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What started as a book blog in 2019 has now morphed into an Instagram community built around those small, simple moments in life. My work is meant to capture the details of life and travel, like a half-drank cup of coffee at a cafe, a flock of birds at the beach, or reading the last few pages of a good book at sunset.

Whether I'm telling this story through photography, video, or Patreon write-ups, I focus on the truth and authenticity of my experiences at home and on the go.

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Currently reading just in time for our book club meeting. Have you read this one? My husband keeps describing it as Frankenstein meets Jurassic Park and I’m absolutely hyped

Rainy winter days call for thick socks and even thicker books. Currently reading The Book of Love by Kelly Link and feel like I haven’t even made a dent in this 600+ page doorstopper.

Just some pretty things from other worlds and other times.

On today’s episode of “reasons I haven’t been active on instagram” we’ve got the mother of all excuses… WE OPENED A FREAKING BOOKSTORE!! And we built said bookstore in 24 hours. I’m not even kidding. My heart is so full. My feet our so sore. I’m brain is so tired, but this dream that I’ve been working towards for 3 years is finally a reality and the future is bright ✨

It’s pumpkin season, even though the Ozarks are still as green as they ever were…

✨ GIFTED ✨ I might be just the finest bit obsessed with this bag from @fableengland. Jessica Roux has been one of my favorite illustrators for the last decade (she even designed custom wedding invitations for me) and so I was thrilled when Fable reached out to gift me a few items from their newest collection, including this scarf and a necklace I can’t wait to show you all later. Links to these items will be in my story and in my bio!

I’ve been in a slump. Actually, I don’t even want to call it a slump, because I’ve been having the busiest month of my life, but I’ve barely read 1000 pages this month, have taken almost no photos, and am generally just trying to keep my head above water

A peek into the library on a very rainy day

Back in my romantic era ✨🕯️📚 #victorianera #victorianaesthetic #victoriana #darkacademiaaesthetic #lightacademia #lightacademiaaesthetic

Some cozy fall vibes for you Wednesday morning. Anyone else right on the cusp of sweaters and scarves and boots?

Want to know why I’ve been posting less recently? This is why. I’m starting a bookish non-profit in my hometown and we had our second event this weekend. We sold 300 tickets and spent the day sorting 3000 donated books for folks to come and swap. It was a huge success that absolutely filled my heart to the brim. I’m still getting tags in photos of the stacks of books attendee grabbed and I’m loving all of them. Book lovers are the best kind of people and their joy and excitement is absolutely contagious.

Finally got my copy of Appaloosa Bones on vinyl, so you know that’s what I’ll be listening to all week and probably next week as well…

Finished Red Rabbit by Alex Grecian (9/19) this morning and I loved it! I loved every single character and the ending made my cold little heart swell. I would say this one’s more of a dark fantasy with light supernatural horror elements. It wasn’t super scary to me, but definitely had some creepy moments, so it’s perfect for horror-curious readers. As for the vibes, it’s like the violence of Quentin Tarantino meets the antics and the characters of O Brother Where Art Thou. Highly, highly recommend picking this one up on 9/19. It’s a wild ride.

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