Nicollette Vizuet

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Affordable Fashion Inspo | Travel, Beauty & Home Decor Enthusiast ✨ 💍 Wifey | 💙 Boy Mama | 🏡 KY

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My toxic trait: finding something I LOVE & buying it in every color. 🛍️🌈 Athleisure is my love language and, once I find the fit I’m obsessed with, I’m fully committed! I’ve got a list of “musts” when picking my favorites: 👉🏼 Comfortable 👉🏼 Affordable 👉🏼 Functional 👉🏼 LOTS OF COLORS! I’ve done the heavy lifting and am happy to report, TrueKind checks every box! Their Seamless Short is my must-have and the perfect fit for work, play & everything in between. Head to the link in my bio for the full lineup! Use my code [NICOLLETTETK20] to get an additional 20% off your order. ✨ @truekind #truekind #travelootd #traveloutfits / #truekindpartner / athleisure/ cozy ootd / outfit goals / #everydayoutfit #ootdinspo #grwmoutfit

TRAVEL ALERT! 🌎🗺️ Home from Europe and already planning the next getaway. To celebrate 10 YEARS of making exploring a little easier, my friends at @Wanderu are giving TEN PEOPLE $1000 towards bus and train travels! 🚃🎫 👉🏼 Share a video of where you’d travel if you won $1,000 👉🏼 Tag & follow @wanderu! 👉🏼 Include #10YearsOfWanderu #Sweepstakes when sharing your dream destination! Let me know where you’d plan to visit in the comments!! 🫶🏼

Things we hashed out in todays get ready with me session on stories: 👉🏼 My love for Love Island 💗🏝️ 👉🏼 Throwback to the middle school eyeliner trends 👉🏼 How I stayed awake for over 24 hours traveling home from Spain ☠️ 👉🏼 Fat mascara wands being superior …and a little mixer of everything in between. 😂 Saved it to my “GRWM” highlight in case you missed it. Thinking we should make this a weekly date, what do y’all think??

TRUE STORY 💭💭: the first time we met, I was crying and she hugged me, told me it would be okay and complimented me all within the same sentence. 🥹 Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t blame her if she ran for the hills and never talked to me again 😂😂😂 Three years, many flights, countless core memories and multiple countries later, I couldn’t imagine my life without her. There’s something to be said for friends that can pick up right where they left off, sit through silence without needing to “fill the air” and understand your mood without saying a word. Of all the places we’ve gone and experiences we’ve shared, I’d be just as thankful for a weeknight in ordering pizza and binge watching Love Island for a friendship like yours. 🍕📺 …although, seeing the world together is a pretty great. 😉🌎 Cheers to all of our adventures, finding our love of champagne & never letting someone else determine our worth. Love you, Kali boo! 🫶🏼🫶🏼 Both outfits rounded up here:

Last day sailing the world with my bestie gal. 🥲 You know what that means… time to book our next adventure. 😉 Where to next?? Let me know where & why so we can add to our list! Sail with me / vacay vibes / vacay recommendations/ where to next / #sailwithme #seaday #europeansummer

Ballerina or flamingo? You let me know 💗🦩 Honestly, any vibe goes when in vacay mode. This fluffy tulle moment took up the most room in my luggage but was worth every extra baggage fee incurred. 😉 Whole outfit linked up here for y’all! My bag & dress are both statement picks, each under $40! Pink ootd / Barbie outfit / tulle dress / statement bag / @sheinofficial @shein_us @ltk.hq @shop.ltk / vacay outfits / flamingo dress / ballerina vibes

The first of many hair colors in my vacay essentials for the week 🌈✨ I’ve shown all of the pieces in my outfit here quite a bit of love and am so happy they’re still in stock! I’ve had this too for over a year and it’s a year-round ole faithful! 👏🏼👏🏼 Shop everything, rounded up here or at the link in my bio! Vacay vibes / mural chasing / colorful style / summer essentials / Europe trip / #sheingals #sheinstyle @sheinofficial @shein_us @shein_eur #colorfulmural #europetravel

