Pablo Ortega

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✍🏻 I write at Condé Nast Traveler & Founder Lyxplanet 📌 Los Angeles 🇺🇸 | 🇪🇸 ✉️ Requests:

Location Los Angeles, CA
Country United States
Member Since NOVEMBER 30, 2021
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Not my first time going on a walk in Rome at night. The best time to visit is during low season, when you can have the city almost to yourself at night time. I’ll never forget that moment in life when @hachebeta and I bought a roundtrip ticket to fly into Rome, walk the city at night until early in the AM, and fly back to Madrid. One of our best memories for sure 😊 #Rome #Vatican #Italy

Third time in #Rome and the Roman city never disappoints. Sharing something you might not know about me: I’m obsessed with Classical Studies (at some point I was really good at translating from Latin and Ancient Greek into Spanish). I might need to put on my Indiana Jones’ hat again this year.

A quick last weekend trip to end the year on a positive note. Hope y’all had a great Xmas. Thank you for your kind wishes. Love from ❤️ #Seville #Sevilla #Spain

Hola #Sevilla 💃🏼

[#ad] Everyone’s always asking why I never protect my iPhone with a case. The reality is that I always struggle to find a case that I like. @venaproducts sent me two of their newest cases: the vCommute Pro case (which is great because I can leave my wallet at home and I can still use my MagSafe Wireless Charger) and the vArmor, which provides all-around protection. The vArmor will accompany me in some of my upcoming adventures. It features military-grade drop protection! No more broken screens. Let’s just say these cases have changed my mind! This pack is a great gift for the holidays, check out the link in my stories to get (or gift) your own! You can use code IGIFT50 for 50% off on!

[#ad] Attitudes toward car ownership are shifting and @Getaround is leading the evolution. #MyGetaroundStory: As you know, I travel constantly and there are many times that my trips are really last minute. Fortunately, Getaround has a wide range of vehicles available all over the world with really affordable options so it always comes to the rescue when I most need it. And since I’ve been traveling a lot this year, I’m considering the idea of putting my car up in Getaround to make some extra money :) It’s the democratization of vehicle sharing! @getaround #GETR

Amsterdam is true testimony of its historic legacies 🙌🏻

Life has its ups and downs and I’m definitely thankful for facing all circumstances with a positive attitude. I’ve been more inactive here lately. The loss of my grandpa recently has been a wild ride. However, I’m truly grateful that life gave me an opportunity to spend so much time with him before he left us all of the sudden. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking of the magical moments this year and #Florence was definitely one of them. Happy #Thanksgiving. ❤️

A 🥶 winter in #Amsterdam. First time here. Any tips?

[#ad] I’m proud to be supporting Congressman Adam Schiff for the upcoming election. In the past, when I asked @adamschiffca for help, his office was tremendously effective and helpful. Join our fight to protect the environment, women’s rights, our LGTBQ+ rights, universal healthcare and more by voting for him. Go to to sign up to vote today! (Link in bio) This election matters! There is A LOT at stake.

[#ad] There is nothing like using clean ingredients for your hair. I've been using @earthcleanbeauty shampoos and conditioners for three months now and I'm truly happy with the results. This shampoo has argan and aloe with great benefits to avoid breakage. Find it exclusively at @Walmart. #EarthBeautifulClean #Tulum #CleanProducts #Jungle #Mexico

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