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Mama | Twin Mom | Bonus Mom | Salt Miners Wife | Keto Recipe Enthusiast | Beauty Newbie | Running on Coffee and Chaos | Balancing Motherhood and Life

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Keto Friendly Snacks You Need In Your Life Right Now

When I really want a snack but not hungry, I make myself a cup of coffee using Super Coffee Ground Coffee and add a couple splashes of my Skinny Syrup and heavy whipping cream. Super Coffee was actually a drink that I found at our local salvage store that I fell completely head over heels in love with! This actually has added MCT oil, vitamins, and antioxidants added to make it coffee that you actually benefit from. Super Coffee has bagged ground coffee, individual premade drinks, creamer, and recently just added a plant based line!

The Best Must Haves For New Stay At Home Moms

I’m talking a comfy, thick one with pockets to hold snacks, toys, your phone, remote, used kids tissues, and little pieces of whatever that you pull out of your toddlers mouth. Unless you are one of those rich wives that can leave the house everyday and do allll the fun, expensive activities every single day with kiddos in tow, you are going to want to find a hobby. Honestly, staying home every single day does start to feel like groundhogs day, make sure you can break it up with something you get excited about. Find yourself a group of like minded stay at home moms and get together with them and their kids.

The Best Toys And Activities For Bored Kids

As a stay at home mom for the past 6 years, I have tried what seems like everything to keep my kiddos entertained throughout the years. With that being said, today, I am going to share some of my favorite toys and activities that I love to help keep my kiddos entertained while dad is at work. These toys and activities are ideas that I have used since I became a stay at home mom over six years ago. We spent the entire day just enjoying each other at home and play board games from breakfast until dinner.

Organized Chaos Chronicles

Although I am taking this journey day by day, these past two months feel like they have flown by. I know 14 pounds may not sound like a lot, but for someone who has been STRUGGLING to lose the last of the twins weight, I am THRILLED! And if you are looking to try a new coffee, I strongly suggest checking out Super Coffee and using code SUPERAMY15 for a discount at check out. I will be sure to update for month 3 when that time comes so be sure to subscribe

All six babes smiled and I got a picture! 💁🏼‍♀️ Took a step back from here the last couple days because hubs had work off and it was glorious! I even snapped this picture and no one looked too crazy! ✨ So back to the grind today. I posted my Love What Matters article on the blog, in case you missed it. I also am going to try to finally get my fireplace whitewashed today. I talked about it in stories a couple weeks ago but haven’t gotten around to it. So hopefully today is the day! We also have plenty of plans for the house, just little updates, that I’m hoping to share here throughout the year. Super excited to see where this year takes us home improvement wise🤞🏻😍

My forever Valentine ❤️ Love doing life with this guy! Our 8th Valentines together and we’re spending it with the family we’ve created. God really outdid himself when he brought this one to me. #mylove #forevervalentine #forevergrateful #momanddad #marriedlife #sundayfunday #sundayatthefarm

My Valentine’s have grown over the years ❤️ Swipe to see them 5 years ago! #myvalentines #thenandnow

I am giving you permission to forgive yourself. I am giving myself permission to forgive the girl that I know is no longer the woman that I am. Maybe you're thinking the same. I am telling you, you are not her anymore. You are no longer that shy, weak girl. You have a voice and you are not afraid to use it. You don't feel weak when you stand alone, because you know you are standing for what is right. I am giving you permission to forgive yourself for all the times you hid behind locked doors, hiding from the pain, the hurt, the suffering and not being able to pull yourself out of the darkness. I am giving you permission to forgive yourself for not being able to run away when that's all you wanted to do but were frozen with fear. I am giving you permission to forgive yourself for knowing that what you were doing or who you were standing by didn't feel right, but you didn't know how to break free. You cannot keep blaming yourself for things that were out of your control. Being young and ignorant of the way things should have been is not your fault. How were you supposed to know that everything was so wrong? You no longer have to wear the shame that was placed on you. You are stepping out of the darkness and into the light. You deserve peace. Forgive yourself so that you may move to the next chapter with an open heart. The past is the past. It has changed you forever and you must live with that, but you no longer have to suffer because of it. You can break those chains that have had you trapped in a world of hurt. You, my dear friend, have spent long enough blaming yourself for things that were out of your control. Stand up, it is your time to live and breathe again. Stand up so that you may show the ones that were weak, that hurt you to feel strong, that you did not break. You may have been down for a bit, but you are now stronger than ever. I am giving you permission to forgive yourself, because I know how much you wish you could change the past. There is no turning back, only moving forward. Forgive the child you used to be, you are no longer her.

