Jane Msumba

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Heya, Jane here! 😊

My outlook with my blog is for it to be a platform other students can resonate with as I share real and genuine insights into my journey through pharmacy school and various life experiences and lessons, as well as random snippets of my life including my lifestyle and travels.

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#mentalhealth We’ve been woken up for a reason and we’re all worthy of praise, love and affection- regardless of how rotten we may feel at any given time. Our lives are all filled with exciting plans and it’s our duty to wake each morning feeling of high value we all are! Our differences among us are what make our 🌎 the exciting place it is and they shouldn’t by any means make us feel unworthy in comparison to others’ gifts (easy to say sometimes I know...but it’s true). If we weren’t meant to have certain physical features, certain personality traits we just wouldn’t have them in the first place. The fact that we do, is what makes us special! 💞 Howeverr, life is such an adventure and with that comes several hurdles and obstacles we need to go over, hardships we will face, but one thing that’s for sure is we are never alone. Lets continually look out for one another, compliment one another, become cheerleaders of others’ gifts and be there for each other when life doesn’t feel so great! After all, that’s normal and things will not always be as we want them to be, we will not always feel as great as we want to feel- we’re only human after all! 💛 . . My DMs are open to vulnerability if anyone ever feels like they’re alone! . . Happy 🌎 mental health day! ✨

swipe for a beautiful quote! share this with someone who has made an impact on you, lets “spread kindness like it’s confetti”! 🎉

~final part of the Oriel process today- the Situational Judgement & Calcs test ! 🙏🏾🙏🏾

~let life surprise us, our stories are still being written & there’s a whole tonne of incredible things to come, which we can’t even fathom at this given moment in time! lets claim it!🙊☺️🥳 i love listening to “God’s Not Done with You” by @taurenwells which is a perfect reminder of this! . throwing it back to my first little getaway whilst in Malaysia 🤧, boy do I really miss being out there; the lifestyle, the food, the fruits, the weather and the people. BUT, never did I imagine I’d be there if I were to rewind years before that happened. This is a little example in my life, so it can vary for each of us. As much as we can deeply miss moments in the past, want certain things in our life to almost be rewound perhaps, whatever it is...I’m learning to look back on those moments with shear gratitude they happened in the first place and more importantly, remembering we’re still on this wacky life journey:💃🏾🥳🤩🥰😌. who knows what’s to come for us, what our next step will be, where we will be or who we will meet. 💕✨

🎉 ~ I’m now into the second week of fourth year (although I’m still slightly in denial I’m in my last year of uni🙊🤪) but hey that’s what it is! Crazy, but also quite exciting how everything is starting to come together! 🙏🏾 . . this year is pretty unique for us as it involves a tonne load of group work as we run simulations of community pharmacies and devise a business plan for our pharmacy and any unique services we want to run, study varying case studies together which we then have to transform into a 3hr teaching session for our peers, and lastly, pull our brains out (more or less 🤣)as we bring our chem knowledge together and work to develop and market a new anti-Malarial! There will also be some additional lectures which add onto what we’ve already learnt. . . How am I feeling? A whole mix of emotions really, I feel it’ll be an awesome way to consolidate our learning over the past 3 years and I’ll finally get onto to making that medicine booklet I started in first year, but never finished 😂! It’ll also really cool to get creative and have an insight into what running one’s own pharmacy from scratch means, more -or less. Buut, it’ll require some adjustments to how I normally studied as we’re no longer being told exactly what to do, and how to do things as it’s essentially all on us. So time management and organization will need to be my best friends!☺️🙏🏾💕 . . wishing you all a wonderful start to your academic years- lets give it our all, we’ve got this!🙏🏾💕💕

What if, WHAT. IF, all you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for? All your trails are pruning you to be your stronger, more resilient self. All your perhaps, “failures” are in fact blessings in disguise and they’re equipping you for an incredible step ahead which can only be made if you get through this little hurdle. What if you are good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, creative enough, brave enough, etcc and it’s all lies that the enemy is forcing you to believe? WHAT IF?! whatever it is, may we never or ever want to change who we are. May we never doubt ourselves. May we never want our circumstances to change in such a way we are avoiding them- every little thing that happens to us is special and unique in its own right. May we just embrace where we are right now as that’s what’s truly beautiful. life is so unpredictable, full of a whole host of surprises and challenges. May we just wholeheartedly embrace them! ☺️Keep being your awkward, quirky, fun self, pursuing your utmost passions and trusting the process!💕

🎉🎉🎉~ PALSUNITED~ . . hey guys!! I’m super excited to share this with you! Several weeks ago I made a poll to gauge your interests in this new initiative I was thinking of starting which I’ve now called ‘PALSUNITED’. It’ll essentially be a way of me sending out a handwritten letter to you addressing anything you need encouragement about it and I’ll do my best to share any experience I’ve had relating to what you say/ any general advice I can give, alongside an applicable quote! It can be something pharmacy/study/work experience to anything life related! ☺️ You’ll then become part of the ‘PALSUNITED’ network I’ll set a page up for on which you’ll be able to see stories shared by other people. I hope for it to essentially serve as being an encouragement platform a lot of us can all resonate with each other on! I truly find there’s something so beautiful in receiving hand written letters and I hope for this to be an additional special way to connect with you guys, should you want to take part!☺️ . . I’m still getting the letters and logistics of it all sorted, and there will be a tiny price. But if this is something you’d like to be a part of, just drop me an emoji in the comments and I’ll send you a message once it’s all ready!🥰💕 . . I’ve tagged 20 people (only lets me tag 20) out of those who had initially shown interest in the poll!☺️🎉💕

