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I write real songs about girls who don’t exist

Location Minneapolis, Minnesota Midwest
Country United States of America
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The “Under the Canopy” series starts tonight at The Hook and Ladder. But last night we received a special look at the setup. Everything from the signage, touch less checkin, the lighting effects, the ability to order drinks directly to your pod, the small side tables to place your drinks, and the clear numbering of seating, made everything smooth. You still have access to a bar for specific special drinks, as well as a viewing option to watch the show inside. Even placing the sound and lighting engineer in the center of the audience is a nice touch as they can better influence the show as it happens. We can say enough how excited we are to take selfie’s in front of that giant logo all summer long. This is going to be a fantastic spot for live music. Congrats @thehookmpls for creating this space for our music community! 📸: @smouse_in_the_house #livemusic #supportmusicvenues #saveourvenues #musicinminnesota #smouseinthehouse #thehookandladder #underthecanopy #supportlocalmusic

Last night in two huge heated tents, the newest venue The Belvedere opened to the empowering voice of Jamecia Bennett. The 3-time Grammy winner delivered a powerful set of jazz, blues, and originals songs. Read the full review of the night online right now. 📸: @smouse_in_the_house #croonerssupperclub #crooners #thebelvedere #musicinminnesota #smouseinthehouse #livemusic #minnesotamusic #outdoormusic #tent

Last month we had the chance to cover the first performance inside the new all-ages venue The Treasury in Saint Paul. Kicking off season three of our series covering music venues is a feature that interviews Steffan Soulak on what it’s like to mix for an online environment, Maude Lorr and her opportunities as a young leader in the neighborhood, and the band RiGBY on the inaugural performance inside the new space. Read about all of that online right now! 📸: @smouse_in_the_house

Matt Leavitt (EMOT) and Brian Moen (The Shouting Matches, Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks) are set to release their sophomore album “Where All Ends Meet” on April 23rd. Read our review of the née album that deals with the impermanence of life and death. Review by: @smouse_in_the_house #newalbum #newmusic #smouseinthehouse #musicinminnesota #lifeanddeath #cycleoflife #minnesotamusic #sophomorealbum #orchideaton

Here’s a sneak peek at the debut album from jazz duo @thechampagnedrops. “The album is a safe nest to celebrate our personal relationships. Side by Side is filled with these messages and reminders that spark our remembrance of easier times.” @smouse_in_the_house 📸: @jessicaholleque #newmusic #smouseinthehouse #music #jazzduo #thechampagnedrops #newmusic #newmusicalert #albumreview #newalbum

Only 5 more weeks left of “The Church of The Lost Souls” series with Billy McLaughlin & SimpleGifts. Each week is a variety of feel good live music, conversation, and the importance of community. Livestream or buy in person tickets today before this series is over! 📸: @smouse_in_the_house #livemusic #supportlocalvenues #savemnstages #supportlocalartists #supportlocalmusic #livestream #smouseinthehouse

20 Interesting facts about South Korean boy band BTS

Also known as Bangtan Boys, BTS is composed of the artists RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Known as the leader of the band, RM might have been on to something with this strategy as he is the only member to claim to speak fluent English. RM is Exceptionally Smart: RM once revealed that his IQ score on a test taken during his second year of high school was an impressive 148. They Once Lived in a One-Room Apartment: Although it may seem hard to imagine now that they are living the best life with all of their wealth, the band was once barely scraping by trying to make ends meet.

Clay Borrell moves to LA, starts new band, ufo ufo— Releases "Barely Alive" music video

It wasn’t long before Clay spread his wings with his eyes set on larger skies— or larger skylines. Clay moved to Los Angeles, California and created an indie group with other LA transplants, Reid Guidry (bass guitar), and Brandon Iverson (drums) and created the name ufo ufo. They cover your eyes And only hope that you behave This brave new world is all we know Led by fluttering bass and slick, fluorescent synths, “ I didn’t pay a lot of attention to literature in high school, but for some reason, that book really stuck with me,” says Clay.

Our last One-on-One brings the warmth and sunshine back into Minnesota with Kashimana's performance at The Cedar Cultural Center. Hear an exclusive song about Corona (no, not that one) that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Special thanks to Utepils Brewing Co for sponsoring our full series this winter.

One-On-One: Kashimana and Andrea Beukelman

To partake and feel like there’s a connection between everybody in the room, especially to watch people who are so comfortable with their instruments that it seems like an extension of their body brings so much joy. Before the shutdown Andrea always kept an eye out for the stuff that’s a little bit more unusual. Kashimana’s rich and beautiful voice stood out to Andrea, along with how expertly her songs are crafted. oh my love” Sharing her love for the sun, Kashimana shared that being from Nigeria made her move to Minnesota

In one of our last One-On-One shows, we got to introduce NUR-D to a venue he's never played at, the Electric Fetus. Catch a special emotional performance of "Pity Pho" as well. Finally, read about our lucky fan that dove into live music after her 21st birthday and the passion she has for our local musicians. Special thanks to Utepils Brewing Co for sponsoring our series.

One-On-One: Nur-D and Christina Kast

From trumpet, guitar, piano, to drums, to even singing in choir for a few years, Christina ultimately decided it wouldn’t be a good career path, choosing instead to keep enjoying it as a hobby. Live music has always been an outlet for Christina to discover new artists. He also shared that he was more nervous because he could see Christina, where as First Avenue it’s all dark and he can pretend he’s alone. That level of engagement and inclusive spirit is why Nur-D deserves to been seen live.

Our last feature in One-on-One is Kashimana inside The Cedar. Here’s a little tease for next Thursday. #livemusic #musicinminnesota #smouseinthehouse #oneonone #series #privateconcert #supportminnesotamusic #supportlocalvenues

The Twins of Franklin hadn’t sang live together since last October. Watching them reunite at Caydence Records for our One-On-One series gave all of use goosebumps. Read the full story and watch an exclusive video from that evening online right now! 📸: @fifthlegend Sponsored by: @utepilsbrewing

Sarah Morris took the stage to an almost empty venue and rekindled the beauty of hearing music live. Without any microphones, she swayed and swooned our lucky winners. Watch a special performance of a brand new song online now. 📸: @smouse_in_the_house #livemusic #supportlivemusicvenues #supportlocalmusic #smouseinthehouse #musicinminnesota #newmusic

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