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‎ ‎نکیسا 🌎 inspiring your next adventure ✈️ certified drone pilot + 📷 ⭐️ creative + stories // connection // empowering dreams

Location Winter Park, Florida
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When Nana B’s challenged me to embrace #JourneyPride and define what Living the Sweet Life means to me, I could think of no better adventure than to share my favorite Florida hidden gems with my Mom. All of these experiences were new to her and we loved having Nana B’s Sweet Tea to fuel our adventures with real, simple non-GMO ingredients . Her favorite flavor was the Lemon Tea and mine was the Original Sweet Tea. Our adventures (and our teas) even felt a little sweeter knowing we were supporting a Woman Owned Company that donates 1% of their profits to charity - we are so here for it! 📝 Want more information to plan your own adventures? Here’s everything you need to know: 🌴 Devil’s Den- this crystal clear prehistoric spring is hidden in the depths of the Ocala National Forest. With 72 degree water year round, this cenote is perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving and cave exploring. We saw tons of fish and even some turtles! Reservations are required in advance. Gear rentals provided and we 100% recommend a wetsuit! 🌴 Daytona Beach Shores + Lighthouse Point Park- what I love most about this beach is considerably warmer waters and endless shallow shores. There’s even room for your favorite four-legged friend to have some fun if you take them to Lighthouse Point Park (just a five minute drive down the road). Get an annual pass to save on the park entrance and enjoy this stunning beach with your favorite pup Continued in comments below 👇🏽 If you’re in Florida be sure to pick up Nana B’s Sweet Tea (available exclusively at Walmart) to fuel your next adventures! @drinknanabs #livinthesweetlife, #drinknanabs, #journeypride #sponsored

I’m honored to be partnering with @livewildlyfl to share their efforts to protect 18 million acres of the Florida Wildlife Corridor 🐊💦😎 Here’s what we got up to in Miami this past weekend 🤩 Want to join in helping protect the Florida Wildlife Corridor? Be sure to check out @livewildlyfl website AND their ✨App ✨ Live Wildly Florida for more information #livewildlyfl #ad @livewildlyfl

I always considered it a blessing to grow up in Florida. When you say that most people think of theme parks, but there’s so much more to it. As a kid, summers were for exploring the springs and jumping off tree swings, surfing and swimming in the ocean, and wandering in Florida’s underrated (and absolutely breathtaking) nature Something about getting lost away from it all makes it easier to feel more present, to breathe a little deeper, and smile a little wider. Living here most of my life has given me the opportunity to explore the hidden gems and with each new discovery comes to a renewed sense of love for the place that I’ve called home. I’m excited to be partnering with @livewildlyfl to help share about their efforts to protect 18 million acres of the Florida Wildlife Corridor. You can join me in Miami at @hivewynwood December 1-4 at the @livewildlyfl exhibit to learn more about what you can do to help 🫶 Looking for the perfect Florida adventure? Here are five of my all-time favorites! Save this post for future trip planning 💾 🍊Devils Den- perfect cenote experience hidden in the middle of Florida 🍊Crystal River- take a dip with the manatees (peak season is right now!) 🍊Kelly Park- float down the lazy river and enjoy crystal clear springs 🍊Shark Valley- ride a 16-mile bike trail through the Everglades alongside countless alligators 🍊Ocala National Forest- perfect for camping, hiking, and riding your motorcycle. Don’t forget to take a dip in Alexander or Juniper Springs while you’re there! What do you love about Florida? 🌴☀️ Feel free to share your favorite thing in the comments below for a chance to have your response featured at the @livewildlyfl Hive Wynwood event! #livewildlyfl #ad

