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I can't really consider myself an influencer. I made this new page to hold myself accountable for my weight and physical health, and it's been so nice to follow and be followed by people in the same boat.

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Now I can post about last night's experiment. :) I present to you my "keto kinda choco taco" I tested a theory (too late) last night, but these were actually good! I don't eat nuts, so I'll have to find some sugar free thing to add to the outsides next time. OR just use a flavor that already comes with extra stuff like the keto pint cookie dough. I used @thebesttortilla tortillas, one @eatenlightened dark chocolate bar, and @leftcoastperformance chocolate peanut butter.

I'm always gonna have squirrel cheeks no matter what :)

You just know it's gonna be a good day when you wake up and the scale is headed in the right direction :) happy almost friday!

Back to meal prepping! This week is (the best) air fryer chicken (I've ever made), shrimp fried caulirice, and dark chocolate keto enlightened bars for dessert. My fellow Foodi owners will be proud of me. I finally used a setting besides crisp. HAHA. Making my rice in the air fryer definitely got a lot of the water out. This is the first time they've had more of an actual rice texture. Also, those bars were the milkiest dark chocolate I've ever had. Which isn't bad. I just expected more of a dark chocolate taste.

The good kind of thick now. :) #transformationtuesday . . . . . . . . . #eatclean #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #instafit #fitnessjourney #transformationfitnation #diet #weightlossjourney #fitnesslife #weightlossgoals #bodyunderconstruction #fitgirl #fitspo #fitfam #weightlossinspiration #myweightlossjourney #fitnessgirl #weightlossdiary #weightlossprogress #losingweight #losingweightfeelinggreat #fitmotivation #instaweightloss #igweightloss #weightlossresults #fitnesslifestyle #weightlossmotivation

My reboot was delayed because of an exam I had to take, but I'm ready now. :) I haven't done a real workout since like Christmas after I OD'd my legs with Chloe Ting workouts. I'm really starting all my great habits tomorrow, but I'll be using my measurements starting today. Here's to gettin back on track!

Thanks to Mililani Shopping Center for keeping me fed throughout this pandemic. :) This time, in the form of a gift card to Foodland!

I lost 2 pounds in 4 minutes and all I had to do was pull my bra down! HAHA I took these pictures last week, and they reminded me not to focus on every lump and bump. Do I oftentimes look like a busted can of biscuits? Yes. Can this be mitigated with high-waisted leggings? YES!

Y'all, I couldn't wait to sit still so I could post this. :) Last night, I, Courtney, she who is not creative, decided to make a shrimp dip and it was SO good. I'd been dreaming about making one for a bit, and I wanted to hurry up and use the mozzarella cheese I had, so voila! This is @spicysouthernkitchen's recipe, and I just added cayenne pepper, a ton more creole seasoning, and hot sauce, because of course. I also cut up my 1carb tortillas and put em in the air fryer so I'd have some chips. SO good.

I can't record my workouts to save my life, but at least I can capture a moment. HAHA. Does everyone else love #wallsits or is it just me? Happy Sunday! I am NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow 🥺

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