate this day on March 1st or Feb. 28th since things became official on February 29th, 2020 of all days. But the truth is, every day is a celebration with you. When we first met, neither of us had any clue what was in store for the next year of our lives. The world was normal... we were both two individuals cruising through life living it up with zero intention of getting into a serious relationship. COVID was still being taken as a joke & none of us were quite ready for what we’d go through in coming months. Not even 1 full month of getting into a relationship & NYS went on complete lockdown for what felt like forever. Those approximate 2 months of not seeing each other just proved the strength of our bond & solidified how I already felt. Most couples don’t get to say they made it through a pandemic together after dating for such a short period of time but nevertheless we persisted. FaceTiming every night for hours on end, playing and teaching me how to play Xbox so we didn’t lose our sanity. The world “opened” back up & we went on so many fun adventures I will cherish forever. Fast forward a few months to September and the world felt like it was crumbling again, cases were on the rise, colleges shutting down, confined to the 4 walls of our buildings. Surprise surprise, we find out we’re expecting our little girl❤️ our entire worlds flipped upside down for the better and suddenly things seemed a little less foggy & doomsday. The sun has shined a little brighter, and our bond grown even stronger than I thought was humanly possible these past several months. There is no one else I would rather go through the insanity of life (specifically 2020) with & I truly believe you were sent to me to change my life to be better than I ever knew it could be. I’m thankful every day for all the blessings we’ve received together & I can’t wait to continue to tackle whatever insanity life throws our way for many years to come. I love you E!❤️

24 weeks (and a few days)💞 She thinks it’s such a fun idea to be on an opposite sleep schedule from me & kick and play in there all night long🤣 I can’t even believe how fast time is flying😳 we’re about to be in MARCH! Who’s ready for some spring weather?✨🦋🌻

Dreaming of you little bean☁️🤍 • • • This adorable outfit was so kindly passed down to my mini me along with many others! She’s easily going to have triple the amount of outfits as me🤣 • • • • • • • #babyfashionblogger #babyoutfit #babygirlfashion #babygirloutfit #babyoutfitideas #neutralbaby #neutralhome #ultrasound #sonogram #2ndtrimester #pregnantmoms #momsofinsta #momsofig #momtobe2021 #soontobemommy #babygirlontheway #babyaccessories #crib #babyshots #newparents #nurserydesign #elephantnursery #safarinursery

Believe it or not... I still have just a fewww small finishing touches before her space is 100% complete but I am so so so loving how it’s turning out😍 I did my best to tag where all the stuff is from but here’s a more detailed list! -Fur rug & light grey baskets @burlingtondeals -Mini crib, lamp, & storage cubes @target -Wooden animal prints & mirror @hobbylobby -Blanket & Elephant tummy time mat @marshalls -Elephant boppy & mobile @onceuponachild -Wicker toy/blanket barrel kindly gifted from family❤️ I’m constantly moving things around & redecorating so expect more updates before baby girl arrives🤩🥰

A little whipped cream for breakfast never hurt anybody 👀🍓 Guess who’s 23 weeks tomorrow & a week away from viability🙋🏼‍♀️ Time is flying but we can’t wait to meet you baby bean! Her favorite thing right now is bouncing around like it’s a trampoline park between 1-2am and she already weighs just around 1Ib🎉 • • • • • • • • • • #pregnancyupdate #23weekspregnant #babygirlgift #pregnancycravings #aestheticpost #strawberriesandcream #polaroidcamera #expectingmom #expectingparents #alwayshungry #junebaby

Happy Tuesday😴💞 Will there ever be an end in sight for the snow/ice?.... probably not in NY! I’m absolutely sick of it, bring on the sunshine 🌞 • • • • • • • • • • • #aesthetic #tuesdaymotivation #quotestoponder #quotestoday #happyvibesonly #almostfriday #warmfeeling #momsofig #youngmomsclub #brightenyourday #lifestyleguide #lifestyleinspo

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