Peyton Lemerand

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fitness gal CLT, NC📍 loves to read and take photos. occasionally wears cute things. @_monetphotos peyton15 @jednorthwomen peyton18 @reeceboutique

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Sunday scaries aren’t so scary when you are prepped and planned for the week✅ Today was a complete rest day, got groceries and meals planned, and getting done the necessary things so this week can be a little more stress-free. My goals have shifted more towards living in the moment. Saying yes more to grabbing drinks with friends, living less “according to plan”. My discipline has made this lifestyle easier because I’ve found balance and can still enjoy all the things in life. You can have it all, but you gotta want it👏🏼

BODY POSITIVITY. We only get one body. You can either celebrate it, hate it, or just be content. I want to go through life celebrating it🥳 My health + wellness is so so important to me because I LOVE my body! I want to move my body so maybe it will ease the aging process, I want to eat clean because I want to enjoy my life as long as I can. I want to celebrate my body by getting stronger because I have the opportunity to do that. So many people ask me why I workout so much or why I’m so disciplined in my diet, “you look so great you don’t need to do all that!” I do it because I want to take responsibility for my health + I’ve built a lifestyle I love. Your body is your only vessel through life. This is all ya got. You get to choose how you live in it. You can be just living in your body, or you can CELEBRATE IT🥳 Use code “PEYTONLEM” at @parade for 20% off your sustainable undies😜

Confidence is 🔑 It is the holy grail. Confidence opens doors, and when we fall down, confidence gets us back up. It brings success, it helps you connect with people, and it brings happiness. Confidence is attractive. When you walk into a room with it, it shows you are fearless. Guess what? Only you can say when you’re confident or not. No one else decides that for you. No one can take it away from you. Go after it⚡️

My vacation tip? 🌴Don’t stray too far away from your routine. You don’t have to workout everyday, but try to fit in a stretch or active activities during your go-to workout time. Enjoy yourself, eat good food, but try to keep a healthy balance. When vacay ends, it makes it just a little easier to go back into your normal routine!

My favorite transformation, even though it’s not very noticeable. The first picture was taken in March this year. I did a lot of cardio/HIIT workouts and hated weight lifting. My joints just felt so wore down from doing intense workouts and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, so I wanted to try weight lifting/muscle building just to see if it felt any better on my body. I didn’t have high expectations because I didn’t think it would make me “lean”. I also really just wasn’t loving my fitness journey anymore. After a few months, I can tell ya I love weight lifting. My body doesn’t hurt, it feels better than it ever has. I love feeling strong. I don’t care about the numbers on the scale, I just know I feel good and that’s what I want. I finally fell back in love with my body and my fitness journey. Take the leap, sis. I stepped out of my comfort zone only to find something even better✨

10+ years and we live on different coasts but not much has changed between us💛 love ya and our friendship

Beach dump 🌊

PTO peyton is my fav

My heart kinda hurts, not gonna lie. I’ve lost some friends because of my beliefs and views. It feels like people can speak up for what they believe in, but if you are the silent majority and speak up you get cancelled, or in this case friends just dump you. I respect everyone’s view, even if I don’t agree. We can all have different perspectives and still love and respect each other. I just really don’t understand why some voices can’t be heard, we just get muted and blocked. This year was supposed to be about bringing people back together, but we are divided now more than ever. I will respect you, but I am asking for the same back. I am not for a vaccine mandate because it goes against my beliefs in every single way. Respect that, just as I will respect you. This cancel culture is immature and does not represent the melting pot America stands for. These are some hard times we are facing, then on top of that we have judgement from others. Be respectful of others views, because if we all thought the same way we wouldn’t be living in the best country there is. Let’s stand together and be kind in a world that is dark right now.

Do you celebrate yourself or just tolerate yourself? Do you love who you are or do you just push day to day being content? It makes a big difference when you wake up everyday and love the person you are and are becoming. It will change your whole life. When you show up for you, and celebrate you, it changes who you are to the people in your life. When you look back on your life, do you want to be the girl that was bold, confident, and happy or do you want to be the girl who was content and snoozed on potential? If you snooze on your potential, your snoozing on your purpose, too. When you celebrate you, you make someone else want to celebrate themselves, too🥳

🧖🏼‍♀️a little self-care 🧖🏼‍♀️

Best wedding date around (me) 🥳

Happy Saturday🌞 What’s everyone’s favorite thing about the weekend!? Mine is probably brunch😋🤩

ITS GIVEAWAY TIME🥳 best self-care package EVER! $500+ GIVEAWAY VALUE We are gifting a $150 @jed_north gift card, digital content and meal planner from @peytonlem , 1 facial from @cleanyourdirtyface in South Park, a haircut and deep conditioning treatment with @hair_by_ginavalentini , a $50 gift card to @ponyboxclothing and a free first visit to @ (includes a new patient exam AND first adjustment - normally a $100 value) from @evolvehealthclt To enter: -Like this post and tag 3 people below! -Must be following all accounts mentioned above -Share on your story for an extra entry -Ends Sunday at 5pm 8/29 and winner will be announced Monday 8/30 RULES: -Must be following all accounts Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use.

I have so many mixed feelings right now. My social media is my outlet. I am here to build a community and make this a fun place, but the world is not fun right now. It’s serious and we have some big storms happening. And I can’t stay quiet, I’m sorry guys. Me hopping on my stories talking about what I’m cooking and what I’m doing is just so insignificant and it feels terrible to ignore what’s happening. I am genuinely just terrified for what the days and months to come will bring. Whatever you are feeling right now, you are not alone. Do your research. Stand up. Pray. Stay kind. We will get through this together🙌🏼

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