What is it about travel that’s most appealing to you? Travel tips for this iconic palm valley below 🌴👇🏽 I’ve been thinking a bit about this the last couple of days, reminiscing on the many adventures and places I’ve been lucky enough to explore in this world so far. It reminds me of that quote…the one about how “the real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” In every place I’ve visited, something inside has changed (for the better) as seeing different cultures, having new experiences, hearing local histories, about personal experiences so different from my own has opened the world up in such a way that it’s hard not to feel connected to it all. To be more present and more aware of the beauty that surrounds each moment, even in the “imperfect moments” when everything is going wrong or the little moments that don’t seem to be of much significance of our day to day lives. Maybe it’s all about gratitude and the freedom to see the world as it is, rather than as we are✨ ✈️ travel tips If you’re visiting Colombia, you don’t want to miss out on your chance to see some of the tallest palm trees anywhere in the world, reaching over 60m (200 feet!!) 📍Cocora Valley is home to the Quindio wax palm and is located in the Andean Mountains 🌴 the closest big cities nearby are Armenia and Pereira, both with airports and daily local flights 🌴catch a taxi or take a bus to Salento, a small mountain village where Jeeps depart hourly to the National Park for $8000 pesos round trip ($2 usd) 🌴entrance fee to the palms is $10,000 pesos/pp 🌴there are designate miradors (lookouts) but some of the best views come from wandering the trail on your own 🌴 activities you can do: bird watching, mountain biking, horse riding, river rafting, swimming 🌴 weather changed abruptly so pack a jacket and be prepared for rain 🌴 the smaller loop can be done in 2 hrs, bigger loop in 5+ hrs Would you make the trip out to this iconic valley? 🤩🌴

Wait for the view 🤩🤩🤯🤯 When we woke up at 4am in the Icelandic Highlands we had little idea how beautiful our morning would be. In this incredible spot we were surrounded by glacier ice, endless mountains, and geothermal valleys that made for one of the most mind blowing mornings of our trip 🤯🤩 Wanna go here? Save for future trip planning 👇🏽 📍Kerlingarfjöll is located in Iceland’s Highlands, which means the roads are only accessible by 4x4 , but if you feel uncomfortable driving there are tours and even buses which come out here(which shocked us every time we saw one 😱) You can either hike the 11km (~7 miles) or drive 3km on gravel to arrive at the car park. We camped here overnight in our van and were first to explore that morning- which we thought was well worth it What do you think of our view that morning? Tag and share with your travel bestie 👯‍♀️❤️ #icelandtrip #icelandtravel #icelandroadtrip #icelandhighlands #icelandnature #dronephotography #icelandscape #iceland #inspiredbyiceland #guidetoiceland #worldofwanderlust #roamtheplanet #speechlessplaces #dronestagram #dronenature #iceland🇮🇸 #lostiniceland #visiticeland #aerialphoto #inspiringwanderers #earthofficial #fromwhereidrone #bestietrip #bfftravel #bfftrip

Fall is the perfect time to plan a road trip with your travel besties 🍁✨ share this adventure with your travel besties and tag them below 👯‍♀️❤️ Last year was the first time I’ve gotten to see the true magic of fall and now I’m hooked! The four of us set out on a road trip to watch the leaves change colors and photograph some of the most incredible views. Want to plan your own bestie trip this fall? May I suggest you check out this hike in upstate New York 📍location provided at end of reel Know before you go: everything you need to plan this trip 🍁the hike is a long one (9-11 miles// 14-18km) depend on your route 🍁 in the fall you’ll need to reserve a permit with a time slot for this hike and can do so at 🍁reserve two weeks in advance up until the day before 🍁since it’s such a popular hike, the guard will check your permit and party members against your reservation at two different guard booths 🍁earliest time slot for this hike begins at 5am - you’ll want this one to catch the sunrise 🌅 🍁 pack layers including gloves, hats, jackets, sweaters. It can get warm during the hike with 2000 feet of elevation change but you will be chilly at the lookout 🍁 check the fall foliage maps before you go if you’re hoping to see the leaves change, as the timing depends on weather conditions for that year. Typically mid to late October is the ideal time to go Would you make the early morning hike for this view? 🤩 📷 in collab with the lovely @postcardsfrom.tina Follow @nakiesa_ for more travel tips, itineraries and adventures ✨ #indianhead #adirondacks #fallfoliage #newyork #newyorknature #hikingadventures #bestietrip #bfftrip #bfftravel #girlstrip #traveltips #travelreels #autumn #fall #fall2022