🎶 All because two people fell in love 🎶 Last week an editor from @lovewhatmatters reached out to me asking if I would be interested in sharing my story on parenting. Yesterday, they featured my story and I am so excited! It may not be a big deal to some, but, having the opportunity to share my story on such a large scale was incredible! And I have this guy to thank! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t even have this story to tell! If you would like to hear my story, check out the link in my bio! ❤️ #lovewhatmatters #parenthood #husbandandwife

We’ve got piglets!!! Swipe to see the babies! 🐖 If you’ve been following in stories, I shared my brother and father in law have a farm and they now have piglets! My brother in law is getting into hog farming and I’m excited for him, especially since he can teach my boys allll the things. It has been so fun seeing these little piggy babies and honestly, if mama wasn’t so protective I would be in cuddling them! They are SO cute! So far, together we have our chickens and their goats and pigs. Next up, we’re getting cows!!! More on that to come! 🐄😍 How are you spending your Saturday? ☀️

❗️❗️Keto Friends ❗️❗️ You have GOT to check out @ketokrate for alllll the keto friendly snacks! Seriously! Is it bad that I just got mine the other day and all my snacks are almost all gone? 😬 so dang good! I mean they have chocolate! GOOD chocolate! Like I ate the entire bar because #noregrets and it was so yummy! All these snacks are low/no carb & sugar perfect to keep you in ketosis and make you feel good! I HIGHLY recommend checking them out and grabbing yours! I’ll even help you out! Use my code at checkout and you’ll save $10 on your first box! #linkinbio Code: ORGANIZEDCHAOSCHRONICLES Happy keto -ing 😄 #keto #ketokrate #sponsored

✨NEW BLOG POST IS LIVE ✨ Sharing some truth about what we see on social media this morning! Go check it out! 👏🏻 #momswhoblog #truthbombs #socialmedia

“If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself you become better” Words have never been truer! 🙌🏻 I have a new blog post that is going live TOMORROW. Some major truth bombs for all you mamas, and daddies, that use social media! Dang am I have a morning! I woke up to the sound of the garbage truck out front and it was an hour and 15 minutes passed my alarm going off. I got up, got dressed, made myself some bomb @drinksupercoffee and did the dang thing! 🔥 I sat read some scripture before anything else. I’m truly trying to get closer to God than I ever have before. After, I opened my laptop and the words just started flowing! This is my dang passion y’all!!! ✨ I have shared many things I am passionate about and maybe that makes me seem a little flaky? Ill have you know, I’ve never lied. In that moment I was passionate about it. But this, this is something new, something that lights a fire in my soul, something that makes me EXCITED about getting out of bed in the morning. 👊🏻 I can’t praise the Lord enough for putting this blog on my heart almost a year ago. And even though I strayed a bit in the beginning, I am where I’m supposed to be. 📓 Fun fact: When I was in 2nd/3rd grade, my teacher told my mom I was going to be a writer. I always kept that in the back of my mind, wondering if it would ever hold some truth. Honestly, I love writing and even though I’m not always great at it, I could definitely benefit from a class in grammar and punctuation, I am still learning, growing and competing with MY 👏🏻 DANG 👏🏻 SELF 👏🏻 to be better! So, on this colder than a witches titty Wednesday, I am encouraging you to find something that lights your fire, gets you excited, something you are *positively* consumed by and compete with YOURSELF to become the best there ever was. 🎉 Now tell me, what is it that sets your heart on fire? #doitscared #whatsyourpassion #thankyoujesus

Gourmet coffee at home?! What?! 😱 If you have been following me for any amount of time you know I L O V E coffee! Hot, cold, sitting on the counter for 3 hours, I don’t care! Love it, gotta have it! You already know I use @skinnymixes coffee syrups on the daily! SO DANG GOOD! Truly a treat every day!! So when I had the opportunity to partner with @drinksupercoffee I JUMPED on it! I share their ready to drink coffee all the time and I love to take with me when I leave the house, but y’all they sent me some of their ground coffee and it is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER! It’s not only delicious coffee but they have added plenty of healthy benefits like vitamins and antioxidants! And the mocha seriously smells like a chocolate donut 🤩 The best part?! They are ALL keto friendly! 🙌🏻 Seriously go grab yours now and use my codes for discounts at checkout! Links are in bio for easy navigation 😉 @drinksupercoffee : SUPERAMY15 @skinnymixes : CHAOS10 For this cup of super yummy coffee, I brewed the Mocha Super Coffee and added 3 pumps Peppermint Bark syrup, 2 ish TBS heavy whipping cream and topped with some chocolate whipped cream 😋 Chocolate Whipped Cream: 1 cup heavy whipping cream 2 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder 2 1/2 Tbs Swerve Confectioners Mix all together with hand mixer until stiff peaks form. You’re welcome! 💁🏼‍♀️ #drinksupercoffee #pepsquad #PositiveEnergy #sponsored

Happy February!! 💕 New month means setting new intentions. This month, let’s set intentions for more me time! Time to breathe without the littles begging for snacks or crying about not getting chocolate chips for breakfast. I’ve shared in my latest blog post how I have been able to find me time every. Single. Day. Even with 6 kids in tow! It’s actually way easier than you think. Head to the link in my bio and check it out! Let me know what you think and how you are able to find me time in your own routine! 💕

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