Rob Gorski

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I'm a verified influencer on both Facebook and Twitter. I'm also the multiple award winning blogger at and have been advocating for Autism and Special Needs families for over a decade. I've written over 12,000 posts documenting my journey as a Full-time Single Dad raising 3 kids with Autism and fragile health. I'm also host of The Autism Dad Podcast, now entering season 3. I'm followed by many celebrities, including Ryan Reynolds, John Cena and Alyssa Milano. I'm also followed by high profile government officials, including multiple 2020 presidential candidates. I love connecting with companies because I have a unique way of finding overlap between technology and Special Needs families.

Location Canton, OH
Country United States
Member Since AUGUST 29, 2019
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This isn't supposed to happen

His IVIG Infusion supplies showed up and he immediately went to work. Whenever he gets his supplies, I’ve taught him to put together kits containing everything he needs for each infusion. The other thing it does is help to streamline the infusion process as well as helps him to take inventory when the supplies are first received. He felt good about that and went to immediately get his infusion started.

Today didn't go as planned

Instead, Emmett baked his cookies and we watched a movie. Emmett did a fantastic job of baking what he calls chocolate snap cookies. Gavin fed Ruby and let her outside while I was brushing my teeth this morning. This is the face of a dog waiting for me to figure out that even though she had just been outside, she came back into the house and took a shit on my bedroom floor anyway.

A fun little update

He turns 21 on Monday and while I’m in disbelief at the amount of time that has passed, it’s an amazing moment. I had talked it over with the boys and they decided they were going to bake Gavin a cake on Sunday. Elliott’s going to bake one of his double layer cakes and Emmett is going to bake sugar cookies. I’m using the time productively and getting some work down.

I got a break for the first time since September

The other day, I called Lizze to find out if they’d been locked down for at least 14 days. They had been and so I suggested making arrangements for the boys to go over for a few days. Since the insurrection at the Capitol Building and the current threats for this coming week, as well as how much worse COVID is getting, I thought we should seize on the opportunity to get a visit in while we could. It was totally last minute and not planned out but the important thing is they all got to spend time together.

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