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Take your sprint training to a New Level! USATF, USTFCCCA, & NFHS Certified Coach Founder: @robgritzer

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Hey all, The first week of Block 2 is in the books and it was a solid start! Got some great throwing practice in and began to refine technical components of the decathlon. Here were the themes of each day: M: Accel/Plyos Tu: Jav/Lift W: Wickets/Plyos/Core Th: off F: Shot/Lift Sa: 400m Prep Su: off Its weird to see the shift in my workouts since I am not 400m/400mH focused anymore. 10x150 is definitely much harder aerobically but I feel more explosive and am running well. As always, let me know what you want to see moving forward! #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

Hey everyone, The first block of training is over and I got to finish off with the USATF Biomotor Test. Overall, I'm very pleased with these results, especially so early in the training cycle. As a disclaimer, the 30m time is based off of the first movement by the back leg, and is not a true 30m time with reaction. Here were the themes of the week: M: Accel+Lift Tu: Endurance+Core W: Plyos+Lift Th: Pre Meet F: Day 1 Biomotor Test Sa: Day 2 Biomotor Test Su: off Moving forward, the emphasis is on prepping for each event and getting more technically sound. I'm excited to keep the journey going to my first decathlon! #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

Hey everyone! Another week in the books and the focus of the week was recovery. After my ankle became aggravated, I wanted to keep things low impact and low volume. It also helped that the IMG athletes moved back this week so it was busy regardless. Here were the themes of the week: M: Off Tu: Sand sprints W: Plyos/Lifting Th: Off F: Extensive tempos Sa: General recovery Su: Off This next week will be my Biomotor Testing to give an idea of where I'm at physically after 5 weeks of training. Let me know if there is anything you want to see in future updates! #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

Hey everyone, Week 3 is in the books for training and there are a lot of positives and negatives. I was able to get some great sessions in but was also limited by an ankle injury flaring up from Wednesday on. It started back when I was in Cardiff during a road session and acted up during explosive plyos. I've been in touch with PTs, ATs, and massage therapists to get it sorted, and the aim is to test it next Tuesday. Here are the themes of the week: M: Accel + Lift Tu: Endurance + Stability W: Rehab + Lift Th: Off F: XT Sa: General Recovery Su: Off Getting closer to my BioMotor testing in Week 5 which will give a solid baseline to start from this season. If anyone has any recommendations of what they would like to see, please leave a comment below! #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

Whats your favorite early season workout? Leave a comment below! Today we will be going back to the General Prep Phase and looking at one of my favorite workouts for 400m sprinters. There is debate as to whether shorter sprinters could benefit from this work as well. It will not be ideal in every case, but has benefits if you need to work on mechanics or develop work capacity. 🔸️WORKOUT The workout is a standard ladder workout. 100-200-300-400-300-200-100. Take 2 minutes per 100m you just ran for recovery and aim to hit 80% of your goal pace for the year for that distance. 🔸️CONSIDERATIONS The focus of doing workouts like this is to focus on good mechanics and developing fitness so you can finish harder workouts as the season progresses. #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

Hey everyone! Week 2 is in the books and the grind continues. This weeks themes matched last week with: Mon: Accel + Lift Tue: Endurance + Stability Wed: Plyos + Lift Thu: Off Fri: Tempos + Mobility Sat: Recovery Sun: Off The goal of this week was to add a bit of volume to running work and weight to lifts. Was able to get 10x30 and 4x300 and speed is coming along well. The main focus moving forward needs to be focusing on my lower back. Its been an issue throughout my career and I need to keep up on it to avoid it getting injured. Prehab is just as important as the work we do and needs to be done to maintain a long career! In the photo, you can see my new Apex RX air compression boots after that tough 4x300 session. #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

Do you do ankle mobility work? Leave a comment below! Today we will be discussing ankle mobility work. This is important for sprinters especially since its not something we commonly work on. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this applies to our ankles as well. 🔸️BENEFITS The most important benefit of performing ankle mobility work is that it can also improve stability. As sprinters, we are on one foot for the entirety of our race and need to remain stable. Working on ankle mobility can also help with dorsiflexion and learning to maintain it throughout long races and workouts. Lastly, working on ankle mobility can teach an athlete to have a more active footstrike because they are more confident and aware of what proper sprint mechanics are, including where the ankle needs to be. 🔸️EXERCISES Some common exercises for ankle mobility are listed in the post. There are such a wide variety of drills so the ones listed are broad categories or equipment to use that can be utilized in countless ways. If you are ever looking for specific drills, you can either contact a licensed PT, a coach, or an AT. #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

Have you ever tried yoga? Leave a comment below! Today we will be discussing the benefits of yoga for sprint training. 🔸️IMPROVED MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY Yoga is a great tool to improve mobility and flexibility for sprinters. Especially any poses focusing on core, hips, or legs. 🔸️IMPROVED BREATHING Yoga practices have a heavy focus on linking movement with breath which helps you learn to control breathing under the tension of sprinting. 🔸️MUSCLE IMBALANCES A variety of poses can help you find muscle imbalances by putting your body in new positions it is not used to. 🔸️VARIOUS DIFFICULTIES Yoga can be modified for any level of experience. 🔸️HELPS MIND/BODY CONNECTION Yoga is a great practice to help you stay in the present moment and reconnect to where your body is at. 🔸️RECOVERY Lastly, yoga is a great way for your team to bond and experience something new without high stress. Follow @NewLevelSprinting for more tips on improving your sprinting! #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

