Our Own Chaos

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🦄 Girl mom ♥️ Happiness is a choice 👋🏻 ourownchaos@yahoo.com

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When I was a kid, I LOVED the @scholasticbookfairs ! So of course, I had to take Annabelle to her very first one! She had so much fun checking out the new books and if we could, we would’ve left with enough books to fill both of our arms. Instead, we settled on two and are looking forward to the next @scholasticinc book fair! Do your kids get as excited as Annabelle does for a new book? 💗

If it’s a lazy day at home, Annabelle will ask to go watch the cows. 💗

It’s officially fall season and I put Annabelle in charge of picking some flowers. She spent 45 minutes smelling all of them and then said “I don’t think these are the right ones.” Then we left empty handed. She knows something I don’t know about those flowers. I’m trusting her judgement.

We are enjoying these last days of summer at the amusement park but we are ready for all the spooky season fun! I can’t be the only one looking forward to fall! What are you excited for?!

My new favorite photo of Annabelle! It was taken by Chris Cagle in the middle of his concert! Swipe to see the other photos too! He took a photo with her during the show and then signed stuff after the show. All in all, it was a pretty amazing day for us and a very memorable experience for Annabelle. 💗

I may or may not want to get a goat thanks to this sweet one that just wanted to put her forehead on mine. Of course, she had to join us for a picture too. Now I know I don’t *NEED* a goat but I definitely want one.

We hope everyone had an amazing weekend! We ended our summer with a super fun day at @sdcattractions White Water. Even though we are so excited for the fall festivities and the cooler weather, it was an amazing way to say goodbye to summer. And there’s so much fun stuff to do in fall! But for now, swipe to see how fun our day at the water park was!

After a 3 month hiatus from social media, we are happier than ever. The last few months we have focused on friends, family, our mental health and our happiness. Not to mention that summer makes me miserable when it’s 100+ degrees every day so we mainly lounge around in pajamas in the air conditioning. But it’s the end of summer and we are so excited! Of course it’s still hot outside but not too bad. We have so much fun stuff coming up and can’t wait to share our adventures with everyone. Recently we went to visit the Zoorasic World at the Tulsa Zoo and had so much fun! Annabelle definitely surprised me with everything she knows about dinosaurs! We may have to spend a lot more time at the zoo soon! 💗💗

Couldn’t pass this one up 💗

This is one of those weeks when I really need to take a moment to relax. But unfortunately, it’s non stop going and a million things to keep me busy. Hope everyone is enjoying their week! 💗

Recently I got to do my best friend’s son’s 2nd birthday photos and I had the best assistant ever. Annabelle was the sweetest. She ran around helping us pick up hats, balloons, chase Avery, distract him, make him laugh and above all else, she was the best behaved kid ever. Look at how sweet she is helping! Swipe to see her trying to keep Avery from climbing out of the truck. 💗

💗 my sweet girl, it’s because of her that I smile every day and will never stop trying to be the best that I can be 💗 How did time go by so fast?

May the 4th be with you and happy Star Wars day!! Fun fact : Annabelle loves baby Yoda even though we’ve never seen the movies! Swipe to see an adorable video of Annabelle having a conversation!

The level of sass and attitude from this tiny monster is astonishing. I’m fairly certain that she gets it from me but I don’t want to take the blame for it. We had such a fun weekend at a birthday party and Annabelle had fun playing with friends. Little does this monster know… we have a lot of fun plans coming this summer!

💫 Did you know that today is National Superhero Day? We always try to celebrate random National days but we definitely couldn’t pass this one up. Annabelle loves Wonder Woman and is always in her costume. When I told her what today was… well she’s refused to take it off. So enjoy #NationalSuperheroDay! Celebrate the superheroes in our lives. The fictional ones and the every day heroes. Who’s your favorite superhero?

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