one of the questions I got asked in my recent q&a was what motivates me. i love this topic and so I decided to do a little post on this! . . soo what motivates me when all I wanna do is sleep? All I feel is not good enough, not ‘ready’, not smart enough, not whatever it is 😅! Honestly, my thoughts can be cRaZyY sometimes, but here’s what motivates me & keeps my momentum up: . . Personally, what really motivates me is knowing that I’ve been made for a purpose unique to me, I’ve been made to live on this earth to fulfil goals only I can fulfil. Whether I know what they are, or vaguely have an idea 🤷🏾‍♀️, we’ve definitely been made for a reason and with time our callings/purposes become much clearer! The fact that we’ve all been made differently, to pursue differing paths, special to us is what really gets me going and keeps my momentum up. On the days I can’t help but feel hopeless, feel doubtful it really helps to remind oneself like hey- if I’m going to feel so down for too long who’s going to step up and use the gifts I have I instilled within me? Who? There’s only one of me and therefore it’s my duty to shine by being my authentic self. 💕✨ . . tell me about you, what motivates you each day? #tbpic

heya pharm friends, we are tomorrow’s pharmacists and change is happening now! ;) . . we had a really empowering talk today alerting us to the changes that are being made within pharmacy as well as being emphasized of the scope of changes still come and to be implemented by US!;) GOONEE are the days when pharmacists predominately formulated and dispensed medications, and hello to an enthralling world of pharmacy which has never been seen before! From the emergence of GP pharmacists, dispensing robots, community pharmacy Counselling service- this movement of pharmacists becoming more clinical and their expertise utilized in a range of ways is really on a roll! . . lets not aspire to just be just be a pharmacist, we weren’t born to be mediocre anyway, right! our profession needs us, and needs us to be innovative! whether we know how we want to contribute or not, lets continue to seek any new opportunity, delve deeper into discovering our passions as we work together to enthusiastically cheer on this change!💪🏾🙏🏾 . . leave me a comment of what excites you the most about pharmacy?

first day of fourth year today & its a full day- 9 to 5pm and I’m totally okay with it! After having only focused on a dissertation for my last semester last year, I think I’ve forgotten what a lecture feels like!? 🤣😂😂 . . also, can we just take a moment to appreciate @gretathunberg !! she’s literally one of my biggest inspos at the moment! everything she says is just so powerful! she literally leaves me speechless and my mind fully blown- right?! im nowhere near as passionate as she is about climate change, however she has really inspired me even more to devlve deeper into knowing my passions and never being afraid to speak out and do what I, you, we feel is right! Our voices are all incredibly warranted and if we can’t speak out and pursue our passions and be unique and different- we’re not only failing ourselves but our 🌎 too! Our world needs all of us! xx

tomorrow’s lunch sorted 😋 . . super, super easy and cheap to make 😋 . . Step 1: preheat the oven to 200 degrees and once heated, roast the veggies for 20 mins. Veggies: corguettes, sweet potatoes, onions & mushrooms (can add peppers too, but I’d ran out!😅) Before placing into the oven I drizzled some extra virgin oil and seasoned them with paprika and bbq seasoning. . . Step 2: once that’s all cooking, cook some brown rice and heat up a tin of chickpeas and salsa!😋 . . Step 3: put it all together, and VOILA! 🥰😋✨ (I just topped it off with some spinach!) . . inspired by @_emilysworld

Happy 🌎 pharmacist day!! . . Pharmacy, boy do you intrigue me in how much you differ depending on where you are in the world. 🤩From the variations in med strengths and commonly used meds available, to the little quirks in pharmacy services accessible, as well as how differently you operate- be it the norm is to have independents or the norm is having chain pharmacies. . . . I’m so thankful for all the amazing pharmacy professionals and students I have met and connected with so far in my life journey, whom with their incredible passion for pharmacy, really inspire me as they are doing all they can in contributing to our profession! I’m buzzing to meet many more! . . Pharmacy is one of the most accessible healthcare professions globally and I am very excited for the future as pharmacists’ roles expand and patient care and access to medicines in less developed regions improve! . . 195 countries, differing pharmacists globally- all your medicine experts! 🤗✨

lets talk about failure real quick, or shall I say “failure”!! As much as I love to post all the positive student things I do and go through, it felt unsettling not to share the supposedly not so positive if I’m to strive to have an authentic social media page in the hope other students can also relate to what I share. Soo I’m actually so happy to talk about the times I’ve failed and something I’ll always be sure to do. Swipe for a little failure analogy I came up with! 😊 . . Professional Competencies is a module that doesn’t count towards our degree in terms of its marks, however we need to pass it in order to progress onto the next year, it’s graded as either: pass or fail. You’re assessed on various things, one being your prescription checking, counseling and dispensing abilities. This is the exam I recently failed...twice! Yup- twice! 😊 But thanukfully we are all given three opportunities to retake it before it’s an official ‘retake’ so I did pass on the third, but the point is I failed twice and I’m here to say if you’ve failed in whatever it is, it’s not permanent and doesn’t by any means define you...at all! It may take some time to overcome the supposed setback the failure has left you in as you undergo retakes, sacrifice time to study again, or overcome the negative feelings seeing the words “failed” has left you in, which will come as we’re all human and I mean, no one likes to fail. But, you’ll get past it. We’re built to be conquers and instilled within us all is a drive to keep pushing and unleashing our true potentials! In all honestly, failure is just a learning curve and as I’ve been thinking more about it, failure is a launching pad! Maybe sounds weird haha, but wait, hear me out! . . How many times have you failed at something only to look back some time later and in fact be grateful for that failed situation? Yes, it could take some time sometimes, but I’m leaning and realizing that more often than not, failure (unless we let it), it never leaves us hostage. We always overcome it?! It really is just a setup in which tests our character- are we going to rise or be defeated? Continued in the comments...

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