Maddie Rey

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I am a 21 year old National Recording Artist, Youth Speaker, Author, Performer, Dancer, Actress, YouTuber, and overall Influencer. I share my content, resources, and knowledge on various subjects at youth groups, youth events, youth conferences, crusades, music festivals, and social media platforms. As a YouTuber and Social media influencer, I use my platforms to share encouraging and life changing message with a young generation through my music, youtube videos, creative social media content, book, and resources.

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This Saturday 🎉🎉🎉 I have special guest @elibonillajr joining me on Saturday Night Live!! Eli has a passion to reach this young generation and God is using him in incredible ways! You want to make sure that you tune as we continue to hear from incredible young leaders across the nation!! Tune in this Saturday at 8pm CST!! 🎉🎉🎉

RECEIVE HEALING IN JESUS NAME! 🔥 • Comment below if you feel the healing power of God moving through your body! 🙌🏽

Hey! Let’s do a little check in... • When quarantine hit at the beginning of the year myself, my team, and my church did all we could do to pivot fast enough to continue to provide ministry for God’s people. I started creating videos on TikTok, I launched Saturday night live for encouragement, I went live on IG on Thursday’s to keep ministering to my youth group teens, we started zoom groups, I started preaching a new 3rd service on Sundays for my church via live stream, I made encouraging and resourceful content for my Instagram, I started going live on GodTV on Wednesdays, I created prerecorded performances and teachings for churches, I helped my church launch the incredible youth broadcast you all know as “The Encounter Live” and still host it every single Friday, and there was so much more (if that wasn’t enough lol). • We are now in October. I have felt tired, this year has been a lot, and I have had my moments of discouragement and frustration. But As I look back on this whole year there still wasn’t a moment that I doubted what God was doing. God promised revival, He promised an outpouring, He promised a harvest of souls. The God I serve is faithful to fulfill His promises. So although I’m tired, this year has been a lot, and I’ve experienced my own moments of discouragement and frustration let me encourage you again and quite frankly myself as well. • God is faithful. God is good. Jesus will be glorified. And we already have the victory. • Can we promise each other that we’ll spend the rest of 2020 confessing that... I hope so. I love you all so much. It is a privilege to serve you. If you’re new to my page, Hi! Glad you made it here. If there’s anything you need to know about be it’s that I’m willing to become all things to all people that I might win some (Paul said it first). I’m here for you and I’m here for this generation. • Leave something encouraging in the comments for someone else to read ❤️

So excited for tonight!! I have special guest @jesefoster joining me! She is an upcoming speaker and worship leader and is also the daughter of Pastor @jeremyfoster of Hope City Church! I am so excited to hear from her as she is an incredible example of an honoring daughter! The way she serves her father and church is so commendable ❤️ Tune in tonight at 8pm CST to hear from her!! 🎉

We started “The Encounter Live” 8 weeks ago (that’s 2 months) and we have already seen God exceed our expectation for it! So many of you had seen the process leading up to the launch and hopefully many of you have watched the broadcast or at least clips from it. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?? I want to hear from you! What have you seen, what has God done in your life, what do you think of the broadcast, why do you think this is something necessary for our generation? • PLEASE let me know in the comments! 😁😆 Your support, encouragement, and comments are always sooo appreciated!!

UPDATE: Time change for tonight - 7PM CST!!! • WE ARE BACK with another Saturday Night Live!! Tonight I have special @mattswiftyperry joining me tonight as we talk about reaching the next generation! SNL with Maddie Rey 😉 is all about bringing on guests that have a heart to reach this young generation! If there’s someone you know reaching young people in an impactful way TAG THEM IN THE COMMENTS and I’ll look in to them coming Saturday Night Live! Tune in tonight on IG Live at 7pm CST 🎉

Have you watched my latest sermon on my YouTube channel??? Go check it out 🔥


TONIGHT 🔥🔥🔥 ARE YOU TUNING IN ON FRIDAYS TO @theencounterlive 🙌🏽 IF NOT, YOU NEED TO!! God is moving in incredible ways through this broadcast, you don’t want to miss it! Tune in every Friday night at 7pm CST!! • COMMENT: 🔥🔥🔥 to add your agreement to this Encounter Movement!!

TONIGHT on Saturday Night Live I have my friend @wearegenerationsing joining me!! She’s an incredible worship leader and if you’ve been tuning in to The Encounter Live then you know how anointed her music is! We’ll be having a fun chat and time of encouragement along with a great time of worship! Tune in here on Instagram at 8pm CST! 🎉

Remember: The Lord delights in every detail of your life! Let the Holy Spirit be apart of everything you do today! ❤️

What an awesome night it was last night at @theencounterlive 🔥 God has been continuing to move through this broadcast and lives are being changed and transformed!! Keep tuning in every Friday at 7pm CST ON Facebook and YouTube! • COMMENT: 🔥🔥🔥

I know so many of us have different experiences when it comes to things we face in life. One thing we must always remember is that the Word of God is true, it is alive, and it is active. God is faithful and His Word will never return void. Keep standing in faith and don’t let voices of doubt discourage you. Keep raising your situation to standard of what God’s Word says! If He said it, I believe it!! 🙌🏽 #encouragement #godsword • COMMENT: AMEN!


These testimonies of what God has been doing through the Encounter Live has been incredible! Grateful for all that God is doing in and through this young generation! • Can we give God some praise in the COMMENTS: 🙌🏽🔥🎉

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