Nina Out and About

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Hello, I'm Nina, founder of Nina Out and About, a travel website, and Tripping Up, a comedy travel podcast. I'm a 24 year old Canadian woman with an MA in Publishing Media. I've lived as a digital nomad for the last 3 years to see more of our fine world. Over the last six years, I've travelled to four continents, lived in 5 cities, and had countless adventures. I've documented it all on my platforms to share my stories with other adventurers. My goal is to empower women to feel confident enough to solo travel and make the most of the world. I love sharing funny stories of my misadventures, sharing the secrets of Canada and taking my audiences with me on adventures. I've worked with Pottersfield Press, Kiwi Experience, multiple hotel brands, and a number of affiliate programs.

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Welcome welcome welcome to my 100+ new followers. (Thank you @aishapreece for the amazing shout out!) For those who don't know me, I'm Nina Clapperton. I'm a travel blogger and seo specialist. My passion is helping women gain financial freedom through their blogs and teaching women the "traditional" lifestyle isn't the only one. And the handsome golden boy you see in the photos is my dog Theo. Some fun facts about me: * I've been peed on by two monkeys in my life * I moved abroad to Italy alone when I was 16 * I once got a concussion from a dog at the daycare I worked at running into my face * New Zealand is my favourite country in the world * My sister is an architect and I'm both a good big sister/ cheap so you'll always catch me repping her mercy * I once spent a year in Europe living and working in over 14 countries (legally and without visas) * I have 3 degrees, including a masters in Publishing Media * I run a successful travel blog ( and an seo blog for travel bloggers ( On this platform I share my travels around the world and how you can do the same! With so many of y'all into SEO, I'll be sharing more seo and blogging tips to help you grow to a full time income. Feel free to ask any questions! ❤️ Can't wait to meet y'all!

Take time for you this spring ☀️ whether that's taking your dog on a beach camping trip or locking all the doors and bingeing Disney+. Be sure to clean spring your wellness ❤️

Did you know that the first underwater national park in Canada is in Tobermory? Fathom Five National Park is home to 20 shipwrecks. These are two of them - both of which sunk in the late 1800s. You can read more about how to take a glass bottom boat tour or to scuba dive with them on my blog (link in bio) 🌊

It's tulip time 🌷 The Ottawa tulip festival is back! Another week and they'll all be 100% bloomed. If you want tips on visiting Ottawa for the tulips, check my blog (link in bio)

It's been a one-derful, wild adventure! ❤️🐾

Happy 1st birthday to my baby boy, Theo ❤️☀️❤️ This year has been both horrendous and wonderful - both because of you 😋 love you to bits my baby bug ❤️

#sorrynotsorry that all my photos now include my adorable terrible puppy ❤️ We've had a terrible week this week. He got super sick. I was incredibly depressed, both from the schedule change with Christmas and from the dark cold weather. Then he got his energy back tenfold and decided to ruin all of our pillows, smash a gift from my sister, and generally terrorize the apartment. I definitely questioned my decision to get a dog. I cried and felt like I was failing him. Owning a dog isn't easy. Owning a puppy is the worst decision you'll ever make. But in the end it's worth it. Cause you love them ❤️ Big love to all my fellow dog owners!

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