The vibration of being who you are and doing what you love is magnetic. You will align everything you need in your life with that energy ✨ Sometimes the journey of discovering who we really are feels like a winding road. Sometimes it takes us to places and puts us in situations that push us to the edge of our limits or abilities, and we feel discouraged. But if we keep our curiosity and allow moments and people to flow in and out of our lives, we’ll find our groove in the current and shine light on the undiscovered parts of ourselves. It’s there that we find our passions and our dreams. It’s there, in that space of open mindedness and creativity that we can awaken the parts of us that bring our own inner light and joy to the world and where we will find our happiness SAVE this post for the location: ℹ️ Only a 90 minute drive from Dubai, @visitabudhabi is a must add to your travel itinerary. Want this absolutely iconic view of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque? Then you’ll have to head Wahat Al Karama, which is located across the highway from the 🕌 . This location is open to the public and there are no restrictions to your visit You can sit and watch the night sky as long as you’d like, just as we did 🕌 What do you think of this view? 🤩 Disclaimer: this is a compilation of two photos + a little editing magic and long exposure✨ @visitabudhabi #inabudhabi #thetimeisnow #getawaytoabudhabi #wahatalkarama #sheikhzayedmosque #abudhabi #abudhabiinstagram #visituae

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain ☔️💃🏻✨ It’s safe to say that almost nothing went right on our trip out to this lake- if you aren’t familiar this is Lake Atitlán. It’s one of the most visited places in Guatemala as it’s something of a wonder that you need to see with your own eyes to believe Created when Los Chocoyos volcano collapsed, the lake is filled with some of the most beautifully clear water and surrounded by three volcanos. If you’re planning to visit Guatemala be sure to give yourself some time to visit and explore as there’s a lot to do in the area. We had planned a sunrise hike and a visit to a natural hot spring but due to the weather we cut our trip short. Still, waking up and seeing this view for breakfast was worth all the adventures it took to get out here - and the cloudy skies made it feel even dreamier 🥰 Here are some things you can do while in the area: 🌋 yoga retreat! It’s actually quite popular and there are many offerings 🌋 kayak and paddle board the lake- many hotels provide these as part of your stay 🌋visit the 11 local villages around the lake and soak up a bit of culture / local crafts 🌋paraglide and take in all the views 😎 🌋 hike the volcanos/trails - finding a local guide to take you is recommended Would you visit Lake Atitlán? 📷 1&2 in collab with the lovely @postcardsfrom.tina #guatemala #guatemalaimpresionante #guatemala🇬🇹 #guatemalatravel #explorandoguatemala #visitguatemala #paseoguatemala #guateperfecta #exploraguatemala #sheisnotlost #travelinspiration #traveltips #bestietrip #bfftravel

Welcome everyone! It’s been some time since we chatted- and with so many new faces the last couple days figured we could do that today 😊 My name is Nakiesa and I’m an Iranian American girl with a dream of seeing all 195 countries in this beautiful planet we call home (now over 40+ & counting!) My love of storytelling predates my love of traveling- by age five I was a constant storyteller and by 18 when I started traveling (my first experiences were solo but within the US) I realized how special it was to be able to share my adventures with friends and family. By 2016 I felt more confident in my solo traveling skills and started traveling internationally as a way of experiencing the world without having to depend on someone else to still have fun. The countless friends and experiences along the way were so empowering that I found myself traveling alone more and more. In 2019 I spent most of the year traveling solo & visiting places I had only ever dreamed about. From all these adventures and moments I wanted to share my stories, to share my lessons learned, and to help all of you explore the world, too. Travel has given me the greatest gift in life, a sense of connection and a confidence that people in the world are as kind and caring as we see them to be. That there are stories outside of our own worth learning and sharing and what a privilege it is to see life from other’s point of view ✨ Eternally grateful for all of you who have decided to join along on this journey. My life wouldn’t be possible without your support and your curiosity for the world. If you’d like to say hi below, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to share what you’d like to see more of from me to help you with your travels ❤️ 📷 in collab with @chrisxresch #iceland #icelandtravel #icelandtrip #inspiredbyiceland #guidetoiceland #icelandroadtrip #icelandadventure #icelandlove #icelandphotography #icelandnature #visiticeland #sheisnotlost #shetravels #wanderxwonder