Hey everyone! Today will kickstart a new series where I will break down my own training every Monday. For those who do not know, I am competing in the decathlon next season for the first time. Last Monday kickstarted my General Prep Phase and the focus for this 5 week block will be on establishing a base to build on as the season progresses. Here were the themes of each day: M: Accel/Lifting Tu: Aerobic General Recovery W: Plyos/Lifting Th: Off F: Tempos Sa: General Recovery Su: Off Overall, I'm very excited with how week 1 went. Definitely need to work on some technical components for starts and build more work capacity, but its early and its a good starting point. The video was of my 8x30m starts to focus on good arm drive and pushing the first few steps. #NewLevelSprinting #NewLevel #sprinting #sprints #training #Decathlon #100m #200m #400m #Jumps #Hurdles #Trackandfield #exercise #workout

LIFE UPDATE: Hey everyone! I wanted to post this to keep everyone updated with whats going on and why the account has been so quiet lately. In April, I moved back to the United States to take a job at IMG Academy. I have worked with a variety of sports as a mentor and will be focusing in with the track team this upcoming year. I also have been finishing my MSc in Sport Psychology and continuing my coaching education while also coaching and training. Needless to say, its been a crazy few months! However, now I am getting stable again and will be continuing to keep this account active. Always feel free to drop a message and I will respond as soon as possible. The grind hasn't stopped behind the scenes and I'm excited for the future of New Level Sprinting! #NewLevelSprinting #100m #200m #400m #hurdles #sprinting #training #IMGAcademy #sprints

It's always a great day when you get your shipment of @vitalperformance ! I've been using their brand of collagen protein this season for myself and I highly recommend it. The flavors taste great, are loaded with 25g of protein per serving, and leave you in a great spot to reach your fitness goals! #VitalPREformanceChallenge #VitalProtein #VitalPerformance #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise

What's your 150m PB? Leave a comment below! Today's workout Friday will be focused on technique. Curve running is essential for 200m and 400m runners and should be trained. This workout is designed for the specific prep phase where technical issues are typically emphasized and addressed. This workout could be done during any phase of training though if necessary. 🌟THE SESSION The goal is not to be exhausted at the end of this session. The goal is to learn to run the curve efficiently and with proper form. Aim to do 5-8 reps of 120m on the curve with a 20-50m straightaway to finish. You want to have this straightaway at the end to help learn to slingshot off the curve to maintain your speed as much as possible. Take 3-5 minutes between reps and make sure you are maintaining good form. If you are fatigued, cut the session short. 🌟CONSIDERATIONS Some tracks have different degrees of bend so if possible, it may be a good idea to practice this at different tracks. On any track, the aim is to lean slightly and to stay tall throughout the curve. If you can run the curve properly, you will likely see a drop in your 200m time just by being able to run smarter. #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

Have you ever tried wickets? Leave a comment below! Today we will discuss wicket workouts. Wickets are great tools to help find your appropriate stride length while also being able to work on minor technical issues. This is important for any event that involves running. If you do not have access to mini hurdles, you can use cones, old shoes, or whatever else you can find to space out the set distances. 🌟THE SESSION This session is not about high volume. The aim for this session is to focus on technical components of the race. Aim to do 8-10 reps going through 6-8 wickets with a sprint zone after the wickets of about 20m. Play around with the spacing and try to find your most optimal stride length. 🌟CONSIDERATIONS The main consideration is that each athlete will vary slightly. For sprinters, the distance between wickets is usually 4-6 ft (1.3-2m). Also, make sure to get some video of you performing reps so you can analyze any technical issues to improve on. #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

What's your favorite meet memory? Leave a comment below! Today we will continue our series going over the pros and cons of competing at various types of colleges in the US. Today will be focused on NCAA DIII Programs. They are often overlooked but for the majority of athletes, this can be the best option to continue the sport if you are not in the top 1%. Since there are hundreds of DIII programs, this may slightly vary from school to school. 🌟PROS Unlike DI & DII, there are no athletic scholarships. However, you can get very large financial aid packages to help cover the cost of school. You also will not have these scholarships tied to your performance on the track so you can prioritize when you need to. You also will receive A LOT of free or discounted gear. DIII can be seen as "less stressful" especially at mid tier programs since athletes are there mainly for the love of the sport rather than to go pro. This gives you the option to live more of the college lifestyle. You still have responsibilities, but compared to DI, I know many more DIII athletes who were able to still enjoy a night out without worrying about performing badly and losing a scholarship. This does not apply to all DIII schools though. Top tier programs still have high expectations and will be treated more similarly to DI programs. 🌟CONS Because the programs can be more relaxed, quality coaching can be hit or miss. A lot of good coaches will use DIII as a stepping stone before advancing. However, there are some very high quality coaches at the top tier DIII universities. Exposure and talent can also vary drastically. If you are in a DIII conference without much talent, it is unlikely that you will get much exposure or compete against a lot of talent. Lastly, facilities can vary. Some DIII programs have beautiful indoor and outdoor tracks, while others do not have their own facilities. Check into this during the recruitment process. #trackandfield #athletics #sprinting #speed #power #sprints #100m #200m #400m #400mhurdles #LongJump #TripleJump #HighJump #PoleVault #NewLevel #NewLevelSprinting #lookgoodtraingood #explosivetraining #traintowin #workouts #exercise #lifting #weighttraining

If you're looking for cheap meditations, check out Life@108! They offer 10 different meditations to help you calm your mind, body and spirit! As a trained sound meditation instructor, Life@108 has a variety of meditations to help athletes become the best version of themselves. I'm a fan of full body relaxation meditations at the end of the day to calm the body and mind before going to sleep. You can find the link in my bio! #meditation #quiet #calm #mindfulness

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