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Take your sprint training to a New Level! USATF, USTFCCCA, & NFHS Certified Coach Founder: @robgritzer

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I found out that I should probably stay clear of becoming a baker and stick with coaching ­čśé These @protein_rebel brownies tasted great, but sadly didn't make the cut for British Bakeoff. Here is the recipe if you want to make them with your family this holiday season: 1 Terry's chocolate orange 100g chocolate protein powder 225g butter 4 large eggs 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 450g caster sugar 150g self raising flour Orange zest, for decorations 1) preheat oven to 180┬░C,and line baking tray. Finely chop 1/2 Terry's chocolate orange 2) melt butter over stove in pan. Remove from heat and stir in protein powder. Leave to cool 3) whisk eggs vanilla and sugar together until pale and foamy. Stir in protein powder mix and flour 4) fold in Terry's chocolate orange chunks. Arrange remaining on top if desired 5) place in oven and bake for about 40 mins or until a skewer comes clean. Leave to cool entirely in the tin before eating. #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining #ProteinBrownies

Follow @newlevelsprinting for more content like this! Today's workout Friday will be focused on technique. Curve running is essential for 200m and 400m runners and should be trained. This workout is designed for the specific prep phase where technical issues are typically emphasized and addressed. This workout could be done during any phase of training though if necessary. ­čîčTHE SESSION The goal is not to be exhausted at the end of this session. The goal is to learn to run the curve efficiently and with proper form. Aim to do 5-8 reps of 120m on the curve with a 20-50m straightaway to finish. You want to have this straightaway at the end to help learn to slingshot off the curve to maintain your speed as much as possible. Take 3-5 minutes between reps and make sure you are maintaining good form. If you are fatigued, cut the session short. ­čîčCONSIDERATIONS Some tracks have different degrees of bend so if possible, it may be a good idea to practice this at different tracks. On any track, the aim is to lean slightly and to stay tall throughout the curve. If you can run the curve properly, you will likely see a drop in your 200m time just by being able to run smarter. Have you done this session before? Leave a comment below! #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

Follow @newlevelsprinting for more content like this! Today we will be discussing the effects of alcohol on sprint training. As a disclaimer, this is not saying that having one night out will ruin your training plan. It is also not justifying that you should binge drink instead of having a drink or two per night so the effects are only for 1 day. If you feel that you may have problems with alcohol or substance use, please contact your local support. This may include counselors, treatment options, a doctor, or your hospital if it is an emergency. There is nothing shameful about getting help you deserve. ­čîčEFFECTS OF ALCOHOL The first fact about alcohol is that it dehydrates you. If you have a night out before an early morning practice, and you are not properly hydrated, you are at risk of getting injured. If you choose to still go out, try to have a glass of water with each unit of alcohol to help manage these effects. Another fact about alcohol is that the body cannot produce glucose or break down lactic acid as efficiently while also breaking down alcohol. Typically, the body takes one hour to break down each unit of alcohol consumed. ­čîčIS IT WORTH IT? This ultimately comes down to you. For some athletes, they choose to abstain from alcohol to avoid the negative effects it may have on their training. Others choose to gave a night out every once in awhile and plan their training around it. Each athlete must weigh the benefits of if it is worth it to go out. If you are coming back from a difficult meet and ran both the 400m and 4x400, a night out may leave you feeling more sore the next day since you were not able to break down the lactic acid as quickly. One tip I give across the board is to avoid a night out before a meet the next day. I prefer my athletes be fully rested and ready to go on meet day, and a night out typically comes with side effects not ideal for competition. #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

Follow @newlevelsprinting for more content like this! Visualize your success. We will be discussing imagery and film study, and how both of these tools can be used to help you improve. Other sports commonly use film during practice to help understand the inner mechanics of the sport. Sprinting should be no different even though some coaches never use it. We will break down both techniques below. ­čîčIMAGERY Imagery is a psychological skill used to help visualize success, so that it translates to performance. Some kinds of meditation and hypnosis pull from this technique, but are not necessary. Begin by imagining all the aspects of achieving your goal. This includes walking into the track complex, checking in, the sounds of cheers while you warm up, the eerie silence in the set position, all of it. While doing this, it can be good to have something that helps cue this on race day. This could include wearing your spikes. Research has found that imagery techniques like this can lead to better performance on race day. ­čîčFILM STUDY This is an excellent tool that can help you see exactly what is going on when you are training or competing. By analyzing film, you can see where you may need to make small adjustments to improve your performance. This includes any part of your event, not just blocks. Set some time aside to watch your film, and see what it looks like. You likely are making small mistakes that you did not even notice. One last point, dont always compare yourself to elite athletes. To perform at the level they do, it takes years of training and practice. A novice athlete should not be expected to have perfect form or the strength to look like the elite athlete. For example, a high school high jumper cannot jump from as far away from the bar as Barshim, and definitely isnt jumping as high. Have you used either of these? Leave a comment below! #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

Follow @newlevelsprinting for more content like this! Today, we will discuss wicket workouts. Wickets are great tools to help find your correct stride length while also being able to work on minor technical issues you may have while running. This is important for any event from the 60m to the 10,000m and all jumpers and hurdlers. If you do not have access to mini hurdles or wickets, setting up cones, old shoes, or anything you can find to space out set distances is perfectly fine! In this picture, you can see wickets being used. ­čîčTHE SESSION For the session, it doesnt have to be high volume for any athlete. Doing 8-10 reps going through 6-8 wickets is a good technical session. I like to add a 20m sprint zone after the wickets where you focus on holding the same form you had during the wickets, but without any markers to watch for. Get used to your stride length and make it muscle memory. Take whatever recovery you need. The goal of the session is quality. You shouldn't be fatigued after doing this. ­čîčCONSIDERATIONS When spacing the wickets, it is important to note that each athlete will vary slightly, and different events will require different spacing. For sprint events, typically 4-6 ft (1-2m) is acceptable. Try to get some video recording of you running through wickets to catch any minor technical issues. Have you done wicket drills before? Leave a comment below! #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