When life feels like walking into a painting 🖼 Corcora Valley is an iconic valley filled with the national tree of Colombia, the Quíndío wax palm 🌴located in the Andean Mountains 🏔 Have you seen it before? 👀🌴 If you’ve seen the movie Encanto, the answer is yes! 😊 Ideal as a day trip, you can go hiking, horseback riding, rafting, and camping in the valley. Here the palm trees are the tallest in the world, reaching over 200 feet (60 meters+)!! ℹ️ Know before you go: save this reel for trip planning 🌴 to get to the valley, catch a Willy Jeep in center of Salento for $8000 pesos/pp round trip ($2 USD) 🌴once the jeep drops you off in the valley, it’s 30-45m to the blue gate which will take you directly to the palms OR 🌴 you can hike the entire loop which can take 5 hours+, ending with the valley of the palm trees 🌴to hike the shorter trail, the entrance fee is $10,000 pesos/pp at the gate ($2.5 USD) 🌴best time to arrive is as early as possible, the first jeep leaves Salento at 6:30 AM and last keep leaves the valley at 6:30 PM. Cocora Valley is popular amongst Colombian tourists so it can be rather busy on weekends or national holidays Is Colombia in your future travel plans? 🤩 #colombia #colombia🇨🇴 #colombiatravel #elpaísmásacogedor #travelcolombia #visitcolombia #vamoscolombia #colombiaespasion #paisajesnaturales #lovecolombia #explorecolombia #yovoy #trekcolombia #beautifuldestinations #travelinspiration #travelinspo #travelreels

Instagram vs reality: Guatemala edition 🇬🇹💙 Guatemala is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited- and it’s easy to see why once you learn locals call it the land of the eternal spring ✨ One thing I wasn’t expecting at ALL was just how much it rains in the rainy season 💦 I come from a pretty rainy place in the summer, but Guatemala took it to a whole new level. To help you better plan your trip, here are some lessons learned from our adventure 🇬🇹 rainy season in Guatemala is May to October, be flexible with your itinerary and plans if you plan to visit during this time. For example the boats can run less frequently across Lake Atitlan or stop early if the weather is not good and you won’t know until you get there 🇬🇹 many of the roads to the smaller towns can become impassable in the rain. At one point we had driven 2 hours and had to turn around on a secondary road because the road we were on had turned into a small river and we couldn’t cross it safely without 4WD. There was also limited phone service in the area and we just didn’t want to chance it. Notably you will need 4WD for Semuc Champey and if you take the forest route to Lake Atitlan from Guatemala City 🇬🇹you never know how the weather will go, sometimes you’ll be surprised by a good bit of sun ☀️ so don’t count out the summer months, but do plan to allow yourself more times to get between places and to make the most out of your adventure ✨ What do you think of beautiful Guatemala? Would you ever try visiting somewhere in the off season? follow @nakiesa_ for more travel tips, itineraries, and adventures ✨ #instagramvsreality #igvsreality #instavsreality #bts #traveltips #travelreels #adventuretravel #guatemala🇬🇹 #guate #guatemala #guatemalaimpresionante

