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I’ve got tips and advice on raising healthy, happy tweens and teens. Travel tips and recipes are my favorites!

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The Best YouTube Channels for Homeschooling Teens and Tweens

There is tons of info out there for homeschooling elementary school kids, but it can be a lot harder to find good resources for parents who are homeschooling teens! I’ve done lots of digging for months and months, and I am excited to share with you the best YouTube channels for homeschooling high school and homeschooling middle school! Grace and Grit specializes in The Good and the Beautiful curriculum, and Ashlee also has really good advice about how to homeschool middle school. Janelle Knutson has very helpful, organized information to help you get started homeschooling middle school or high school.

Teaching Teens and Tweens US History: Slavery, Abolitionism, and the Road to the Civil War

If you’re looking for a book about Harriet Tubman for teens or more advanced tween readers, Harriet, The Moses of Her People by Sarah H. Bradford is recommended by The Good and the Beautiful and they have a lovely edition available on their website. And if you want to use them with younger students, you could certainly read snippets of the book and watch videos about it and also do these lessons. Another supplement that would work well for middle school or high school age kids learning about the Civil War era is this book study on Abraham Lincoln that is made by The Good and The Beautiful. If you’d like to supplement learning with some shorter videos, here are some other good ones I found: There are two other very popular series of videos for teaching about American History that I’d like to discuss.

Teaching Tweens & Teens About the Presidential Election

If you are homeschooling, or just concerned that this isn’t being covered well enough in your teen’s school, I have found some good sources for curriculum so you can teach your kids lessons about civics, government, voting, and the 2020 election. Presidential Election 2020 and 3 Branches of Government Bundle by Tied 2 Teaching This bundle includes both current information for the 2020 Presidential election, with specific information about Biden and Trump, as well as materials to give your kids a good foundation on civics and government. The 2020 Election Day & Electoral Process by Kiki’s classroom is recommended for 3rd-6th grade and costs $6.00 for a digital download that includes 41 pages.

So my kid is learning at home this year...now what do I do?

If you have options in your school district to learn in-person or online, read this article about how to decide which type of schooling is best. Many parents are leaning towards this option because they are concerned that their school district isn’t ready to provide an excellent education online. It’s also the most flexible choice, and can provide your kids with individualized learning at their level. I have been researching homeschooling like crazy and have decided it’s the right choice for my family this year.

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