Follow @newlevelsprinting for more content like this! Today, we will discuss different types of goals that you can set for yourself as an athlete. While all of these can help you reach where you want to be, some may be better for the long term. We will break down each of these. ­čîčOUTCOME Outcome goals are always in relation to others. Whether this is to win a championship meet, make the varsity team, or to win your heat, these all are outcome goals. While these can be useful in team competitions, you can be left disappointed if you do not achieve the goal. And the worst part, it's really not in your control. You cannot control how others will perform, and even if you run the race of your life, you could walk away disappointed. ­čîčPERFORMANCE The fix to outcome goals is to create performance goals. These are solely focused on how you perform, and PBs are the most common kind. This is definitely better, because you can control more of what happens, but you still arent entirely in control. Puberty, maturing, and possibly getting sick before a race are all out of your control, and can cause you to struggle to PB. ­čîčPROCESS The last type are process goals. This doesnt involve time or placement. It solely focuses on getting technically better. These goals are better for the long run and help progress over time. By doing this, typically you will meet those outcome & performance goals without even setting them. An example would be to perfect your block starts. What are your goals for the 2021 season? Leave a comment below! #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

If you live in the UK and are looking for a protein powder that cares about their environmental impact and reducing waste, check out Protein Rebel! Protein Rebel is a brand of protein powder that keeps it simple. Every powder they offer has nine or less ingredients, all of which you can actually pronounce! This protein powder also dissolves quickly, and you can make your shake much quicker than the other leading brands. Over the past few weeks, I have started a new training cycle that involves a lot more volume and has put a lot of strain on my body. With Protein Rebel's Recover, I feel like I can recover much quicker and am always feeling great for the next session! #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining #ad

Follow @newlevelsprinting for more content like this! Today, we will discuss some more resistance training to do during winter conditioning. If you have access to a sled or tire, consider adding sled pulls to your routine. I have had athletes channel their inner Macgyver and make some interesting concepts. The main thing to consider is to make sure what you are pulling is stable, sturdy, and is at a weight you can manage. ­čîčTHE SESSION For this workout, find a 30m stretch with space to decelerate. This can be on a track if you have a proper sled, but can be done on grass as well. Do not destroy the property if you are using public property. Respect your training area, and it will go a long way. Aim to do 8-10 reps with about 3 minutes recovery between reps. If quality begins to drop off, cut the session short. Sprinting without quality is not the goal. Quality, no quantity. ­čîčCONSIDERATIONS One of the biggest issues I see sprinters make with sled pulls is that they try to be the practice hero and put the weight way too high. You dont need to be pulling 5-10 plates to get the gains you need. You should still be able to run with proper form when doing these reps. If form is breaking down, drop the weight. This is not a session to push your absolute limits. Focus on good form under tension, and you will get stronger. Have you done sled pulls before? Leave a comment below! #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

Follow @newlevelsprinting for more content like this! Today, we will discuss rituals and routines. Athletes are known for having small rituals they do before competition. Whether its wearing lucky socks, a pre-block routine, or not washing a jersey all season, we all have done something along those lines at one point or another. Here, we will explain the difference, and also why rituals can help, but also may hurt our performance. ­čîčDIFFERENCE I defined rituals and routines in the post. Essentially, rituals help the athlete FEEL ready to perform, routines MAKE the athlete ready to perform. ­čîčARE RITUALS BAD? It's interesting because this can go both ways. If the athlete believes that a pair of socks will help them run faster, having those socks can psychologically affect the athlete so that they do. However, if the socks got lost in the washing machine, or for whatever reason you do not have them, it can have the opposite affect and the athlete is statistically more likely to perform worse. This is why it is important to distinguish between rituals and routines, and to potentially avoid rituals that may cause poor performance if they are unable to occur. What are your pre-race routines and rituals? Leave a comment below!

Follow @newlevelsprinting for more content like this! Every drill is NOT for every athlete! So commonly, coaches will copy and paste their training plans for each new season without considering the needs of the athletes. Humans are unique and cookie-cutter plans dont always work. Here are some times when drills may not be appropriate for a particular athlete. ­čîčINEXPERIENCED Often times, coaches take a drill that professionals do and wonder why their high school freshman cant perform the drill correctly. The answer 9 times out of 10 is that the athlete is not experienced or strong enough to perform the complex movement. Athletes progress through the years and need new stimuli to continue improving. However, if you skip the building blocks to that exercise, it will come crashing down. ­čîčIT DOESNT SOLVE A PROBLEM If an athlete has weak ankle mobility, it makes sense to focus on strengthening their ankles, right? So why would a cookie cutter plan that solely focuses on glute and hamstring strength help? Often times, coaches forget that the athlete also needs supplementary and prehab exercises as well as the staple exercises we normally use. ­čîčUNIQUENESS OF ATHLETES While coaches like to focus on mesocycles that are typically universal, it's not always the case. If you take two athletes during the general prep phase, one may gain the fitness needed to progress in the training plan in the 4 week cycle, while another athlete may need an extra week. This does not mean that the 2nd athlete is lazy, and it does not mean that they arent trying. Some athletes regain their fitness quicker than others and that is fine. Instead of making everyone on the team do the same workouts everyday, it can be ok to divide the group and have some add an extra week of conditioning before rejoining the other group. It is the job of the coach to decide when this is appropriate. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below! #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

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