Brittany Chirinos

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I post for young working women who are looking for affordable office wear pieces, sound business advice, and health tips for the office. I'm using primarily my blog and Pinterest to share my passions. I do use Instagram and Facebook as well. My hope is to solve problems for these women who are so many things to so many different people. They're wives, mothers, sisters, friends, coworkers, managers, bosses, and I hope to show them all the potential they have within.

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Happy hump day, ladies!! I wanted to share my “work from home” outfit of the day: this beautiful blue pleated skirt with a black knit sleeveless top. I love how put together and polished this look is. It’s definitely a great look to transition from the office to a night out on the town. I just paired here with my favorite open toed heels! Shop my daily looks by following me on the shopping app #liketkit Link in bio!

Burnout with work: What is it and how to cope

n’t know if it’s related to working from home because of the pandemic, or eating my weight in junk food most days, or having my workload increase exponentially in a short amount of time … Heck, let’s be real , so don’t feel ashamed about how you’re feeling! If you’re like me, and you continue to accept extra work just to impress, please take a step back and say no. I know it’s a hard thing to admit for a lot of us, but if you want to overcome burnout at work, you may have to get uncomfortable to do it!

Happy Monday!! Hope your week is off to a great start! I wanted to share this beautiful Calvin Klein jumpsuit I found in the clearance section of Tj Maxx!! I initially thought it was black polka dot, so I paired it with black heels. Walked in the sunlight and instantly saw that it’s a dark indigo shade 🤦🏻‍♀️ whoops! I created a collection of other Calvin Klein jumpsuits that would be perfect for the office! Let me know which one is your favorite!! Have a great week! #liketkit Shop your screenshot of this pic with the shopping app #businesswoman👜👠 #womenbusinessoutfits #outfits #outfitinspiration #outfitoftheday #jumpsuit #calvinklein

Outfit of the Week: Calvin Klein Jumpsuits

I want to share some great Calvin Klein jumpsuits I found that are perfect for the office! I found Jumpsuit number three on clearance at TJ Maxx (talk about a steal)! So I highly suggest looking at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s to see if they have some of these Calvin Klein jumpsuits in store for a discounted price! so I went ahead and paired it with black heels, but then low and behold, when I stepped in the sun, I quickly realized that it was blue!

Can we level here? I’ve been looking at this screen for months. I wish I didn’t need to admit that, but I have to. During this pandemic and the new “normal” we’re living in, I have been feeling completely burnt out from my 9-5. So much so that I have no energy to create or to work on bringing you my best. I apologize for that. But I’m also not sorry. This step back from my blog and focusing on recharging has been so important for my mental health. I learned to turn down additional work/projects at my job. I talked to my supervisor. I took a few days off. I actually stood up for myself and said “no” to things that weren’t serving me. I said “no” to unrealistic expectations and intrusive demands. And honestly it’s felt amazing to stand up for myself and my health. If you’re like me, you’ve been taught to always be an overachiever, to always say yes, and to take every opportunity that comes your way and figure out the logistics of it later. But is that actually serving you? Or is that draining you empty? At what point do we say “enough” to all the demands that are put on us just for the sake of being a “team player”? My point came during this pandemic. I straight up just wasn’t happy with how I was feeling and being treated. So I stood up for myself. You can too. Let’s normalize not always being “on” or “available” 24/7. Let’s normalize taking breaks and setting boundaries with our work to protect our health. See you soon at Office Talk with B. #businesswoman #workadvice #mentalhealthmatters #work #workfromhome #workboundaries #business #businesswoman #businesstips

The Exact Steps I Took to Start a Blog

So, I wanted to do something that combined the two: share my knowledge that I’m getting from my 9-5 and to show others the steps they can take in creating their own blog while working full time, because let’s face facts: Sharing is caring! I want to share the steps I’ve personally taken thus far in my three months of blogging in hopes that it will make this process easier for you. Since there is SO much information out there on blogging, I wanted to create a simple guide of everything I did in the months leading up to the launch of my blog and what I do now to keep it going! In my first month, I took four definitive steps to start my blogging journey: I decided just to take the plunge (!), honed in on my niche and found my target audience, came up with a blog name, and created my website with BlueHost.

Did you know that music can increase your productivity at work?? Well it can, so turn up that jam, girl! According to studies, nine out of ten workers perform better when listening to music. 88% of tune-listening employees produce more accurate work than their counterparts. Music has that amazing ability to inspire and motivate us. You know what I’m talking about: That power to bring us down memory lane. The way it joins people from all walks of life. The way it makes you feel when you’re in the car with the windows down screaming out the lyrics with your best friends. I feel all of those, plus more! Chances are you do too. Which is why I created a playlist of 30 badass songs written by and for the boss babes in all of us. These songs are meant to inspire you, motivate you, make you bust a move 💃🏻💃🏻and feel like you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Because you can. 🤗 Check out my playlist by following the link in my bio and comment what song speaks to you the most.

Outfit of the Week: Tweed Blazer

I want to showcase another business casual staple you need in your work wardrobe: this beautiful tweed blazer! I purchased this from the Red Dress Boutique last year, and it instantly elevates any outfit I add the blazer with. This would even be perfect to wear with some dark wash jeans for Casual Friday at the office! *Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase something through a link provided, I earn a small commission at no extra charge to you!

Happy Thursday, y’all!! We’re almost to the home stretch! Any big weekend plans? I plan on catching up on some blog posts and cleaning 😅 I want to share this cute orange floral romper my mom got me! I’m usually not an “orange” person, but I love this piece!! I wasn’t able to find an exact link, but I found some cute ones you can check out on my!! #liketkit Shop your screenshot of this pic with the shopping app #fashion #ootd #fallfashion #romper #romperseason #fashionstyle #blogger #bloggerstyle #style #outfit #outfitinspiration #outfitoftheday

Up to 50% off!! Yes you heard that right! Old Navy is having a great up to 50% store wide sale and I’m talking about it in my stories! That’s huge! I went and stocked up on a lot of pieces, including this neutral plaid pixie cut work pants. Swipe to see how I plan on transitioning this pair into the fall and winter. Happy shopping guys!! You can shop this look and the other pieces I bought by clicking the link in bio!!

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