Raquel Graham

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Mommy of ✌🏽 Learning as I go. Afro-Latina⎪Millennial Mama⎪NC📍 Collabs»💌raquel@onebadmadre.com

Location North Carolina
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8 Side Hustles for Moms -

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, I think we can all agree that we would love to find a way to earn extra money whenever we can. Whether you sell ad space, write sponsored posts, or use your blog as a portfolio to get paid writing gigs elsewhere; the possibilities are endless which makes this my top favorite side hustle. Although this one is a little bit harder to get into as you really need to build a clientele in order to get steady work, it’s still one that could potentially replace full time work once you get the hang of it. There are many parents that stay home with their children to offset childcare expenses, but staying at home does not mean you can’t make money.

Breastfeeding Essentials for Beginners -

Now some moms can do without all the knick knacks of breastfeeding but for others you may find yourself needing a little extra help and that is perfectly fine. OK, getting straight to the nitty gritty you will definitely want some nipple cream to soothe sore and cracked nipples that are likely to occur in the first few weeks of nursing. You will quickly learn that your regular bras won’t work for getting your baby to your boob in a timely manner, especially while nursing outside of the house. I recommend that all nursing moms keep some kind of lactation supplement on hand because you will most likely experience a drop in your supply at some point in your nursing journey.

Top Five Affordable Curly Hair Products That Actually Work

I’ve wasted a lot of money on products that promise “frizz free” results After years of throwing away products and putting heat on my hair so I wouldn’t have to deal with the frizz, I’ve finally found what works for my 3B curls. As I mentioned before, these products work great for my 3B curls Curly hair definitely has a mind of its own but these hair products have helped me so much and my curls have come a long way.

DockATot: Is It Worth It? -

Fast forward to her turning 2 years old and just now getting into her own bed, I wished that I had something to help me transition her to sleeping alone sooner. So when my youngest was born and I once again had a baby sleeping in my bed, I started looking for ways to make her transition into her own bed go much smoother than her sister’s. My 6 month old is a lot like her big sister in that she loves to be snuggled and wants to sleep on mommy or daddy ALL THE TIME. If you’re not a fan of co-sleeping you can still use the DockATot during the day for your baby to lounge and relax in and you can even use it to facilitate tummy time.

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