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What started as a book blog in 2019 has now morphed into an Instagram community built around those small, simple moments in life. My work is meant to capture the details of life and travel, like a half-drank cup of coffee at a cafe, a flock of birds at the beach, or reading the last few pages of a good book at sunset.

Whether I'm telling this story through photography, video, or Patreon write-ups, I focus on the truth and authenticity of my experiences at home and on the go.

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Winding down for a long weekend 💤 #littlemoments #littlemomentsofhappiness #littlemomentsofmylife #littlemomentsofcalm

Thank you so much @flatiron_books for sending me a copy of Maddalena and the Dark! I cannot wait to jump into this dark, gothic fairytale 🎻 Maddalena and the Dark is set at a prestigious music school in 1717 and has been compared to Mexican Gothic and Addie LaRue. If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will. This one comes our 6.13, so I’ll share my thoughts with you all before release day!

Happy Saturday friends! What are you reading on this long holiday weekends?

Found some perfect pieces of art for this tiny little hallway spot ❤️

Had a blast hosting bookish trivia last night, but was up way past my bedtime and am needing an extra coffee this morning. Plus, this chair is just calling my name…

Made our bed this morning and this corner is looking extra cozy ❤️

Absolutely spoiled by my bookseller perks, so apologies for posting about a book that doesn’t come out for another 3 months, but I have to. Isabel Cañas is the queen of gothic romance and this book is an absolutely gem–I think I loved it even more than I loved The Hacienda because THE LONGING.

I love this trend. I could make 100 different versions of these. What about you? What’s your vibe? #darkacademiaaesthetic #lightacademia #lightacademiaaesthetic #coffeshopvibes #coffeeshopaesthetic

Happy Sunday friends! Let's sip on some tea, unwind, and let the chaos of the week melt away. I’m currently torn between binging Queen Charlotte or finishing Vampires of El Norte, or just taking a nap.

From secret reading nooks to the coziest corners, there are so many unique spots I love in our house. Thankful for the time we’ve spent making it our own.

Finally, brought out the cabinet card and tintype collection back out. I don’t know a single photo of anyone I know hanging up in my house, but I do have an entire wall of old photos of strangers…

#partner Our guest room is looking all fresh for spring after a Sunday spent cleaning and a delivery from my friends @urbanstems! I love having fresh, seasonal flowers in our home, but my schedule doesn’t allow me to go out and buy them. That’s why I love having a flower subscription! Regardless of my schedule, I know there will be gorgeous bouquet on my doorstep and ready to brighten up our space. It’s always such a wonderful surprise to see what they’ve sent me. I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards purple tones, but I immediately fell in love with how these look in our home. Plus, who doesn’t love thistle in a bouquet?

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