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My account was born out of the observation that so many people in London go to work, hit a pub and then go home. Same job, same pub, same routine. Let's not fear the new and unknown and instead get to know everything this city has to offer. Immersive experiences, creative foods and a supper club or two. Let's never fear new.

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I have the Christmas gin crackers, now where is Christmas?! Happy Christmas to everyone, hope you manage to make it special in the few ways your tier allows❤️🎄. Mine was made extra special by @thebottleclub who sent me the best crackers I could ever want. These various flavoured gins by @whitleyneillgin are the perfect size for a strong double. They have a parma violet flavour which tastes just like the sweets😎. The bottle club offer up a wide range of treats, swipe over to see more. prsample. . . . #christmasjumper #thebottleclub #christmasdrinks #christmas2020 #merrychristmas #christmascocktails

Dante’s Infurlough at the Vaults in London

Sign away your soul at the door, put on your dress best for hell (so whatever you like) and get ready for some immersive fun. Anyways, Dante’s Infurlough is all about gathering souls through some fun games ranging from rock paper scissors to a full on carnival area. If those were tomatoes I ate on that tart, then that was a tart of dark magic, because I’ve never had anything like it. I also think they have 2 variations of the devil as we didn’t have the devil from all the promo videos, ours seemed more like a cave man.

Has anyone had a holiday abroad this year? How I managed to escape for a last minute trip, just before our new strain of virus and the boarders being closed is a miracle. This was a full on flop-and-drop with lots of cocktails, too much food, plenty of sun and minimal work. And strangely, I felt safer traveling then I do in inside a packed Tesco with noses exposed everywhere 😷. . . . #holidaytime #holiday2020 #bahiaprincipefantasia #princesscastle #pooltime #poolboy #sunandfun

Jolie has hit Chelsea and is ready to dazzle.

The restaurant is stylish and relaxed, as if you are visiting your very posh French friend (let’s call her Jolie). Be sure to visit the unicorn as it’s going to dispense your drink from it’s mouth when stroked. We’re talking about wild mushroom croquettes, burrata, beef tartar, smoked duck, salmon rillettes, and even some Italian flare with beef shin ragu pappardelle. With its French menu items, and bottomless prosecco from their unicorn this is a favourite brunch spot for me.

I've been enjoying the parks while the restaurants and shops are closed. It's such a nice season to do so in. I would love some recommendations if you have any. Where should I visit next? . . #nationalpark #natureguide #meninnature #exploretheunknown #wakehurstplace #happyguy #silverfox #wildernessculture #meninblue

Crooks 1926

Crooks 1926 is an immersive theatre show from CoLab Theatre which puts you in the middle of one family’s battle for supremacy of the criminal underworld in Elephant and Castle. Small space aside, we felt totally looked after because of the measures in place, and how everyone in attendance wore masks when moving about. There wasn’t much physical interaction due to social distancing, but it was worked well into the story since COVID is just one of many pandemics the world has lived through. It had a perfect mix of immersive fun, great acting, fun story and nice sets.

Have you achieved the perfect, made at home burger yet? @macandwild sent me one of their kits to cook up this week. It was pretty easy and I learned a few tricks along the way (swipe to see me 'cloche' for the first time). They are currently offering home delivery kits which have everything you need to make the epic 'venimoo' burger you see here. Inside are beef and venison patties, American style cheese, gherkins, lettuce, onions and a whole lot of sauce 😍😍. End result? These burgers were epic with soft buns, juicy patties, melted cheese, sweet caramelised onions and oh so much sauces! (pr sample) . #burger #burgershack #macandwild #beefburger #burgerporn #cheeseburger #madeathome #burgerchef #londoncook #lockdowncooking

AIM Escape : Psychopath’s Den

Finally made it back to AIM Escape, after taking a break from escape rooms for over a year. If you have done escape rooms in the past, you’ll love this one which is a lot of keys and locks. All the games were fair, the types which you feel so satisfied for finally completing. Things weren’t so tough though that you will feel frustrated, it was all a great challenge.

Double tap if you can laugh at yourself. Those who know me, know I like a laugh and take very little seriously. Most of my jokes are for myself, so most don't really get my humour. That's alright though. During this lockdown 2.0b aka lockdown lite, let's have a laugh at ourselves. Swipe to see my best result of a leaf throw photo . . . #autumn #autumnvibes🍁 #fallleaves #malemodel #havealaugh #autumncolors #nationaltrust #silverbeard #bearded #plaidshirt #silverhair

How are you getting into the Christmas season this year? 🎄🎄. Without the wonderlands, markets and events, it's going to be the small things this year for me. I got these Christmas themed crumbles from @humblecrumblelondon in @oldspitalfieldsmarket this past week. Mince pie, custard and marshmallow create the perfect treat on what was a very cold day. 🎄😍. prsample. . . #christmasshopping #festivefood #xmasfeeling #jinglebells #christmaswreath #humblecrumble #oldspitalfieldsmarket #deckthehalls #tistheseason #londonfoodies #londonchristmas #christmasmarkets

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