Kayla Frampton

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Mama to Carter, Jaxson & Harlee ❤️ Email me for collaborations ✨ 😀

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Seeing magic through the eyes of my babies is most definitely my favorite thing about Christmas. Hearing them creep down the stairs in the morning looking for their elves and hearing them whisper “where could they be.” Makes my morning ♥️ Today was filled with a bunch of Christmas festivities at grams house...and even a visit from Santa! Their elves let them take them along for the fun 🤩 Hope everyone had a great Sunday! The big day is right around the corner 🎅🏻 and we can’t wait!!

MERRY DECEMBER!! ♥️ These three cuties keep reminding me how many days until Christmas. They look confused when I nearly pass out as they are telling me! The elves need to kick their butts into gear. I promised myself I would have shopping and wrapping done by the second week in December...so I can actually enjoy everything this year! Are you ahead of the game or freaking out?! 😬 Can’t even stand how cute and cozy they look in their @happyhannas jammies!

Thanksgiving was a success ♥️My cheese cake wasn’t too shabby and I managed to cook a bird with out my mama! 😂😂 I am truly so thankful for these guys right here. This year was a whirlwind of emotions. We all went through lots and lots of changes. I mean we basically had to figure out how to do life a completely different way right?! Having them by my side and the tight bond that we share has got me through it all. ✨ I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving ♥️

Ok! So seriously 😳 PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who’s kitchen looks like this the night before thanksgiving! This is my second year hosting...but my first year doing a lot of the work. My mom is doing a lot as well because she just doesn’t know any other way! I just baked my first cheese cake. I had to whip egg whites until they were stiff and creamy, then fold into mixture! SAY WHAT! Let’s just say I will definitely be taking the first slice to make sure it wasn’t a total fail 😂 Anyway! Time to get some sleep and prepare myself for that bird tomorrow!! Xoxo

Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth 🎪 Had such and amazing day celebrating our baby girls 4th birthday!!

Justin said “ Soo um did we really just come here to take pictures?” Welll duhhh. I seriously won’t even buy pumpkins at the farm. We usually leave the pumpkin patch and go to Walmart and buy them there. Am I the only one haha? I just feel like 20$ on one pumpkin is absolutely insane! 😳

Soaking up every last minute of this beautiful weather! I feel like this year we are actually getting a fall season 🍁 usually it skips from summer to winter! If only we could just skip winter! Haha Are you missing the summer or loving these cooler days?!

MDW ♥️🤟🏼🇺🇸

Sitting in my kitchen sipping my second cup of coffee while home schooling the boys. Our new family theme song is 🎶 Everything’s gunna be alright 🎶 because it really will be ♥️ this is just temporary. Try not to stress to much over home schooling and being perfect. There’s only so much us mamas are capable of 🙌🏼 Anyways!!! I’m loving the finished product of our barn gate in the kitchen. We went with black stain...because we have a lot of little fingers that at times can be covered in a ton of Nutella 😂 Couldn’t be happier with the out come!! Happy hump day! Give your self a pat on the back! Because your doing a great job at what ever you think your struggling with 😘 • • • • #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #homecoffee #starbucksathome #wednesdaymotivation #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #homedecor #farmhousestyle #modernfarmhouse #kitcheninspo #farmhousefanatics #motherhoodunplugged #homeschool #mamasgotthis #everythingsgonnabealright #bhghome

These two are ALWAYS pranking me!! So today it was pay back! I woke them both up and told them that I had gotten a call that schools were opening back up today! Told them they had to hurry up and get dressed, eat breakfast and pack their book bags! Got in the car and drove them to school! Obviously no one was at the school 😂 I even went to the extreme of making them wear gloves and their scarves as a mask. They really thought it was legit. Like mommy is everyone else going to be wearing these?! 😝 APRIL FOOLS YOU LITTLE TRICKSTERS ♥️♥️

Hope everyone is hanging in there! 🤪 I have to say we’ve all really adjusted well to this new way of living. And we’re actually really enjoying it. I’ve always been the type for a simple kind of life. Or maybe always wished things could be how they were years ago? The boys help dad work on his car, they find a couple or rocks in the back yard and figure out a way to keep busy building a rock wall. They have been amazing with Harlee. ♥️ They have all learned how lucky they are to have each other...because that’s truly all they have right now. Dinner is at a normal time, because we’re not rushing around from activity to activity. 🙌🏼 I mean besides the occasional sibling fight and the paper towel shortage.. I can’t really complain! And I will forever remember how blessed we were in such a scary time ♥️ Made a little DIY sign yesterday to put above our bed. Just as a little reminder that we will forever be in this crazy beautiful life together, and we GOT what ever it may throw at us ♥️ How are you all adjusting?! Xox

We’re just going to try all the thinggggs in this house. Today I put on @artforkidshub and the kids literally sat and drew for almost an hour! I was shocked! 👌🏼🤣 A daily schedule has definitely helped us get through the last two days during this social distancing craziness. One thing that I have found to get our day going just like a normal school day. Is to lay the kids clothes out the night before so they get dressed and brush their teeth before they even say good morning! 🌞 ((My kids would stay in jammies all day if they could)) The kids have gotten it down..me on the other hand wellll I’m working on it 😂 By the time we all have figured this out we’ll be back to normal business and laughing 😂 “Like omg remember when we had to home school our children for an entire month!” Tell me all the things you have tried or plan on doing with your little ones?! I need all of the ideasss 😝⬇️

You guys! 😅😅😅 This is like no joke! I’m trying to act like I’ve got it all together. So my kids know I mean business. But I in no way shape or form was prepared for this and I am a stay at home mom! Yesterday I pretty much felt like crying 90% of the time. The kids were at each other’s throats! & I’m talking like an eye for and eye type of deal 🤣 Academics are extremely important obviously...but can’t we just paint and decorate the dam house! 👌🏼 Anywayyyyyy enjoy this time with those babies of yours and all the bottles of wineeeee 🤣♥️

If there’s anything that anyone should be doing in this awful mess we’re living right now... Is being calm and cool for your kids. Don’t let them feel your stress. Don’t give them a reason to worry. Because although other things like this happened (obviously not as bad) while I was growing up...I don’t remember them what so ever. Our job is to protect them in this crazy world we live in. Embrace being home for the next two weeks. I’m looking at it as a blessing in disguise. ♥️ It’s hard to process this all...and it’s not going to be easy to keep our kids on schedule and on track. I’m trying to come up with a daily schedule for Monday-Friday as if they were in school. Us mamas need some sanity too! I will share tomorrow! And seriously! I know everyone is nervous that they aren’t going to have the daily necessities and food to feed their families. But if we all stop being so greedy and come together as a family it will be such a beautiful thing ♥️ • • Stay healthy & happy my friends! 😘

Hello Monday!!! High of 69 and SUNNY ☀️ today!! Can I get an amennnnn 🙌🏼. Planned on working a half day at the school today. But every sign was pointing to noooo for me this morning. Seriously made it all the way to the school and Jaxson looked like someone ran him over. 😩 So back home we went. Maybe I’m just destined to be a stay at home mama?! Whateverrrr, fine by me ♥️♥️. Anyway the Windows are all open in the house.. Mama is cleaning hard today until the rest of the gang gets out of school! Do any of you stay at home moms feel like that’s seriously just what your meant to be? 💕

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