Don’t miss this spot on your next Guatemala trip 🤩🤯👀 Save for future trip planning 📝 One thing you must add to your next Guatemala trip is a day trip to UNESCO heritage site Tikal National Park. I’m going to break it all down for you so you can plan your own adventure ✨ ✈️ daily flights from Guatemala City to Flores- we left early in the morning (5am flight) and returned that afternoon (4pm) our tickets round trip were $50 USD 🚗 car rentals start at $20-$30 for the day, but on the day we arrived all the renal cars had been sent to Belieze so our reservation was cancelled. They did not let us know until 1 hour before our flight and that May happen to you 🚕 you can book a private taxi that will take you to the park and will wait for you to finish- be sure to communicate with your driver that you wish for them to wait and arrange the fare before. We paid $200Q in cash ($25 usd) but you can try to negotiate a better rate- spanish conversation skills required 🗣 🎟 park entrance 150 Q, once you pay it’s a 1200+ m walk to the true entrance to the park - grab a shuttle if you can- and from there you can hike over 19 KM (+12 miles)! Good shoes are a MUST 👟 bug repellant, waterproof jacket, snacks, water are all a must. The park is wild filled with tons of animals 🐒 so they do not sell food inside the park Would you take a day trip to this ancient ruins? We absolutely recommend it if your itinerary has the time! Follow @nakiesa_ for more travel tips, itineraries, and adventures ✨ #guatemala #guatemala🇬🇹 #guatemaya #guatemagica #guateimpresionante #instagramvsreality #instavsreality #bts #traveltips #travelinspiration #travelingwithmybestie #bestietrip #bfftravels

Instagram vs reality: Guatemala edition 🇬🇹 A big must for us in Guatemala was to hike the active volcanoes Fuego and Acatenango 🌋 we had picked out our tour-the only one that allows for overnight sleeps in A line cabins at the summit, and got excited for our journey! However, things don’t always go as planned 😉 while we shared clips of the brief hour or two of beautiful sunrise that we experienced while overlooking the volcanos the following morning, what we didn’t share as easily was the difficult time we had getting to the summit. All in all we laughed about it and look back on the experience fondly, but there are some ways we could have done the hike differently In full transparency, here are some lessons we learned that can help you plan your own hike up these infamous volcanos 🌋 🌋 Guatemala has a rainy season from May to November every year- so first and foremost pack yourself a waterproof jacket. I had a water resistant wind breaker in anticipation of a light but maybe consistent drizzle, but what we actually got going up was downpour 🌧 a waterproof jacket will keep you from catching a cold at the summit like I did 🤧 🌋 it’s a challenging hike up, so plan to pack very light or if you need a bigger bag, plan on hiring a porter to carry your bag up. They will charge you by the weight of your bag and per way - they accept cash only 🌋 expect to take about 2.5 hours to complete the hike to the summit- although depending on your fitness level and the weather, it can take quite a bit longer. We made it to summit in six hours and it took us about three hours to make it back down 🚶🏻‍♀️ 🌋 what should you pack? Pack layers, extra warm socks, snacks, lots of water (at least 4L each, a rain jacket, gloves, scarves, beanies, headlamps, a water cover for your bag, and 50 quetzals per person for the park entrance fee in cash Follow @nakiesa_ for more travel tips, itineraries, and adventures ✨ #instavsreality #igvsreality #instagramvsreality #bts #viralreels #guatemala #guatemala🇬🇹 #guate #guatemaya #guatemalaimpresionante #adventuretravel #travelreels #traveltips #bfftravel #bfftrip #travelbesties

Instagram vs reality: Abu Dhabi edition 🕌 this famous mosque we shot made it appear as if we had the entire place to ourselves, but the entire time we were dogging other people’s tripods, shots, and waiting for our moment. It wasn’t until well after sunset that we finally had the place truly to ourselves ❤️ Would you wait for the sunset in this beautiful spot? 🕌✨👀 📍Wahat Al Karama, Abu Dhabi (not at the mosque but the best location for this shot) Follow @nakiesa_ for more travel tips, itineraries, and adventures ✨ #igvsreality #instagramvsreality #viralreels #bts #instavsreality #abudhabi #thetimeisnow #uae🇦🇪 #travelinspiration #travelreels

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