Roundup you didn’t know you needed 🤌🏽 From DIY nail manicures to hair goals and everything in between, I’ve got a mini roundup for y’all here: 😉 Use code “nicollette115” to save on your entire order! #saveinstyle #SHEIN #loveshein #SHEINpartner #SHEINhome #SHEINbeauty #SHEINelectronics

The tiniest Vizuet is off to take on the world 🌎✨ Our spunky Beckham Thomas started preschool today. He started the day with all of his favorite things: Grinch jammies, pancakes and picking his own clothes. 🎄🥞 If y’all need me, I’ll be over here starting multiple projects & online shopping so I don’t cry about how grown my babies are. 😩🫶🏼

Tip Tuesday: Is Content Creation an Oversaturated Market? 🤔 I’m going to go ahead and burst your bubble: there’s no such thing as an “oversaturated market” if you’re great at what you do. 😉 Let’s dive into a few ways anyone can level up their content and make it in the social media world. *deep dive over on the blog, linked in bio! sharing my bullet points here for y’all!* 1: ALWAYS EVOLVE: tbt to the days before reels and trending audio when IG was a photo-based app sharing your posts in chronological order. 🙏🏼 If you’re looking to grow in social media for the long haul, be ready to evolve & make moves across various platforms! 2: NICHE OR NAH? 💫 I’m always caught somewhere between “find your niche” and “who needs a niche?” In my opinion, breaking into content creation is a bit easier when you start in a niche, establish your audience and slowly branch into a broader market, if you choose. In tonights blog post, I break down a few simple ways to make the move. 3: CONSISTENCY IS KEY! 🔑 When working with brands, remember that social media is your resume. Disappearing for days at a time, posting here and there… it’s what makes your content a hobby, not a career. Remaining consistent isn’t always glamorous and usually means an almost full-time job on top of your 9-5… but it’s key to success. So, what do YOU think? How would you suggest leveling up your content to stand out in the market? Let me know in the comments!

Mondays are best spent sipping champagne on the streets of Europe. 🥂 … but I’m spending mine busy af behind a computer screen here in Kentucky. 🤪🤪 My ditsy floral dress was an essential while exploring & I found a ton of similar options for a fraction of the cost here for yall! Save extra with code “nicollette115” at checkout!

Braxton's Superhero Birthday

reminds me just how fast these three years have gone and I’m so thankful to have spent the day celebrating him! If you know me, you know I love hosting. She makes the best sweets and spent the whole day putting together a delicious Spider-Man cake and cupcakes for Braxton. I love watching these boys grow and am so thankful for the people that celebrate them every step of the way with us!

A Hidden Gem in Owensboro

Owensboro has the best small-town feel with tons of delicious eats, gorgeous views and quick access to bigger cities a short car ride away. The mama in me misses late nights playing in the back yard with our little ones while the blogger in me longs for the day I can get back to taking outdoor photos. Let me tell you, the colorful displays and beautiful events continually set a new standard. My sweet friend reached out and let me know the gardens had purchased the most stunning property with a mix of antique and modern feels throughout.

The Frivolous Fashionista

I’m not sure if it’s the mental preparation for how cold it’s going to be when I get out of bed or that it’s permanently gloomy this time of year. Either way, I end up hitting snooze when my alarm goes off to relish another 15 minutes in my cozy bed. These are the mornings I’m needing the quickest routine to get pulled together and headbands have been the hair hack of the year. I’ve diversified my headband collection a ton recently, mixing in prints and embellishments.

It's Okay Not to be Okay.

I want to help normalize openly discussing mental health, especially in the midst of this crazy year. I had two healthy babies, a wonderful husband, the most supportive work family and a home full of love. How selfish to feel overwhelmed and stressed when there were people begging God to help them have a healthy family. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people that showered me with love while I worked through the hardest parts of my anxiety and postpartum depression.

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