My Pom Pals

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My Pom Pals is a group of 5 Pomeranian dogs owned by small animal veterinarian, Jill M. Patt, DVM. They have done national commercials and many photos shoots and are trick trained. They have a facebook page with over 100K followers that are very engaged. Looking or sponsors. Examples of what we can do: Sprout - sneeze on cue, limp, wave one or both feet, hold any object, carry fetch objects, crawl, head tilt on cue, sit/down/sit pretty, go to mark, stay, nose cover, fetch and place rings or objects in basket and many more……all are very social friendly dogs and good examples of the Pomeranian breed.

Location East Mesa, AZ
Country United States of America
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Pond plants going crazy

Magnolia tree in ground now to baby it … the smell is incredible

Robert Menges enjoying the beautiful sunset.

3yr old indoor cat seen since a kitten with NO heart disease. Presented today in respiratory distress and with the only change in the last year the conversion to a grain free diet. Radiographs, exg and cardio consult confirm heart enlargement and pleural effusion likely secondary to grain free diet. If you are a believer in grain free diets for dogs or cats I hope you’ll learn something by seeing this post. You are actually causing harm with these foods as has been seen by cardiologists for years now. Don’t allow your bias that a grain free diet “should” be better to prevent you from learning what is actually best and safe for your pet. If you feel strongly that grain free is best in spite of evidence from cardiologist then please unfriend me. Seeing cats and dogs in a needless and preventable heart failure is beyond frustrating and I will never sugar coat my opinion on what I have learned through experience and education is actually best for the patient.

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